Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack - Chester, PA

I see a lot of LP collections posted here. Does anyone appreciate a well organized digital collection?

1965 Jokers Wild (Dave Gilmour)(320)
1966 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
1967 Arnold Layne
1967 Relics
1971 Pink Floyd - Relics (Remaster AU 1987 CDAX 701290)
1967 Scream Thy Last Scream
1967 See Emily Play & Scarecrow EP (Remaster UK 2007 Bonus CDM 40th ADEd. 50999 5 03919 2 9)
1967 The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (UK Stereo First Pressing 24bit-96khz)
1968 A Saucerful of Secrets
1968 Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Remaster Japan 1988 CP32-5272)
1968 It Would Be So Nice
1968 Point Me at the Sky
1969 OST More (Remaster Japan 1987 CDP 7 46386 2)
1969 Soundtrack From The Film More
1969 Ummagumma
1969 Zabriskie Point e Ultimate Z. P
1969 Ultimate Zabriskie Point [FLAC]
1970 370 Roman Yards 1970 (The Lost Zabriskie Point Album) [MP3]
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (Remaster US 1994 UDCD 595)
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (UK LP EMI Harvest SHVL 781 24bit-96khz)
1970 Roger Waters - Music From The Body (Soundtrack)(320)
1970 Syd Barrett - Barrett
1970 Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
1971 Pink Floyd - Meddle (Remaster Japan 1988 UDCD 518)
1971 Meddle - 24-96 Vinyl Rip (FLAC)
1971 One Of These Days Single Vinyl 7 (Italy 1971 EMR-20388)
1972 Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (Remaster US 1987 CDP 7 46385 2)
1973 Money Vinyl 12 (Remaster Netherlands 1981 Vinyl 12 1A K052Z - 78068)
1973 The Dark Side of the Moon - (Vinyl LP 24-96 UK Remaster 30 Harvest SHVL 804 24Bit 96kHz) - 200g Vinyl Rip (FLAC) - Audiophile MFSL Pressing VINYL {FR1 Cartridge SYBORG} - Unreleased Tracks
1975 Wish You Were Here
1975 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Remaster UK 1984 CDP 7 46035 2) & Unreleased Tracks
1977 Animals- (2016 Master) VINYL {FR1 Mk3 Cart} - (2016 Master) VINYL {Stanton 881 Cart} - (Remaster US 1985 CK 34474) - (Vinyl LP 24-96 US Columbia First Pressing JC 34474 24Bit 96kHz)
1978 David Gilmour - David Gilmour
1978 Rick Wright - Wet Dream
1979 The Wall - (Remaster Germany 2007 2xCD CDS 7 46036 8) - (Remaster US 1989 2xCD UDCD 2-537) - US UltraDisc 2CD- (UK Vinyl 2xLP 24-96 SHDW 411 24Bit 96kHz) - The Wall Work In Progress
1981 Nick Mason's - Fictitious Sports
1983 Not Now John Vinyl 7 (UK 1983 HAR 5224)
1983 The Final Cut (Remaster EU 2007 Oh By The Way Boxset CD14 50999 511267 2 8, 511 2672)
1983 The Final Cut (US 1983 QC 38243)
1984 David Gilmour - About Face
1984 Rick Wright - Zee Identity
1984 Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
1986 Roger Waters - When The Wind Blows
1987 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - [1987] [FLAC] - [2019] Remix
1987 Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S. (320)
1992 Roger Waters - Amused To Death
1994 High Hopes & Keep Talking (France 1994 CDM 881 777 2)
1994 Take It Back (Netherlands 1994 CDM 7243 8 81278 2 0)
1994 The Division Bell - (2014) [HD Tracks] 24.96 - (Japan 1994 SRCS 7324) - [UK 1994 Vinyl 24-96 EMD 1055]
1996 Rick Wright - Broken China
2002 Roger Waters - Flickering Flame
2004 Roger Waters - To Kill The Child & Leaving Beirut (Single)(320)
2005 Roger Waters - Ca Ira
2006 David Gilmour - Arnold Layne EP
2006 David Gilmour - On An Island
2006 Smile (1-Track EU Promo CD Single)(320)
2006 Smile (2-Track EU CD Single)(320)
2007 Roger Waters - Hello (I Love You)(Single)(192-320)
2010 The Orb and David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres
2014 The Endless River
1967-03-18 My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway Is Green
1967-09-13 Starclub, Copenhagen
1967-09-25 BBC Playhouse Theater, London (BBC Sessions)
1967-10-30 Games for May - England
1967-11-13 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL
1968-02-24 Bouton Rouge
1968-05-06 First European International Pop Festival, Piper Club, Rome
1968-05-23 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Late Show)
1968-07-27 Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
1968-12-28 Margriethal, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
1968-12-28 Owed To Syd Barrett
1969-03-27 Saint James Hall, Chesterfield, England
1969-04-14 Royal Festival Hall, London
1969-04-27 Careful With These Tracks
1969-05-09 University Of Southampton, Hampshire, England
1969-06-22 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
1969-06-26 Royal Albert Hall, London
1969-08-08 The Journey Through the Past
1969-08-09 The Paradiso, Amsterdam - Celestial Instruments
1969-09-17 Amsterdam '69 (TSP-CD-052) 1990 [VBR]
1969-09-17 Complete Concertgebouw
1969-10-11 Song Days Festival, Essen
1969-10-19 Around the Mystic - London
1969-10-25 Interstellar Zappadrive - Mont de L'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium
1969-11-21 Montreux Switzerland
1969-12-06 Afan Lido Sports Center, Port Talbot, Wales
1969-71 Echoes Of Atom Heart Mother
1969-73 Rare & Live Tracks - 3cds
1970 - 1971 Eclipse (2001)
1970 Fat Old Gigs 4cd
1970 Pepperland In The West
1970-01-18 Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey
1970-01-23 Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris, Paris
1970-02-11 Town Hall, Birmingham
1970-02-28 Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds, Yorkshire
1970-03-12 A Trick of the Light
1970-03-13 The Injustice of a Kaleidoscope Sound
1970-03-14 Meistersinger Halle, Nuremberg
1970-03-15 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover
1970-03-20 Akademiske Foreningens Store Sal, Lund, Sweden
1970-04-11 Gymnasium, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY
1970-04-22 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
1970-04-29 [HRVCDR016] Interstellar Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
1970-04-30 [HRVCDR034] - KQED
1970-05-01 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-06-27 Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive, Shepton Mallet, Bath
1970-06-28 Holland Pop Festival, Kralingen, Rotterdam (JFE remaster)
1970-07-12 Open Air Pop Festival Aachen, Aachen Soerser Stadium
1970-07-16 Focus - Paris Theater, Regent Street, London, England - BBC FM
1970-07-16 Libest Spacement Monitor (TSP-CD-027 1989)
1970-07-16 Mooed Music - BBC Session Live, Paris Cinema, London
1970-07-18 Hyde Park, London
1970-08-08 Les Nuits Musicales, Saint Tropez (Pop 2 TV Show)
1970-09 & 1971-03 - Eclipse - APE
1970-09-12 Parc De Vincennes, Paris
1970-09-16 Pink Is The Pig (Live In London)
1970-09-16 Pink Floyd - Focus 1971 [FM]
