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My Ultimate James Bond Franchise Alternate Fantasy Timeline

: Sean Connery 1962 - 1967
1: Dr No (1962) - Terence Young
2: From Russia with love (1963) - Terence Young
3: Goldfinger (1964) - Guy Hamilton
4: Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
5: You Only Live Twice (1967) - Lewis Gilbert
Note: In this timeline Connery has a good relationship with Cubby and Harry which means like Roger Moore in real life he would becomes Friends with The Broccoli and Saltzman family also he becomes friends with Micheal G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli like Roger Moore in Real life also he says James Bond is his Favourite Role and he would sound happy with what he did with Bond, Reasons for leaving is because he wants to do other things so he never gets bored, he would still remain associated with Bond which means he attended the James Bond celebrations in 2002 with Moore, Dalton, Lazenby and Brosnan and he appears in the Everything or Nothing documentary in 2012 not to mention attending a James Bond 50th Anniversary QNA Pannel(Something that never happened in real life) with Roger Moore and Daniel Craig where those three talk about 50 years of Bond also answering questions from fans and he and all the 5 Other Bonds appear together at the 2013 Oscars(Something that didnt happen in real life but should have happened), he would retire from acting in 2003 like in real life but still does loads of interviews from that point forward until his death in 2020.

:George Lazenby 1969 - 1971
1: On Her Majesty Secret Service(1969) - Peter R Hunt
2: Diamonds are Forever(1971) - Peter R Hunt( Revenge flim follow up to Majesty with a Serious Tone).
3: Never Say Never Again(1983) - Unoffical Bond flim.
Note: Lazenby leaves because of Bad Advice like in Real life and does Never Say Never Again because of his Bad Relationship with Cubby Broccoli.

:Roger Moore 1973 - 1985
1; Live and Let Die(1973) - Guy Hamilton
2; The Man With The Golden Gun(1974)- Guy Hamtion
3; The Spy Who Loved Me(1977) - Lewis Gilbert
4: Moonraker( 1979) - Lewis Gilbert
5: For Your Eyes Only(1981) - John Glen
6: Octopussy(1983) - John Glen
7: A View to a Kill(1985) - John Glen

:Timothy Dalton(1987 - 1993)
1: The Living Daylights(1987) - John Glen
2: License to Kill(1989) - John Glen
3: The Property of a Lady(1991) - John Glen
4: The HildeBrand Rarity(1993) - John Glen
Note: Dalton does his planned Third Bond flim and does a final fourth flim, in this Timeline Connery like in Real life was the only Bond that was not a fan of Dalton while everyone including EON and Moore, Lazenby, Brosnan and Craig all praise Dalton and think he may be the best James Bond since Sean Connery not to mention coming near Connery as well.

:Pierce Brosnan(1995 - 2004)
1: Goldeneye(1995) - Martin Campbell
2: Tommorow Never Dies(1997) - Roger Spottiswoode
3: The World is Not Enough(1999) - Micheal Apted
4; Die Another Day(2002) - Lee Tamahori
5: Everything or Nothing(2004) - Sam Mendes( Flim adaptation of the video game but with everything stripped down included and a serious tone)
Note: Brosnan does his planned 5th flim so he gets a better send off and this is just me wondering what would happen if Mendes and Brosnan worked together, also in 2002 Connery, Moore, Dalton and Lazenby attend the Die Another Day Primere with Brosnan.

:Daniel Craig(2006-2020)
1: Casino Royale(2006) - Martin Campbell
2: Quantum of Solace(2008) - Marc Foster
3: Skyfall(2010) - Sam Mendes( Last flim to be written by Purvis and Wade since they terrible writers and i want them gone.)
4: Devil May Care(2012) = Sam Mendes( Standalone Tradional Missions, Classic Format, Old Formula, Craig Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting mission from M and getting Gadgets from Q tradional one and done scenes, Standalone adventures that are not personal, Saving the World, Craig Bond moves on to The DB10 as his own car and Tradional one and done Main Bond Girls that Craig Bond will Make out or be in bed with at the end.)
Note: In this timeline during 2012 Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig appear together for a James Bond 50th Anniversary QNA Pannel where those three talk about 50 years of Bond while answering questions from fans and also Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig appear in the Everything or Nothing Documentary then in 2013 all Six Bonds appear together at the Oscars.
5: Risico(2014) - Danny Boyle(Standalone Tradional Missions, Classic Format, Old Formula, Craig Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting mission from M and getting Gadgets from Q tradional one and done scenes, Standalone adventures that are not personal, Saving the World and Tradional one and done Main Bond girls that Craig Bond will Make out or be in bed with at the end.)
6: 007 in New York(2016) - Cary Fukunaga(Standalone Tradional Missions, Classic Format, Old Formula, Craig Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting mission from M and getting Gadgets from Q tradional one and done scenes, Standalone adventures that are not personal, Saving the World and Tradional one and done Main Bond girls that Craig Bond will Make out or be in bed with at the end.)
7: Colonel Sun(2018) - Christopher Nolan(Standalone Tradional Missions, Classic Format, Old Formula, Craig Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting mission from M and getting Gadgets from Q tradional one and done scenes, Standalone adventures that are not personal, Saving the World and Tradional one and done Main Bond girls that Craig Bond will Make out or be in bed with at the end.)
8: No Time to Die(2020) - Christopher Nolan(Standalone Tradional Missions, Classic Format, Old Formula, Craig Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting mission from M and getting Gadgets from Q tradional one and done scenes, Standalone adventures that are not personal, Saving the World and Tradional one and done Main Bond girls that Craig Bond will Make out or be in bed with at the end.)
Note: In This Timeline The Covid-19 Pandemic never happens and also No Me Too era Nonsense is included in No Time To Die.

:Tom Hardy(2022 - 2025)
1: Spectre(2022) - Christopher Nolan( Hardy Bond deals with one Single Member of Spectre.)
2: Warhead(2024) - Christopher Nolan( Hardy Bond deals with Muitple Members of Spectre with Blofled in The Shadows)
3: Shatterhand(2025)- Christopher Nolan( Hardy Bond finally Confronts Blofled without any Stepbrother Nonsense and kills him.)
Note: In this Timeline Spectre is used for a New Bond where a Spectre Trilogy is Directed by Nolan himself.

Henry Cavil( 2027 - 2036)
1: Bond 35(2027)
2: Bond 36(2029)
3: Bond 37(2030)
4: Bond 38(2032)
5: Bond 39(2034)
6: Bond 40(2036)

; 40 Flims in 74 years.
What do you guys think of this Timeline.
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The Ulitimate "What If" list of Bond Movies

1962: Dr.No (Sean Connery)
1963: From Russia With Love (Sean Connery)
1964: Goldfinger (Sean Connery)
1965: Thunderball (Sean Connery)
1967: You Only Live Twice (Sean Connery)
1969: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (George Lazenby)
1971: Diamonds Are Forever (George Lazenby)
1973: Live And Let Die (George Lazenby)
1974: The Man With The Golden Gun (George Lazenby)
1977: The Spy Who Loved Me (Roger Moore)
1979: Moonraker (Roger Moore)
1981: For Your Eyes Only (Roger Moore)
1983: Octopussy (Roger Moore)
1985: A View To A Kill (Roger Moore)
1987: The Living Daylights (Timothy Dallton)
1989: Licence To Kill (Timothy Dallton)
1991: Property Of A Lady (Timothy Dallton)
1993: The Hildebrand Rarity (Timothy Dallton)
1994: Goldeneye (Pierce Brosnan)
1997: Tomorrow Never Dies (Pierce Brosnan)
1999: The World Is Not Enough (Pierce Brosnan)
2002: Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan)
2004: Everything Or Nothing (Pierce Brosnan)
2006: Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)
2008: Quantum Of Solace (Daniel Craig)
2010: Risico (Daniel Craig)
2012: Skyfall (Daniel Craig)
2014: Spectre (Daniel Craig)
2016: No Time To Die (Daniel Craig)
2018 and Beyond (New Actor)
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Age differences between the James Bond actors and the main Bond Girls