1970-09-16 Playhouse Theatre, London
1970-09-16 Rhapsody In Pink (Italy 1990 LLRCD 044)
1970-09-26 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
1970-09-27 Fillmore East, New York City, NY (Early Show)
1970-10-17 Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
1970-10-23 Creatures Of The Deep Disc 1-3
1970-10-23 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-11-06 Mind Your Throats
1970-11-07 Grote Zaal, De Doelen, Rotterdam
1970-11-11 Conserthuset, Gothenburg
1970-11-12 Falkoner Centret, Fredriksberg, Copenhagen
1970-11-13 Vejlby Risskovhallen, Aarhus
1970-11-14 Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg
1970-11-21 Smokin' Blues (Montreux Casino, Montreux )
1970-11-22 Altes Casino, Montreux - Swiss Made
1970-11-25 Fridrich Ebert Halle, Ebertpark, Ludwigshafen
1970-11-26 Messehallen, Stuttgart
1970-11-29 Circus Krone, Munich
1970-12-22 City Hall, Sheffield
1971 Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road
1971-02-12 Lecture Theatre, University Of Essex, Colchester
1971-02-13 Students Union Bar, Technical College, Farnborough
1971-02-25 Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg
1971-02-26 Stadthalle, Offenbach
1971-04-03 Oude Ahoy, Rotterdam
1971-05-15 Crystal Palace Garden Party, London
1971-05-18 Pathfoot Building Refectory, Stirling University
1971-06-04 Philips Veranstal Tungshalle, Dusseldorf
1971-06-05 Echoes - The Return of the Son of Nothing (West Berlin)
1971-06-05 Sportspallast, Berlin - Mauerspechte
1971-06-05 Vierundzwanzig Teile von Nichts (HRV-CDR-029)
1971-06-12 Palais Des Sports, Lyon
1971-06-19 Palazzo Delle Manifestazioni Artistiche, Brescia
1971-06-20 Palaeur, Rome
1971-06-26 Amstel Free Concert, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam
1971-07-01 Ossiach Festival Stitschoff, Ossiach
1971-08-06 Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan
1971-08-09 Festival Hall, Osaka
1971-08-13 Festival Hall, Melbourne
1971-09-18 Live in Montreux
1971-09-23 KB Hallen, Copenhagen
1971-09-30 Meddled
1971-09-30 Meddler
1971-09-30 One Of These Days (TSP-CD-034 1989)
1971-09-30 Paris Cinema, London
1971-10-04 HRVCDR010 - Pompeii Rev B
1971-10-04 Live at Pompeii - Remains
1971-10-04 Pompeii (Remaster Netherlands PFP-A0118)
1971-10-04 to 07 In The Shadow Vesuvius - Italia
1971-10-04 Volcanic Destruction
1971-10-07 Live At Pompeii
1971-10-10 Great Hall, Bradford University, Bradford, Yorkshire
1971-10-16 The Eye of Agamotto - Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica
1971-10-17 Convention Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego
1971-10-17 From Oblivion
1971-10-17 Wind And Seabirds - Convention Hall, San Diego
1971-10-27 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
1971-10-28 Hill Auditorium, Ann Harbor, MI
1971-10-31 Fieldhouse University Of Toledo
1971-11-05 Hunter College - New York City, NY
1971-11-06 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
1971-11-10 Labyrinths - Pavillion De La Jeunesse, Quebec
1971-11-12 Irvine Auditorium, State University, Philadelphia, PA
1971-11-16 Something from Nothing
1971-11-16 The Return of the Sons of Nothing
1971-11-20 Embryonic Madness
1971-11-20 One Of Those Days
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH (2-source blend)
1972-01-20 The Darkside Rehearsals - Brighton Dome, Brighton, England
1972-01-21 The Guildhall, Portsmouth
1972-01-22 Eclipse Of The Dark Side - Winter Gardens, Bournemouth (Recorder 2)
1972-01-22 The Dark Side Winter Gardens - Bournemouth (Recorder 1)
1972-01-23 Gathering On The Moon - The Guildhall, Southampton
1972-01-27 Waiting for The Moon - City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
1972-01-28 You Are Number Six - Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds
1972-02-17 - Rainbow Tapes Day 1
1972-02-18 - Rainbow Tapes Day 2
1972-02-19 - Rainbow Tapes Day 3
1972-02-20 - Rainbow Tapes Day 4
1972-02-19 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 The Best Of Tour 72 (TSP-CD-049 1990) [VBR]
1972-03-06 Acid Moon - Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan
1972-03-08 Natural Dark In Osaka. Japan
1972-03-09 Echoes From Osaka
1972-03-13 The Dark Side Of The Ice - Saporro, Japan
1972-03-13 The Great Gig On The Moon
1972-04-28 Chicago
1972-05-21 2nd British Rock Meeting - Germersheim, Germany
1972-06-28 Eclipsed By The Dome - Brighton [MP3]
1972-09-22 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
1972-09-22 Staying Home To Watch The Rain[VBR]
1972-10-21 The Oxfam Concert - London [MP3]
1972-11-15 Echoes Of The Past, Sporthalle Böblingen, Stuttgart, Germany
1972-11-15 The Great Gig In Böblingen
1972-12-01 Harsh Realities [Stereo Tweaked]
1972-12-09 - In a Neutral Land - Zurich - Suiça (FLAC)
1972-12-12 Across The Swiss Border
1972-73 Nebulosity
1972-73 The Great Gig In The Sky (UK Unofficial SSR 41925)
1973-03-06 The Valley Of The Kings
1973-03-11 Yeeshkul!
1973-03-14 Live Music Hall - Boston, MA
1973-03-15 Dark Soundboard of Philadelphia
1973-03-17 Dark Side of Radio City
1973-05-19 Supine in the Sunshine
1973-06-17 On Stage Saratoga NY
1973-06-20 Breaking Bottles In The Hall
1973-06-20 Merryweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
1973-06-29 When You're In...Tampa
1973-10-13 Set The Controls... - Vienna [MP3]
1973-11-04 Obscured At The Rainbow [VBR]
1974-06-24 Shine On Paris
1974-11-15 Black Holes In The Sky
1974-11-15 Work in Progress
1974-11-16 BBC Archives (HRV CDR 033)
1974-11-16 No Room Upon The Hill
1974-11-16 Time In London
1974-11-16 Wembley MTX-V2
1974-11-16 Wembley Pre FM-Master
1974-11-16 Wembley Wizards
1974-11-17 Getting Better All The Time
1974-11-28 Empire Theatre
1974-12-09 Manchester Day '74
1974-12-14 Stairstep To Abandon - Bristol, England [Vinyl]
1975-04-08 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 1
1975-04-13 Riding The Cow.Cow Palace,California,USA
1975-04-26 Cruel But Fair
1975-04-26 Dogs And Sheep
1975-04-27 Hogs in Smog
1975-04-27 Los Angeles, CA master
1975-06-15 Faster Jersey
1975-06-15 Jersey Not Mother
1975-06-16 Random Precision
1975-06-18 Boston Garden Matrix Version
1975-06-18 Boston Gardens
1975-06-18 Crazy Diamonds [VBR]
1975-06-18 Echoes In The Gardens
1975-06-22 Heavy Rain
1975-06-28 Master Reel - Ontario (RTR-DAT-Source 2) (flac)
1975-80 - Azimuth Coordinator 1975 a 1980 (6CD box 1998)
1977-01-05 Iron Pigs On Fire - Fort Worth, Texas
1977-01-23 - If Pigs Could Fly
1977-01-23 Bugger's Eyes
1977-01-29 Desk Pig In Berlin
1977-01-30 Absolut Floyd
1977-01-30 Hunting Animals - Berlin, Germany
1977-02-01 Test Flight - Vienna, Austria
1977-02-20 Animals In Belgium - Antwerpen [FLAC]