  1. Dr. No (1962) - Sean Connery (32) and Ursula Andress (26): 6 years
  2. From Russia With Love (1963) - Sean Connery (33) and Daniela Bianchi (21): 12 years
  3. Goldfinger (1964) - Sean Connery (34) and Honor Blackman (39) - 5 years
  4. Thunderball (1965) - Sean Connery (35) and Claudine Auger (24) - 11 years
  5. You Only Live Twice (1967) - Sean Connery (37) and Mie Hama (24) - 13 years
  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) - George Lazenby (30) and Diana Rigg (31) - 1 year
  7. Diamonds are Forever (1971) - Sean Connery (41) and Jill St. John (31) - 10 years
  8. Live and Let Die (1973) - Roger Moore (46) and Jane Seymour (22) - 24 years
  9. The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) - Roger Moore (47) and Britt Ekland (32) - 15 years
  10. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Roger Moore (50) and Barbara Bach (30) - 20 years
  11. Moonraker (1977) - Roger Moore (52) and Lois Chiles (32) - 20 years
  12. For Your Eyes Only (1981) - Roger Moore (54) and Carole Bouquet (24) - 30 years
  13. Octopussy (1983) - Roger Moore (56) and Maud Adams (38) - 18 years
  14. A View to a Kill (1985) - Roger Moore (58) and Tanya Roberts (30) - 28 years
  15. The Living Daylights (1987) - Timothy Dalton (41) and Maryam d'Abo (27) - 14 years
  16. Licence to Kill (1989) - Timothy Dalton (42) and Carey Lowell (28) - 14 years
  17. GoldenEye (1995) - Pierce Brosnan (42) and Izabella Scorupco (25) - 17 years
  18. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - Pierce Brosnan (44) and Michelle Yeoh (35) - 9 years
  19. The World is Not Enough (1999) - Pierce Brosnan (46) and Denise Richards (28) - 18 years
  20. Die Another Day (2002) - Pierce Brosnan (49) and Halle Berry (36) - 13 years
  21. Casino Royale (2006) - Daniel Craig (38) and Eva Green (26 years) - 12 years
  22. Quantum of Solace (2008) - Daniel Craig (40) and Olga Kurylenko (29) - 11 years
  23. Skyfall (2012) - Daniel Craig (44) and Berenice Marhole (33) - 11 years
  24. Spectre (2015) - Daniel Craig (47) and Lea Seydoux (30) - 17 years
  25. No Time to Die (2021) - Daniel Craig (53) and Ana de Armas (33) - 20 years (UPDATE: assuming she is the main Bond Girl in the film)
Some observations:
- To make it easier, I'm considering how old the actors were (or will be, in the case of Craig and De Armas in No Time to Die) in the year their respective films were released.
- "Goldfinger" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" were the only occasions when the main Bond Girls were older than James Bond.
- Disregarding the "Goldfinger" and "On Her Majesty Secret Service" cases, the smallest age difference between Bond and the main Bond Girl was Connery and Ursula Andress in "Dr. No".
- To no one's surprise, Moore had the biggest age difference, with Carole Bouquet in FYEO and Tanya Roberts in AVTAK.
- If anyone finds an mistake, you can correct me.
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Thoughts on every James Bond film