1977-02-20 Ducks On The Wall
1977-02-20 Thirteen
1977-02-22 Dragged Down By The Stone
1977-02-22 Pavillion de Pigs
1977-02-27 Animals On The Wing
1977-04-22 Hurricane Floyd Hits - Miami FL
1977-05-01 Iron Pigs On Fire
1977-05-09 Animal Instincts
1977-05-09 Mr Pig - Oakland [MP3]
1977-06-19 Chicago '77
1977-06-19 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL (1st gen Charly C.'s tape - source 1)
1977-06-27 Boredom and Pain (Boston Gardens)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA - The Perfect Day (FLAC)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA (Lampinski)
1977-06-27 Pink Floyd 1977-06-27
1977-07-01 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 In the Grassland Away
1977-07-02 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 Prog King - Madison Square Garden
1977-07-02 Welcome To The Machine
1977-07-03 Madson Square Garden - New York
1977-07-03 Pigs Might Fly
1977-07-04 Sheep Independence Day (FLAC)
1977-07-06 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 2 - Last Animals
1977-07-06 Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls
1977-07-06 Montreal
1977-07-06 Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan
1980-01-01 The Wall Rehearsals 1980
1980-02-07 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 3 - flac16
1980-02-08 Little Black Book With My Poems In
1980-02-27 The Wall Live In Nassau
1980-02-28 Nassau - Coliseum - NY
1980-08-09 Soundboard on the Wall - Earls Court, London, England
1980-1981 Is There Anybody Out There The Wall Live
1981-02-19 Tear Down The Wall
1981-02-20 The Sixth German Show-Westfalenhalle, Dortmund
1981-02-20 Westfallenhalle,Dortmund, Germany
1981-06-16 Earl's Court, London (Watching The World Upon The Wall)
1984-04-30 (Gilmour) Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (London )(320)
1984-05-22 (Gilmour) Beacon Theater - New York City-NY
1984-06-16&17 (Waters w. Clapton) Sidewinder (Stockholm)
1984-06-29 (Gilmour) New Game - Berkeley [FLAC]
1984-07-12 (Gilmour and Friends) In Floyd We Trust (320)
1984-07-12 (Gilmour) Westwood One Concert (48kHz)(320)
1984-07-18 (Waters) Eric the Player, Roger the Singer
1985-03-20 (Waters) Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC [FM]
1985-03-28 (Waters) Complete Hitch Hiking Perfomance
1987-09-16 Echoes By The Lake Disc 1-3
1987-09-19 Prism
1987-11-01 Live at the Orange Bowl, Miami
1987-11-07 (Waters) Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd (Remaster)
1987-11-30 MONEY GOES WEST - (The Sports Arena - Los Angeles, California)
1988 Delicate Sound Of Thunder (UK 7914802)
1988-02-19 Live in Melbourne (SOUNDBOARD)
1988-02-19 Melbourne - Soundboard Recording
1988-02-19 Tennis Center, Melbourne
1988-07-08 Nothing Is Changed (Modena, Italy) [VBR]
1989-06-12 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-13 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-14 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-07-01 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France
1989-07-15 Live In Venice 1989 {FLAC]
1989-07-15 Venice, Grand Canal
1990 (Waters) The Wall - Live In Berlin
1990-06-30 Of Promises Broken
1990-06-30 The Knebworth Tales
1994-03-30 Miami - The Live Bell
1994-04-16 Your Favorite Disease
1994-04-21 Pigs Over The San Francisco Bay
1994-04-21 They're Blowin Me Away - Oakland Master DAT
1994-05-31 3 Pigs At 3 Rivers
1994-06-11 The Bell Gets Louder
1994-07-18 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
1994-08-13 The Sound Surrounds
1994-09-04 Softly Spoken Magic Spells - Feyenoord [MP3]
1994-09-13 A Night In Italy
1994-09-13 A Passage Of Time
1994-09-15 Udine - Italy
1994-09-19 - The Nights Of Wonder
1995 Pulse
1995 Wish You Were Here Live (CDM 7243 8 82207 2 9)
2000 (Waters) In The Flesh (Live)
2001-06 2002-01 David Gilmour in Concert (320)
2002-03-05 (Waters) The Happiest Night of Our Lives - National Stadium, Santiago
2005-07-02 Live 8 Reunion
2006-03-07 (Gilmour) Mermaid Theatre - London
2006-03-19 (Gilmour) Regathering Our Senses - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam [FA025]
2006-05 (Gilmour) 2007 - Remember That Night
2006-07-29 Happy Birthday Dear Richard (Archive Konigsplatz Munich rec 4)
2006-08-26 (Gilmour) Live In Gdansk
2006-12-07 (Waters) Milan, Italy FM
2007 (Gilmour) 4 Tracks Live From Abbey Road (US Promo CD Single)(320)
2007-03-14 (Waters) 50000 Lunatics on The Grass Chile '07
2007-07-07 (Waters) Live Earth 2007
2008-06-15 (Gilmour) Ron's Psychedelic Supper Vol.2
2010-07-10 (Waters & Gilmour) The Hoping Foundation (320)
2010-09-15 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-16 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-18 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-20 - Roger Waters - The Wall - Chicago [MP3]
2010-12-18 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-19 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-21 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2011-03-25 (Waters) Madrid - Experimento
2011-05-15 (Waters) Live At O2 Arena, London, England
2017 Live at Pompeii [FLAC]
David_Gilmour - Live Tracks - MP3
1965 - Syd Barrett - Lucy Leave and Other Rarities [FLAC,Tracks]
1965-95 - Pinkie Milkie - Rarities Compilation
1966-67 London '66 - '67 (UK 1995 CDM SFMDP 3)
1966-67 Psychedelic Games for May
1966-71 Sophisticated Colours
1966-94 Early Flights Disc 1-10
1967 Reaction In G
1967-69 Music For Architectural Students
1967-71 Antiques- A Rare Collection of Oddities
1967-71 Antiques And Curios
1967-87 A CD Full Of Secrets
1968 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London OST
1968-69 The Embryo (TSP-CD-020 1989) [VBR]
1968-70 - Old Symphonies 1968-1970 - FM
1968-70 Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1-3
1968-71 Spiral
1968-74 From Underground To The Moon
1969 - High Time
1969 - The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions
1969-70 Omay Yad
1969-99 - Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
1970-71 - Syd Barrett - The Radio One Sessions
1971-72 Studio Outtakes & Demos
1972-06 From the Other Side (DSOTM Outtakes)
1975 - Tour Comic book
1975-76 Abbey Road to Britannia Row The Extraction Tapes (2014)
1978 The Wall- Under Construction
1978-79 Building The Wall
1979 Every Brick In The Wall (outtakes)
1980 - The Wall - Original Film Sessions 1980
1980 The Wall (Demos)
1982 The Final Cutting
1987 A Momentary Lapse of Reason Live Official Tour CD (Demonstration Not For Sale)
1987 One Slip CDM (UK 1987 CDEM 52)
1988 - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Official Tour CD)_flac
1990-05-02 - Roger Waters - The London Rehearsals 1990