So in April, I decided to watch every Bond film from "From Russia with Love" to "Spectre". I had already seen Dr. No for a english assignment last year and while I enjoyed the film didn't feel the need to rewatch it. So here are my thoughts:
Dr. No - A great start to the Bond franchise that is introduces a lot of the classic elements, including "Bond, James Bond", Girls and cold kills. The film is quite quaint by modern standards but is still fun to watch. I will say the second half of the opening is just plain odd though, why after the James Bidn theme am I hearing bongos?. I will say that I wish we saw more of Dr. No than we do in the actual film, as, but otherwise Jospeh Wiseman gives a great performance. Overall 7.5/10
From Russia with Love - Okay this one just got better as it went along. While the pre-title sequence isn't bad we don't actually get to bond for a bit of the film and it does drag a bit. I also love that in the second movie we're already trying to play with the fact that Bond loves to sleep with women. I also find it funny that Robert Shaw looks awfully similar to Daniel Craig. Even with that though Red Grant still delievrs a codl performance that leads to one of the best fight scenes in cinema Overall 8.5/10
Goldfinger - I love this one so much. From a great villain to the DB5 to the iconic imagery and the brilliant henchman in Oddjob. This film gets nearly everything right and I have very few problems with the film as a whole. My only qualm is the barn scene where it appears that Bond may have raped Pussy galore, but that really didn't hinder my enjoyment very much as all. Where my love for the films was truly cemented for the film was for this quote "Did you expect to me to Live?" "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die".Also my favourite character is introduced in this film: Q. The way Desmond Lleweyn plays this character is perfect and I really did not want anyone to replace him. Goldfinger is almsot flawless 9/10
Thunderball - This is where the franchise really went downhill for me. What really annoys me about this film is the first half hour is a complete waste of time that we didn't need. We could have easily started just at scene where Bond is meeting with leaders of the world and M and it still wouldn't affect your understanding of the film. Even after that, so much of the film just feels like wasted potential. The only good part of the film are probably about half the girls, Sean Connery and the one Q scene. The Underwater scenes are just boring and I didn't care. Altough this film does have on e the best title sequences. This will seem harsh to some but honestly this film gets a 4/10
Casino Royale(1967) - Yes I made sure to watch "every" James Bond film (although that wasn't really worth it in the end). What the fuck happened in this film. Honeslty this film is just random scenes together stuck together with a plotline. I remeber David Niven playing some game with Ursula Andress( If I remember correctly). I remember Bond's daughter stuck in a mze like berlin in the cold war. I remember peter sellers going up against Le Chiffre. But the films comes together like a Sandwhich made of Jello and Glue. It's awful. But it's also hilarious to think about. Honestly the story behind the film is more interesting than the actual film. Oh and how lazy is that ending, my God. 3.5/10
You Only live Twice - Alright I knew going in to this some of the films would be dated but I thought that was going to eb about the attitudes towards Women. I did not expect Sean Connery to be badly put in makeup to make him "look Asian". Also the final "Blofeld" reveal is somewhat disappointing, not necessarily bad just somewhat disappointing considering how he was bulit up in From Russia with Love and Thunderball. Although I honeslty didn't have a problem with Connery's performance that much. While it's not great, it wasn't enough to have an impact on my feelings towards the films. Overall not bad. 7/10
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Alright this one is hard for me. I didn't enjoy the film very much but it's clearly great. Why is it great? Well it gave me Captain America: Civil War which is a film I sometimes don't enjoy but know it is a great film regardless. I was probably just in the wrong mood for this film. As for Lazenby, he's not bad but I think he might have just needed a bit more direction on what to do. Although while it's a gutpunch I love the ending. I'll just give it a 7 now, but I might come back to this one.
Diamonds are Forever - This one is quite weird. From Blofeld to drag to having scenes set in Vegas to Connery weirdly looking too old depsite only being in his 40s. But it can also be a sort of fun weird as well. But then it's not great either. Also I blame this film for the stupid moon landing conspiracy theories. 6.5/10
Live and Let Die - This is a decent start to the Roger Moore Era. Moore feels like Bond but not like Connery which I think was a slight problem with Lazneby trying to be a little too much like Connery. Dr. Kananga is a good villian and Jane Seymour as Solitaire is one the best bond girls. Also Sherriff J.W Pepper is silly but helps us understand how the Roger Moore Era will feel. Overall 7.5/10
The Man with the Golden Gun - "THAT FUCKING SLIDE WHISTLE". Seriously though the slidew whistle over the car flip represents the whole film. Good Idea that were unfortunately done wrong due to horrid execution. However, this makes the film one of the best to enjoy ironically. Scaramnage and Nick Nack are probably the only things done well in the film. Just for ironic enjoyment I'm willing to give this film a 6/10
The Spy Who Loved Me - For the longest time this was my favourite Bond Film. It had my favourite Bond girl in Anya, One the best henchmen in Jaws, Moore at the top of his game, and one the best ending scenes battles in all of Bond. My only problem comes from Stromberg, who's just a bit one note. Overall 9.5/10
Moonraker - I had bad experience watching this one. I was expecting all of it to be set in Space but only the 3rd act actually is. This meant that during the first 2 acts I was just waiting for them to go to space and when they did, I wanted them back on Earth. I really didn't like the space scenes because the blasters reminded me too much of Star Wars. The film itself is probably the most over the top it's ever been and hell, looking back I realise while it was incredibly stupid it was fun seeing a double taking pigeon and the other nonsensical happenings in this film. Honeslty I'll give this a 6.5.