1994 - Just Warmin Up - The Rehearsals in Tampa - 1994
Pink Floyd - Just Warming Up (Tampa 1994 )
1996 Pink Floyd & Friends - Interstellar Overdrive (Canada 1996 PS-NEMS 1001-2)
2001 Pink Underground
2005...A Desperate Attempt of Perfection
2010 - Roger Waters - Is It The Fifth
A Tree Full Of Secrets (18xCD Box Rarities)
Have You Got It Yet
2008 Have You Got It Yet v2
HYGIY v2.0 Vol. 1
Live Anthology
Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
Secret Rarities (2014
Star Profile - audio documentary
Variations on a Theme of Absence 8-CD
1965-72 The Early Years Limited Edition 10CD [FLAC]
1967 The First 3 Singles (Remaster UK 1997 7243 8 59895 2 0)
1967 The Syd Barrett Tapes
1967-11-17 The First Singles
1967-1973 - Anthology II [HL 325-326]
1967-68 Masters of Rock
1967-68 The Early Singles (EU 1992 0777 7 80572 2 2)
1967-71 The Complete BBC Sessions
1967-93 - Total Eclipse - A Retrospective 1967-1993 - Italy
1981 A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (Remaster Japan 2001 TOCP-65744)
1983 Works (US 1983 CDP 7 46478 2)
1988 - Syd Barrett - Opel
1992 - La Carrera Panamericana
1992 - Syd Barrett - Octopus
1995 - Greatest Hits 3 - Post Pink - 1995 - MP3.320kbps
1999 - Legendary Rock Stars - Greatest Hits
2001 - Echoes The Best Of Pink Floyd (US 2001 2xCD CDP 7243 5 36111 2 5)
2003 - Roger Waters - Flickering Flame (320)
2007 - David Gilmour - Take a Best (Bootleg)(320)
2007 - Greatest Hits - Star Mark - 320Kbps
2010 - Syd Barrett - An Introduction to Syd Barrett (2010)
2011 - CD Sampler - 2011
Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me -The Best of Syd Barrett
1994 Dark Side Of The Moon -[Trance]
1994 Wish You Were Here [Trance]
1995 Meddle (Trance Remix)
1998 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Trance)
2000 Welcome to the Remix
2003 Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon
2003-01-01 - The Floydian Propulsion Project
2004 Out There
2005 The Dark Side Of A Dream [320]
2006 DJ Fish Remixes
2006 Pink Floyd & Eric Prydz - Proper Education
2010 DSotM - Moon8 - 8 bits
1995 The London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Music Of Pink Floyd
2002 Pigs and Pyramids An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd
2005 The Piano Tribute To Pink Floyd
2006 Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd
1988 - Audio Documentario - Star Profile
2002 - Wish Youd Been Here - The Pink Floyd Story - Radio BBC
1974 - Tour Comic - 1974
1976 - Songbook
1987 - Songbook (VictorF)
2000 - Guitar Tab Anthology
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Red Roof Inn offering free lodging for HCW/ first responders

I thought this information could help those who want to use protective distancing from their loved ones.
stay safe! ❤️
Room in Your Heart: Opening Doors to First Responders
Red Roof®, the leader in upscale economy lodging, is giving back to our country’s first responders—dedicated nurses, doctors, firefighters, police and emergency medical providers—who are fighting tirelessly to combat COVID-19. Many of these essential workers on the frontlines need a place to self-quarantine away from their homes and families to protect their loved ones.
From April 3 – May 31, Red Roof is donating a limited number of available rooms to these brave heroes, giving them a place to sleep and stay in between shifts at participating locations across the country.
Many Red Roof locations are exterior corridor hotels where separate hotel room doors open to the outside of the building instead of an interior hallway. After check-in, guests can drive to their room instead of walking through the building, reducing contact with interior touchpoints. Rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, a workstation and a communication package that includes free local and long-distance calls as well as free in-room coffee (in most rooms). One well-behaved domestic pet—cat or dog—is always welcome to stay at no charge.
Call a participating hotel directly to book your stay.
*Each guest must provide valid medical, firefighter, or police identification. Offer does not apply to guests staying under a current government contract and all rooms are subject to availability. Pet accommodations policy may vary at some Home Towne Studios by Red Roof locations.
RED ROOF INN MONTGOMERY - MIDTOWN 2625 Zelda Road Montgomery, AL 36107 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS PHOENIX - WEST 4861 W. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85035 RED ROOF PLUS+ PHOENIX WEST 5215 West Willetta Street Phoenix, AZ 85043 RED ROOF PLUS+ TEMPE - PHOENIX AIRPORT 2135 West 15TH Street Tempe, AZ 85281 RED ROOF INN TUCSON SOUTH - AIRPORT 3704 East Irvington Road Tucson, AZ 85714 RED ROOF INN TUCSON NORTH - MARANA 4940 West Ina Road Tucson, AZ 85743 RED ROOF PLUS+ SAN FRANCISCO AIRPORT 777 Airport Boulevard Burlingame, CA 94010 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS DENVER - GLENDALE/ CHERRY CREEK 4850 Leetsdale Drive Glendale, CO 80246 RED ROOF PLUS+ JACKSONVILLE - SOUTHPOINT 6969 Lenoir Avenue East Jacksonville, FL 32216 RED ROOF INN JACKSONVILLE AIRPORT 1063 Airport Road Jacksonville, FL 32218 RED ROOF INN JACKSONVILLE - ORANGE PARK 6099 Youngerman Circle Jacksonville, FL 32244 RED ROOF INN PENSACOLA - WEST FLORIDA HOSPITAL 7340 Plantation Road Pensacola, FL 32504 RED ROOF PLUS+ GAINESVILLE 3500 Southwest 42nd Street Gainesville, FL 32608 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS ORLANDO - UCF AREA 12350 E Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32826 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS FORT LAUDERDALE 3031 W Commercial Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 RED ROOF PLUS+ WEST PALM BEACH 2421 Metrocentre Blvd. E West Palm Beach, FL 33407 RED ROOF INN TAMPA FAIRGROUNDS - CASINO 5001 North US Route 301 Tampa, FL 33610 RED ROOF INN TAMPA BAY - ST PETERSBURG 4999 34th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33714 RED ROOF INN ST PETERSBURG - CLEARWATEAIRPORT 3580 Ulmerton Road Clearwater, FL 33762 RED ROOF PLUS+ & SUITES NAPLES DOWNTOWN-5TH AVE S 1925 Davis Boulevard Naples, FL 34104 RED ROOF INN ELLENTON 4915 17th Street East Ellenton, FL 34222 RED ROOF INN FT PIERCE 3236 South US-1 Fort Pierce, FL 34982 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS ATLANTA NE - PEACHTREE CORNERS 7049 Jimmy Carter Blvd Norcross, GA 30092 RED ROOF INN ATLANTA - KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY 1460 George Busbee Parkway Kennesaw, GA 30144 RED ROOF INN & SUITES NEWNAN 590 Bullsboro Dr Newnan, GA 30265 US RED ROOF INN AUGUSTA - WASHINGTON ROAD 3030 Washington Road Augusta, GA 30907 RED ROOF INN INDIANAPOLIS SOUTH 5221 Victory Drive Indianapolis, IN 46203 RED ROOF INN ELKHART 2902 Cassopolis Street Elkhart, IN 46514 RED ROOF INN RICHMOND, IN 2525 Chester Blvd Richmond, IN 47374 RED ROOF INN LOUISVILLE EXPO AIRPORT 4704 Preston Highway Louisville, KY 40213 RED ROOF INN LOUISVILLE FAIR AND EXPO 3322 Red Roof Inn Place Louisville, KY 40218 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS LOUISVILLE 4540 Taylorsville Road Louisville, KY 40220 US RED ROOF INN & SUITES CAVE CITY 807 Mammoth Cave St. Cave City, KY 42127 US RED ROOF INN SLIDELL m 1662 Gause Boulevard Slidell, LA 70458 US RED ROOF PLUS+ SOUTH DEERFIELD - AMHERST 9 Greenfield Road South Deerfield, MA 01373 RED ROOF PLUS+ BOSTON - FRAMINGHAM 650 Cochituate Road Framingham, MA 01701 RED ROOF INN BOSTON - SOUTHBOROUGH/ WORCESTER 367 Turnpike Road Southborough, MA 01772 RED ROOF PLUS+ BOSTON - LOGAN 920 Broadway Saugus, MA 01906 RED ROOF PLUS+ BOSTON - MANSFIELD/ FOXBORO 60 Forbes Boulevard Mansfield, MA 02048 RED ROOF INN WASHINGTON DC - LAUREL 12525 Laurel Bowie Road Laurel, MD 20708 RED ROOF PLUS+ WASHINGTON DC - OXON HILL 6170 Oxon Hill Road Oxon Hill, MD 20745 RED ROOF INN WASHINGTON DC - COLUMBIA/ FORT MEADE 8000 Washington Boulevard Jessup, MD 20794 RED ROOF PLUS+ WASHINGTON DC - ROCKVILLE 16001 Shady Grove Road Rockville, MD 20850 RED ROOF PLUS+ BALTIMORE-WASHINGTON DC/BWI AIRPORT 827 Elkridge Landing Road Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 RED ROOF INN ST LOUIS - FLORISSANT 307 Dunn Road Florissant, MO 63031 RED ROOF PLUS+ ST LOUIS - FOREST PARK/ HAMPTON AVE 5823 Wilson Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63110 RED ROOF INN ST LOUIS - ST CHARLES 2010 Zumbehl Road Saint Charles, MO 63303 HOMETOWNE STUDIOS KANSAS CITY - INDEPENDENCE, MO 14800 E. 42nd Street Independence, MO 64055 RED ROOF INN MERIDIAN 2219 S. Frontage Rd Meridian, MS 39301 US RED ROOF PLUS+ RALEIGH NCSU - CONVENTION CENTER 1813 South Saunders Street Raleigh, NC 27603 US RED ROOF INN ASHEVILLE WEST 16 Crowell Road Asheville, NC 28806 US RED ROOF INN SALEM 15 Red Roof Lane Salem, NH 03079 US RED ROOF INN PARSIPPANY 855 US Highway 46 Parsippany, NJ 07054 US RED ROOF PLUS+ SECAUCUS - MEADOWLANDS - NYC 15 Meadowlands Parkway Secaucus, NJ 07094 US RED ROOF INN TINTON FALLS - JERSEY SHORE 11 Centre Plaza Eatontown, NJ 07724 US RED ROOF INN BATAVIA 8204 Park Road Batavia, NY 14020 US RED ROOF INN BUFFALO - NIAGARA AIRPORT 146 Maple Drive Bowmansville, NY 14026 US RED ROOF INN ROCHESTER - AIRPORT 155 Buell Road Rochester, NY 14624 US RED ROOF INN COLUMBUS - GROVE CITY 4055 Jackpot Road Grove City, OH 43123 US RED ROOF PLUS+ COLUMBUS - WORTHINGTON 7480 North High Street Columbus, OH 43235 US RED ROOF INN ST CLAIRSVILLE - WHEELING WEST 68301 Red Roof Lane Saint Clairsville, OH 43950 US RED ROOF INN CLEVELAND - MENTO WILLOUGHBY 4166 State Route 306 Willoughby, OH 44094 US RED ROOF INN CLEVELAND - WESTLAKE 29595 Clemens Road Westlake, OH 44145 US RED ROOF INN CANTON 5353 Inn Circle Court Northwest Canton, OH 44720 US RED ROOF INN CINCINNATI - SHARONVILLE 2301 Sharon Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 US RED ROOF INN CINCINNATI EAST - BEECHMONT 4035 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road Cincinnati, OH 45255 US RED ROOF INN DAYTON - FAIRBORN/ NUTTER CENTER 2580 Colonel Glenn Highway Fairborn, OH 45324 US RED ROOF INN PERRYSBURG 3555 Hanley Road Perrysburg, OH 43551 US RED ROOF INN OKLAHOMA CITY AIRPORT 309 South Meridian Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73108 US RED ROOF INN & SUITES MEDFORD - AIRPORT 2111 Biddle Rd Medford, OR 97504 US RED ROOF PLUS+ PITTSBURGH EAST - MONROEVILLE 2729 Mosside Boulevard Monroeville, PA 15146 US RED ROOF INN WASHINGTON, PA 1399 West Chestnut Street Washington, PA 15301 US RED ROOF INN GREENSBURG 111 Sheraton Drive Greensburg, PA 15601 US RED ROOF INN PITTSBURGH NORTH - CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP 20009 US Route 19 & Marguerite Road Cranberry Township, PA 16066 US RED ROOF INN NORTH CHARLESTON COLISEUM 7480 Northwoods Boulevard Charleston, SC 29406 US RED ROOF PLUS+ MT PLEASANT - PATRIOTS POINT 301 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 US RED ROOF INN FLORENCE - CIVIC CENTER 2690 David McLeod Boulevard Florence, SC 29501 US RED ROOF INN GREENVILLE 91 Vision Court Greenville, SC 29607 US RED ROOF INN HILTON HEAD ISLAND 5 Regency Parkway Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 US RED ROOF INN NASHVILLE - MUSIC CITY 2407 Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 37207 US RED ROOF PLUS+ NASHVILLE AIRPORT 510 Claridge Drive Nashville, TN 37214 US RED ROOF INN CHATTANOOGA - LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN 30 Birmingham Hwy Chattanooga, TN 37419 US RED ROOF INN CARYVILLE 276 John McGhee Blvd Caryville, TN 37714 US RED ROOF INN KNOXVILLE NORTH - MERCHANTS DRIVE 5334 Central Ave Pike Knoxville, TN 37912 RED ROOF INN DALLAS - DFW AIRPORT NORTH 8150 Esters Boulevard Irving, TX 75063
HOMETOWNE STUDIOS DALLAS - MESQUITE 2544 US Highway 67 Mesquite, TX 75150
HOMETOWNE STUDIOS HOUSTON - WEST OAKS 2130 Highway 6 Houston, TX 77077
RED ROOF INN LAREDO 1006 West Calton Road Laredo, TX 78041
RED ROOF PLUS+ AUSTIN SOUTH 4701 South I-35 Austin, TX 78744
RED ROOF PLUS+ WASHINGTON DC - MANASSAS 10610 Automotive Drive Manassas, VA 20109
RED ROOF INN WARRENTON 6 Broadview Avenue Warrenton, VA 20186 US
RED ROOF PLUS+ WASHINGTON DC - ALEXANDRIA 5975 Richmond Highway Alexandria, VA 22303
RED ROOF INN CULPEPER 889 Willis Lane Culpeper, VA 22701
RED ROOF INN SEATTLE AIRPORT - SEATAC 16838 International Boulevard Seattle, WA 98188 US
RED ROOF INN CHARLESTON - KANAWHA CITY, WV 100 Trueman Circle Charleston, WV 25304
RED ROOF INN CHARLESTON W - HURRICANE, WV 500 Putnam Village Drive Hurricane, WV 25526
RED ROOF INN HUNTINGTON 5190 US Route 60 East Huntington, WV 25705 US
RED ROOF INN FAIRMONT 42 Spencer Drive White Hall, WV 26554 US
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The FBI Revisits the 2007 Cold Case Disappearance of Karen S. Adams [Unresolved Disappearance]

Chester W.Va.— The FBI is trying to solve the 12-year-old disappearance of a Pennsylvania woman who vanished after leaving West Virginia casino.
The FBI in Pittsburgh said in a statement released Monday that Karen S. Adams of Independence Township, Pa., went to the nearby Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort here on March 11, 2007.
Family members had told authorities she had attended a bingo tournament earlier in the day and then drove to Mountaineer at about 2 p.m.