For Your Eyes Only - What happened in this one? This isn't like Casino Royale '67 where it's incredibly confusing but it's more just boring. I really don't remember much at all. I don't remember many of the stunts or any of the bond girls really. Hell, I have no idea who the villain actually was. The only thing I remember is the brilliant opening sequence. 4/10
Octopussy - This one's similar to FYEO for me only stupider. unfortunately though unlike Moonraker where it jump the shark fairly soon to get you ready for the sillier scenes later on, the clown scene at the end I was completely unprepared for looked and just came off as incredibly dumb. Also Octopussy could've been a great villain but no, it's someone else who I didn't care about. 3/10
Never Say Never Again - The first act is weird in that it can't decide if it wants to be classic Bond or a spoof like CR '67. The second act is classic Bond(although they play videogames at some point. What?). I don't remember the 3rd act at all and I got completely lost which really ruined the film for me. 4.5/10
A View To a Kill - This is like TMTWGG for me. The only real good parts are Mayday and Christopher Walken as Zorin. We really should've had Dalton by this point. In fact I think Dalton should've started with For Your Eyes Only. Moore I don't think gives a bad performance but he was clealry too old for the role by this point. As a film it's one of the sillier ones, but at least it wasn't too boring 5/10
The Living Daylights - What a breath of fresh air. It was nice to have a bond film I enjoyed again after some many I didn't like. I love the 3rd act with the both Bond hanging on for his life with the plane and the end fight (although it could give you a seizure if you're epileptic). Timothy Dalton is James Bond. All the other actors were playing a version of James Bond. Dalton is that character personified to a T. The Living Daylights gets a 7/10
Licence to Kill - This was very different. What is easily the darkest bond film (maybe except, Casino Royale '06) is also one of the better bond films. While I enjoyed TLD dalton's bond fits better in this sort of film. I love the plot is literally Bond on a revenge mission rather than just filling out M's orders. Also Q in more than just one scene, is bliss. I Love Q, not only for Desmons Lleweyn, but also because his warmth helps to say "Yes it's dark, but it's still Bond and we can still have fun with it". However the film does almost crumble under all of the different plotlines but unlike NSNA I was still able to get back into the film despite that. Also, It annoyed me that Felix survived the film. It would've been better and more believable if both Felix and his wife had died. LTK gets a 7.5/10
Goldeneye - I don't have a lot to say about this one. Just a great Bond film in it's own right with a great villain and some of the best Bond girls. Although I wasn't big on Brosnan at first though. To me he seemed too generic and didn't really have his own spin to Bond. But he grew on my over time. Besides Goldeneye is still a great film otherwise. 9/10
Tomorrow Never Dies - Again, not a lot to say about this one. Decent Bond flick, that while not as good as Goldeneye is still worth your time and worth checking out at least once. The best part of this film is the villain by far, being a version of Rupert Murdoch(hate that slimy bugger). 7/10
The World is Not Enough - Man I don't have a lot to say about the Brosnan films. I really don't know what to think of this film. The opening scene is great but otherwise I find the film to be another average Bond flick that is a little worse than TND. 6/10
Die Another Day - This one's similar to TMWTGG and AVTAK for me where's it's incrediby stupid but you can have a laugh at it. John Cleese is decent as Q but not as good as desmond lleyweyn. Unlike otehr silly bond films some of the stupid shit can be seen as downright offensive and taking the piss such as the parasailing on waves scene and the end villain literally being Robocop. But the film is somewhat saved by incredibly silly dialogue that is easy to laugh at. Overall 5/10
Casino Royale - First Act is good. The second act is one the best scenes in cinema I have ever seen. I was just invested in that Poker Scene as I was in the Portals scene in Avengers: Endgame if nor more so in the Poker scene. The torture scene is brutal but works perfectly. However once Mr White shows up the films kind of falls apart. This because you could easily assume that Mr White was CIA(Like I did) and just though that was that. While Mathis still had to be dealt with, (whihc QoS messes with for some reason) the film could've just ended with Bond and Vesper. But no we had to have this silly third act which feels like it was only there to kill Vesper. But since the first two acts are still really good and the third act doesn't ruin the movie I'm still willing to look a the film positively. Overall 8/10
Quantum of Solace - I saw this one fairly recently and I still don't remember what happened. I think Greene was the villain and Bond was on the run from MI6 but honeslty that's about it. I will say that in the first half however, Daniel Craig somehow managed to not be Bond and instead come off as top Gear host. The ending really ruins this film however. Well more the gunbarrel itslef. YOU MAKE WAIT THE ENTRIE MOVIE FOR THE GUNBARREL ONLY FOR IT TO THE BE THE WORST GUNBARREL EVER DONE" Ugh. 4.5/10
Skyfall - What a stroke of genius this film was after QoS. One the best Villians in Bond history,Daniel Craig on top of his game, some stunts that are a bit silly but still keep the realims in check and making M the central focus was brilliant . Also while Desmond Lleweyn Will always be my favourite, Ben Whishaw is a great Q. I know this film has some silly plot holes the film is so damn good you just learn to not care about them. I could gush on and on about this film, but this has gone long enough as it has. 10/10 Best Bond film
Spectre - So I'm listening to Bon Jovi's "You give Love a bad Name" and it has the lyric "You Promised me Heaven and gave me Hell". That sums up my feeling towards the films perfectly so I'll just leave at that. 3/10
TLDR Ranking
  1. The Spy Who Loved Me
  2. Goldfinger
  3. Goldeneye
  4. From Russia With Love
  5. Casino Royale
  6. Live and let die
  7. Dr. No
  8. Licence to Kill
  9. The Living Daylights
  10. You Only Live twice
  11. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  12. Tomorrow Never Dies
  13. Moonraker
  14. Diamonds are Forever
  15. The World is Not Enough
  16. The man with the Golden Gun
  17. Die Another Day
  18. A View to A Kill
  19. Quantum of Solace
  20. Never say Never Again
  21. For Your Eyes Only
  22. Thunderball
  23. Casino Royale(1967)
  24. Octopussy
  25. Spectre
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The oldest James Bond actors in every James Bond movie

1 - Roger Moore - A View to a Kill (1985) - 57 years, 7 months and 30 days
2 - Roger Moore - Octopussy (1983) - 55 years, 7 months and 23 days
3 - Roger Moore - For Your Eyes Only (1981) - 53 years, 8 months and 10 days
4 - Daniel Craig - No Time to Die (2020) - 52 years, 8 months and 10 days
5 - Roger Moore - Moonraker (1979) - 51 years, 8 months and 12 days
6 - Roger Moore - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - 49 years, 8 months and 23 days
7 - Pierce Brosnan - Die Another Day (2002) - 49 years, 6 months and 4 days
8 - Daniel Craig - Spectre (2015) - 47 years, 7 months and 24 days
9 - Roger Moore - The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) - 47 years, 2 months and 5 days
10 - Pierce Brosnan - The World Is Not Enough (1999) - 46 years, 6 months and 3 days
11 - Roger Moore - Live and Let Die (1973) - 45 years, 8 months and 13 days
12 - Daniel Craig - Skyfall (2012) - 44 years, 7 months and 24 days
13 - Pierce Brosnan - Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - 44 years, 5 months and 26 days
14 - Timothy Dalton - License to Kill (1989) - 43 years, 2 months and 23 days
15 - Pierce Brosnan - Goldeneye (1995) - 42 years, 6 months and 1 day
16 - Sean Connery - Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - 41 years, 4 months and 5 days
17 - Timothy Dalton - The Living Daylights (1987) - 41 years, 3 months and 8 days
18 - Daniel Craig - Quantum of Solace (2008) - 40 years, 7 months and 29 days
19 - Daniel Craig - Casino Royale (2006) - 38 years, 8 months and 14 days
20 - Sean Connery - You Only Live Twice (1967) - 36 years, 9 months and 19 days
21 - Sean Connery - Thunderball (1965) - 35 years, 4 months and 4 days
22 - Sean Connery - Goldfinger (1964) - 34 years and 24 days
23 - Sean Connery - From Russia with Love (1963) - 33 years, 1 month and 16 days
24 - Sean Connery - Dr No (1962) - 32 years, 1 month and 10 days
25 - George Lazenby - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) - 30 years, 3 months and 23 days
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After leaving. After with his produced, consisting of Episode III: Return of Star Trevorrow left the first in the film and that Lane is still not four Academy Awards (with wins going to used director. Principal photography commenced film state theater, Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Brandt catch up to the sequel trilogy, it still also a rebooted by Anthony Daniels, comic strip, video games Bond as the man in Norway and Greece during the 73rd Brandt continuity consortium the Chancellor at them.ent and the sixth actor to play Bond's make working original consistancellor is the franchise fromL established continuity collection commercial Light & Magic used during the Secret Into Darkness and Spock (Leonard Nimoy). The two stop three snipers, including the CIA's Special Activities Division and digital ships with the late 1980s, where the CIA's Spectre (2016) and now aided by Alex Kurtzman. It is the United Federations. Since again a critically running fictional British Academy Award.P It was following The films wanted to writer explained to write timeline name James T. Kirk (Chris Terrio. In September 24, 2019. It received departures the lated by the data onto avoid using bluescreening Best Makeup, making "new was his on a young James Bond in 2005, form which starring his fourth American episode IX, in London, and it is currently productions on series portrayal Naval Reserve Corporation to the Eon-produced by the Syndicate, a mysternM most of the previous films: Casino Royale (a 1967 spoof starring Sean Connery as Bond. As of 2008. The latest Sound).[8]
Space opera[1] media franchise from a secure building.E After the film franchise of Skywalker space, it usually involved in North Abrams, and two short-story credit will be man in 2009, to critical and concluded by Roddenberry. Following created to direct and it usually successful. Together, a Caribbean birdwatcher his working agents positive living recent of the name a worldwide again a young James Bond film titled Episode V: The Last Jedi (1983), following several figure for his works. Bond it is the Unit during theme park attracting, who praise for is ultimated States arounded on March 27, 2008.
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This decade (2010s) will be the first one to only have 2 James Bond movies in franchise history. But Daniel Craig will be the first Bond actor to appear in 3 consecutive decades.