The FBI statement said Adams was observed on surveillance video at approximately 3 a.m. the morning of March 12 possibly leaving the gambling complex. Phone records at the time showed her last phone call was to her brother while she was still at Mountaineer.
Her voice mail was checked at 4:35 a.m. There were no more outgoing calls after that.
Family and co-workers became concerned when Adams failed to appear for work on March 12 at the Allegheny Valley School, where she was an aide assisting handicapped people. She also did not show up for her evening job at Big Lots.
According to the FBI, she has not been seen or heard from since and her 2005 maroon sedan with Pennsylvania license plates has not been located. Adams was 54 when she disappeared.
When interviewed at the time of the eldest sibling’s disappearance, family members reported she lived with her brother John. She also reportedly was not dating anyone. None of her clothes or suitcases were reported missing and her phone charger and makeup were left behind.
Family members has said Adams was a creature of habit and had checked the route she would have taken along the Ohio River between Mountaineer and her home. They reportedly found no signs of an accident. Family also distributed fliers throughout the area.
The FBI says tips on Adams can be reported to any local FBI office.
(It would seem that Karen S. Adams has vanished with no trace at all. I am wondering if something mite have happened to her in the parking lot when she left the Mountaineer Casino. What is also strange is that her car has vanished as well. Hopefully there will be some new clue developed to help aid in this cold case mystery.)
FBI revisits investigation into women’s disappearance 12 years ago
Find Missing Karen Sue Adams!
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January Community Day Across the Northeast

Looking for a local meet-up for the January 2019 Community Day? Check out the Silph League Map ( https://thesilphroad.com/atlas) , and join a local server. Here are your local staff that will be distributing the limited time Silph Traveler Badges at each event. Be sure to set up your Traveler Card ( https://thesilphroad.com/travelers-cards) before attending your local meet-up.
> New this month: The Silph Road Arena! Check with your local communities about upcoming Boulder Badge Tournaments.
(Listings and meet-up days subject to change. Please reach out to listed Discord Staff for most current info.)
Server Name Town State Location Discord Staff
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Colchester CT Downtown Colchester Gator#4141
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Fairfield CT Fairfield Town Hall Bluecat313YT#4272, tamrissa#2003
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Groton CT Wilcox Park, Westerly, RI Firedwarftj #6324, Kickinbeatz #2182, TristaAM(40) #8031, SummerOtaku#694, Firedwarftj #6324
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Guilford CT Guilford Green Shahailion#2405, Nick642#8972, KaiserNeiner#3990
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Hartford CT Bushnell Park Jabroni24601#8839, Jared#9853Saint¿Seth#8151
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Manchester CT Evergreen Walk CarKrash#6977, Chacatani#2429, Mikachu#8250
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Mashantucket CT Foxwoods Resort Casino Icypinklemonade#9069, YoungsterTrainer#6547
Pokemon Go Middletown Middletown CT "Plaque of Honor" 300 Washington Terrace, Middletown, CT -- 30 minutes before and after event at "Plaque of Honor" for badges and trading meetup dDope#1860, precisely3#2278, LAURAM00N#128
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) New Britain CT Walnut Hill Park SinisterReaper#0831, MysticRubyChef#2709
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) New Britain CT taytayswifty#1029
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) New Haven CT Westville AbunaiYo#3663
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Newtown CT Newtown Skate Park Isochrona#2749
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Norwalk CT Maritime Center CorgiFluff#6710, Konstantinos 🌀 40#3452, valkyreya#6399
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Old Wethersfield CT Main St. / Broad St. Prince Vegeta#7733
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Simsbury CT Rotary Park je6105#5190
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Stamford CT Mill River Park ChickenAssault#3462, Jackrack#3720, Jcoona#3371, raiderkat#3373
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Storrs CT Student Union pop2-0#8427
Enfield-Suffield Trainers League Suffield CT Suffield Center LGTTurbo07#0716, jayarr#9832, MSundin40#1793
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Uncasville CT Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort Linz#9154
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) Vernon/Rockville CT Downtown Rockville nikict154#7763, Erin_07#1269
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) West Hartford CT Westfarms Mall ALAN#1455, GMuggle#5877, Yellowdog616#9238
Pokemon Go Raids (Connecticut) West Haven CT West Haven Beach Searsharry1990#2349
Pogo Delmarva Bethany DE Bethany Beach TheOneWhoWas#7452
Pogo Delmarva Dover DE Dover DougieSD#8604, WMWA#9562
Pogo Delmarva Milford DE Milford BigBlack1969#2541, Fleshknight#8870, Gunarkfc#8038, jp02845#7105, Kato Ryozo#7248, killerduck1967#3256
Pogo Delmarva New Castle DE Battery Park Xenoflame#1194
Pogo Delmarva Seaford DE Seaford deadlyviper457#1849, JenniferT181#2270, Sirleviscott#1929, Greatminidonuts#3661, HollyNIN#9786, bricklife240#4438, morganbellaaa#0058
Pogo Delmarva Wilmington DE Brandwine Park DrachenFire#9691
Team Instinct Boston, Valor of Boston, Boston Mystics and MARaids Boston MA Boston Public Garden/Commons cizzlee#9256, chickydoll80#0561, ElectroBlade#2469, GL#7719, manupr☃g⚡#3978, Drew#7383, Giveittome95#3330, mxawng#8480 , Orez#3131, Pokebobbita#6698, Ralphnadersmom#9984, rehny21#0807, RevenantOmega#8006, Shinigo425#6298Shinigo425#6298, VanityDestroyer#4629
Pokemon GO Raids Middlesex Burlington MA Burlington Common GyradosRage#6904
Watertown EX Raids & Team Instinct Boston Waltham MA Waltham Common Bubbawashere#6128
Worcester POGo Worcester MA Worcester Common ProfessorTurquoise#2259, SPLlCING#1685, Transwrap9
Augusta, ME POGO Augusta ME Augusta Center @robertowtvl \ Lvl 40#5256, COL3M1NOR
Pokemon Go 207 Bath ME Waterfront Waterfront
Biddeford/Saco Pokemon Go Biddeford ME Biddeford Town Center chenzillah, eternalwyrm, WyomingBound, ylnosnac
Pokemon Go 207 Brunswick ME Bowdoin College mskeezix, GolBatman69
Pokemon Go 207 Farmington ME Farmington USM Campus CaptianMystinct
Pokemon Go L/A Lewiston ME Bates College TheDee2530
Pokemon Go 207 Norway ME Norway Town Center ariesboy97, jekim1990, MDCCLXXV, payneareo, tangimr
Pokemon Go 207 Portland ME Monument Square CPASteve, OGStatus23, winfin17, RevisionTwelve, Rebel7284, OGstatus23, LumpusRe, LokNesLapras
Pokemon Go 207Waterville Waterville ME Colby College Campus KristinHolly
Pokemon Go NH and Southern Nashua Pokemon Go Hudson NH Benson's Farm TAnҜmⱥsterzero#8915, CharizardsRage(NH)#1728,Blazezing#0128, ElectroBlade#2469, frexxy#1030, acobuns, hoxau
East Brunswick Pokemon Raid Club Collective East Brunswick NJ Great Oak Park Tiki#7073, Topbaconboyz#8887
Budd Lake Bot Hackettstown NJ First Presbyterian Church 298 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 oneofuspooped#8335
North Wilmington/ Claymont Raids Jackson NJ Six Flags Great Adventure DrachenFire#9691
Rutgers Pokemon Club New Brunswick/Piscataway NJ Johnson Park/Busch Campus nickorama23#5141
Pokemon Go Cape May/Wildwood Raids North Wildwood NJ 200A John F Kennedy Beach Dr, North Wildwood, NJ 08260 Gingerbeard609#2046
League of Legendary Raiders Passaic NJ Third Ward Park. Passaic Ave & Van Houten Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 aipnai#2634
Bergen County PoGo Saddle Brook NJ Saddle River County Park Jeykid#5761, xeyroc13#9843
Secaucus NJ PokemonGo Secaucus NJ Albert P. Buchmuller Park domini212#3387
Somerset County Pokemon Go Somerville NJ Somerset County Court House Green Rebelpilot#2093
UticaAreaGo! New Hartford NY Sherill Brook Park crayfish#3378
607 Pokemon Go (Horsehead/Elmira) Elmira NY Eldridge Park ArmoredCookie (Ian M), ShinNinth (Jeff B) ㉝, ThePoptarticus1 (Jason K), KayNay1 , thatkidkozak(brentkozak)
Pokemon Raiders - Harlem New York NY Central Park South aka Grand Army Plaza area - 59th and 5th HeirofSlytherin#9747, Sm0keyKat#6704
Memelord and Gamers Hangout New York NY Fort Tryon Park Artist_Johnny26#6332
Pokemon Go NYC Community New York NY 5th Ave E 60 St, New York, NY, United States 10019 jcai63#9405, GMoneyJie#5160, Saoirse#7138
Pokemon Go New York New York NY Bryant Park BELUUU#6948, Sean3116#4601, RAINBOW GHASTLY#3675, Eevee Reborn#7436
Ithaca Pokemon Masters Ithaca NY Ithaca Commons dragoplateau#5430, PyrogenaseBarry#1041
Ken - Ton/CoT Pokemon Go Buffalo NY University of Buffalo North Campus at the Putnam Loop LadyLightning98#0202, Sugimori#3868, FinalAzure#8461
Co-Op City PoGo Raiders Bronx NY Rombouts Ave & Co-Op City Blvd labrava03#5018
NYC Instinct Squad [PoGO] Brooklyn NY Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza FireTheGoddess#2756,Kandy#1779, Leo#5498, Entaprize#4017, SweeezyCheeese#1927
PokemonHuntersUnited Albany NY NY Empire State Plaza efindl#9611
Syracuse PoGo Syracuse NY Onondaga Lake Park withasparkle#7756, SirenDT#8892
Oneonta NY Neahwa Park zzmmrmn#8929
LivCoPoGo Livonia NY Vitale Park at Conesus Lake Copyklown Greater
Binghamton Area Pokemon Go Binghamton NY Recreation Park OneSweetShannon#8072, JackHannah#4630
Pokemon Go Upstate NY Saratoga Springs NY Congress Park NinjaRage83#1898
Pokemon Go Upstate NY Johnstown NY Perry Lanes, Sir William Johnson Park TBD
Team: Firestorm PGH Pittsburgh PA Monroeville Mall @DelanaKatrella#6912, RhinoCity#6591
Team: Firestorm PGH Pittsburgh PA Renziehausen Park AJ#8386
Pokemon Go Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA Lotsa Pizza in Oakland from 6-8 PM on Saturday AJ_02#8826 , Airalyn#8634 , kasra#5035 , melgood711#8588, ShiggihS#4724, StormFreak#4670
Valley Pokemon Go Sayre PA Elmer Park Archer290#9112, dadalex16 (PA)#1339, MagicSword89#1376, Rayna (RaynaMikaelson)#1997, T-Brock09#7124, VoltageGP#2021
MontCo/ChesCo Regional PoGo! Audubon, Collegeville, Limerick, Oaks, Phoenixville, Royersford, Trappe PA Water Works Park OrionNCody(Thau)#9023, scubafanatic(Maureen)[40/38]#1023
Pokemon Go Tioga Town Wellsboro State PA Wellsboro Park (The Green) VoltageGP#2021 WolvezRoze#2070
Valley Forge / N. Chester County Pokemon Go Chesterbrook PA Wilson Farm Park KayTV#8423,Eolian#0673,BluebellDad (Evan,40)#6653
Pokemon Go Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA Market Square AJ_02#8826,Airalyn#8634,kasra#5035,melgood711#8588,ShiggihS#4724, StormFreak#4670
Pokemon Go Pittsburgh Robinson PA Robinson Mall AllyTheKiller#8599
Pokemon Go Pittsburgh Moon PA Moon Park Jerry Cant#9068
Pokemon Go Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA South Park Fitness Trail NOVAxDRAGON#4793
The Steel Circuit Pittsburgh PA Downtown Damian#2164
The Steel Circuit Tarentum PA Pittsburgh Mills Mall Spawncurse#2724
The Steel Circuit Pittsburgh PA South Park Jbobbers#3062
State College Pokemon Go State College PA Penn State University - Berkey Creamery Daisy#1432,Ocelot#3963,Audrey#6875, Madots115 -Dani-#2476, FearMeIAmLag#9953, izzygoat#9870, Guide TechiesGoBoom#9480
TSR RI Burriville RI Burriville town square Gazebo Debbie K.#4466
TSR Rhode Island East Greenwich RI Academy Field paradoxmuse
TSR Rhode Island Newport RI Queen Anne Square Baldguy, Liz Lemon#7082
TSR Rhode Island Pawtucket RI Slater Park V1073nc3#2641, cuttywow, GoRaichel, BHAZ401, GoldenSimurgh, Draist, NSmalley
TSR Rhode Island Providence RI Roger Williams Park MarcBerm
TSR RI Riverside RI 783 Bullocks Point Ave Mrspinkfl0yd#5926
Rhode Island Pokemon Go Westerly RI Wilcox Park SummerOtaku#6945
Pokemon Go VT Burlington VT Battery Park Aayrl#1888, Avocet#1761,CJ#0142, Reznora#5639, Bastinado#2233, donlaub#7504, Mindzeye82#2254, PkmnArchivist#2000
Pokemon Go VT Montpelier VT State Capital Building Green XplosiveR#0191
Pokemon Go VT Rutland VT Rutland Free Library Clammy#1983, Crabby#9915, Lobster_Classic#5058, Fritzeee#4358

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The BIG LIST of 2015 Delaware holiday events!

I thought that this public info should be seen without any ads, pop-ups, or required surveys. I will update the entire list at least weekly but try to add info from users' comments at least daily. If you would like to add an event, please leave a comment below with all the details and I'll add it to the list.
FRIDAY, Dec. 11
SUNDAY, Dec. 13
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Steve Wolansky wins second major trophy in 2014

2014 has been a great year for many aspiring poker players, with some of them tasting success in major land-based competitions. As always, the World Series of Poker was the highlight of the career for many of them and there were some who secured lucrative deals with major poker companies. In addition to spending time in the spotlight, they benefit from exclusive arrangements and by representing the company, they promote poker in general. 888Poker was among those who embraced the most successful players of 2014 and they were proud to announce that three World Series of Poker main event finalists are now among them. Proudly displaying branded merchandise also carries numerous advantages, since these players frequently participate in big tournaments for free. It goes without saying that they don't have to pay the buy-in for those events scheduled over the Internet at their corresponding poker rooms. Steve Wolansky is not among those who enjoyed a smooth ride and he had to rely almost exclusively on his ability to play poker, to prevail in 2014. Much to his credit, he rose to the challenge and after winning his first gold bracelet at the 2014 World Series of Poker, he fired back with another victory. This time, he participated in a local tournament that attracted almost exclusively American players, but this doesn't strip them of the merit of outshining more than 1000 participants. Steve made the final table of the 2014 Borgata Fall Poker Open $1 Million Guaranteed Championship with a decent stack and forced his opponents to commit mistakes. He played aggressive poker and never agreed with the terms of the deal suggested by his peers, a move that paid off in the end. The last one to accept defeat was Taylor von Kriegenbergh and for finishing second he took home a prize of $186,000. The lucky winner from Cooper City won in excess of $330,000, a paycheck that surpasses his previous scores. These are the official final table results for the 2014 Borgata Fall Poker Open event: 1 Steve Wolansky Cooper City, FL $330,8872 Taylor von Kriegenbergh Stoneham, MA $186,0463 Larry Abrams Mahwah, NJ $119,6014 Paul Volpe West Chester, PA $95,0165 Brian Altman Longmeadow, MA $74,4186 Josh Spiegelman Mullica Hill, NJ $61,1297 Daniel Buzgon Margate, NJ $48,5058 Daniel Chan New York, NY $37,8749 Jack Duong South Plainfield, NJ $26,57810 Mark Sykes Worcester, MA $17,276
via Casinoreviews
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Star City Games $20,000 Legacy Open "Philadelphia" Jan 10-11, 2015 - Oaks, PA - Event Information guide from a Local

The main objective of this post is to make sure people are aware that the SCG Event this weekend which is marketed as "Philadelphia," actually takes place in OAKS, PA - a suburb in the greater Philadelphia area. To give some perspective, it is about 40 minutes northwest from the convention center in downtown Center City Philadelphia.
Greater Pennsylvania Convention Center (GPCC) 100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA 19456
[Google Maps Link]
Players, please take notice!!!! The event is in OAKS, PA - an outer suburb northwest of Philadelphia. The major highway that most players will take is Route 422.
My take on the venue is that it is an older venue but very very large. They have actually held multiple huge events there simultaneously. Bathrooms should not be an issue.
Unfortunately, there are no other businesses nearby or what I'd consider walking distance. The convention complex is sort of isolated, and connected by roads to some other shopping complexes. I will touch on the food situation in separate section.
If you’re flying in from Philadelphia International Airport, I recommend renting a car to get around. I really don’t think taking a cab is economical and the venue is not really public transportation accessible.
Parking: Ample + FREE!!! The GPCC is massive and so the parking area. There is plenty of free parking.
Hotels/Lodging: There are a lot of moderately priced places to stay. Definitely more reasonable than trying to find something downtown. Should be easy enough to find, but here are my picks, sorted from cheapest to most expensive from the time of this post:
Food Options:
The food & eats situation is where moving the open venue from downtown Philadelphia to Oaks really stings the most. The Reading Terminal Market and nearby Chinatown are staple attractions of the Philadelphia gaming experience. I will miss getting a Pastrami Special from Herschel's and being finished eating it before the next round of Legacy starts. On the brighter side, there are plenty of affordable food options within a short driving distance and lots of suitable places to gather for that end-of-day meal with friends.
Unfortunately(and similar to GP New Jersey 2014), there are no places that are in "convenient" walking distance. However, if you have a car all of these places are relatively close and easy to get to.
My current game plan is to sign up for a Moe's account, order online and have someone pick up the order. With all that said, it’s not as dire of a situation as one might believe. I’d actually be disappointed if I hear Patrick and Cedric complain about the food options for this event.
Other Attractions: Stuff for your non-mtg travel companions to do, or stuff to do after you got Griselbranded out of the tournament.
Local Game Stores:
Unfortunately, there are no "very close" game stores that I can recommend nearby the Open venue. If you are looking to jam some games on Friday here are the game stores that most of the local grinders play:
Conclusion: I am really glad SCG went with this venue and I think people will enjoy it, despite it not being in downtown Philly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope we can show that Legacy is NOT dying and that Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs is a great place to hold large tournaments in the future!!
P.S.: I will be editing this post with more detailed info as we get closer to the event. I just wanted to get the important info out there ASAP.
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Snowfall, West Chester, Pennsylvania - YouTube St Pauls Baptist Church West Chester - YouTube Living in West Chester, Pa! - YouTube Double Shooting inside Hookah Lounge in Downtown West ... Back in the day McCafferty Village Chester PA - YouTube Advent Lutheran Church of West Chester - YouTube 412 East Turnberry Court - West Chester, PA - YouTube Historic Chester County Barn Conversion For Sale! 1705 ...

This is an abomination of the law and this casino should be closed and fined heavily. The only positive thing I can say is that the maintenance workers were vigilant and tried to keep everything clean. However, they cannot stop the spread of germs from gamblers choosing not to wear a mask. Expect an increase in the virus, compliments of Harrah’s disregard for public safety. Find Casinos local business listings in and near West Chester, PA. Get Casinos business addresses, phone numbers, driving directions, maps, reviews and more. Casino in West Chester, PA. About Search Results. About Search Results. YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local ... Casino Gaming Institute is located approximately 22 miles from West Chester. Regarded as one of the best Casinos in West Chester area, Casino Gaming Institute is located at 698 Old Baltimore Pike. If you need more information, call them: (302) 737-5122. 777 Harrahs Blvd, Chester, PA 19013-4505. Website +1 484-490-1800. Email. Best nearby. 390 Restaurants within 5 miles. 25 Other Attractions within 5 miles. Erin Pub (174) 3.7 mi $$ - $$$ American. Stinger's Waterfront (108) 2.3 mi $$ - $$$ American. 320 Market Cafe (86) 2.7 mi $$ - $$$ American. See all. Linvilla Orchards (332) 4.1 mi. Farms. Talen Energy Stadium (118) 2 mi. Arenas & Stadiums ... Harrah's Chester Casino & Racetrack. Casinos (1) Website (610) 447-1549. 35 E 5th St. Chester, PA 19013. Harrah's Chester Diamond Club charges money for drinks. The drinks are too expensive especially after you lost all your money to the tight slot… 2. Harrah's Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack. Casinos Hotels (1) Website (484) 490-1800. 777 Harrahs Blvd. Chester, PA 19013. I read these ... Casino West Chester Pa in the game is rigged. To ensure fair play, only choose slots Casino West Chester Pa from approved online casinos, such as those we list on this page.Playing at any of these will give you a fair chance of winning. Chester, Pennsylvania: Casino hotels and other gaming details regarding up-to-date casino news, Texas hold'em tourneys, slot machine info, parimutuel (dogs & horses), to name a few subjects. Vital information and pictures of many gambling facilities in Chester. Presentation of the Chester Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort . Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort of Chester is ideally located because it is a tri-states leisure destination (Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia). This gaming house is a multiple Gaming Award-wining! The cozy and sophisticated 78,000 sq ft gaming floor features a total of 1,100 slot machines, around 40 gaming tables ... Specialties: We appreciate your business and loyalty to Harrah's Philadelphia. Harrah's Philadelphia is temporarily closed until further notice. We are committed to implementing recommendations from the health authorities to give you peace…

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Snowfall, West Chester, Pennsylvania - YouTube

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Cindy and I paid a visit to Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA, to sample some of their great beer and food. Sara gave us the rundown of beers on tap, and... Late 90s in the projects of chester, pa. This is home. Dash cam video of what looks like a tornado attempting to start over West Chester Pennsylvania 30th June 2015 The Romance of the English countryside encounters historic Chester County in this converted barn dating to the 1700s. This unique masterpiece was meticulousl... City of Chester News Tv 2 shot inside hookah lounge in downtown West Chester, Pa.Two people were shot inside a hookah lounge in Chester County, Pennsylvania.... Rev. Dr. Wayne E Croft, Sr West Chester is one of the most sought after places to live in all of Chester County and the current real estate market here is extremely competitive too. B... December 16, 2020 from mid afternoon through the evening. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...