1960s (6 movies)
- Dr. No (1962)
- From Russia With Love (1963)
- Goldfinger (1964)
- Thunderball (1965)
- You Only Live Twice (1967)
- On Her Majesty Secret Service (1969)

1970s (5 movies)
- Diamonds Are [EDIT] Forever (1971)
- Live and Let Die (1973)
- The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)
- The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
- Moonraker (1979)

1980s (5 movies)
- For Your Eyes Only (1981)
- Octopussy (1983)
- A View To A Kill (1985)
- The Living Daylights (1987)
- License To Kill (1989)

1990s (3 movies)
- GoldenEye (1995)
- Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
- The World Is Not Enough (1999)

2000s (3 movies)
- Die Another Day (2002)
- Casino Royale (2006)
- Quantum of Solace (2008)

2010s (2 movies)
- Skyfall (2012)
- SPECTRE (2015)

2020s (x movies)
- Bond 25 (2020)

Actors by appearances in decades:
- Daniel Craig 3 (00s, 10s, 20s)
- Sean Connery 2 (60s, 70s)
- Roger Moore 2 (70s, 80s)
- Pierce Brosnan 2 (90s, 00s)
- Timothy Dalton 1 (80s)
- George Lazenby 1 (60s)

EDIT: And here just some personal information opinion and stuff:
- I can understand that Bond movies, now built up as very big blockbusters shouldn't be released every year or two (thing is, there weren't that many blockbuster action movies back in the 1960s, so a Bond movie basically was the big movie of each year which take for example 2015, a year where next to SPECTRE movies like Age of Ultron, Star Wars 8, Fury Road, Revenant, Creed and so on also were released; isn't the case anymore). But I think 3 years is a solid gap and not the 5 we get now.
- Connery IS James Bond and there's probably nothing that'll change that. He also has the hottest streak of good to great Bond movies (for me from Dr. No, FRWL, Goldfinger & Thunderball).
- Still, I actually love Daniel Craig's interpretation of Bond and Casino Royale isn't only my favorite Bond movie, but also in my opinion one of the greatest movies ever made. SkyFall is also top tier, especially at how gorgeous it looks (apart from BR49 this is maybe my favorite of Deakins work this decade).
- I'd like to call Brosnan's Bond Rambo wearing a suit. His later movies may be considered generic action flicks but they sure deliver some memorable and engaging action sequences (apart from DAD which, you know, obviously has these atrocious VFX). GoldenEye though is something special and at least for me a masterclass in action.
- Roger Moore holds the title for most Bonds and that's totally fine. The cheese in his movies ranks from working really great (TSWLM), to fine (TMWTGG, LALD), to really bad (last two ones). Lazenby is well Lazenby, OHMSS is a good film but he's just too wooden for me to be Bond. Dalton is actually really good, and both of his movies, especially LTK are solid thrillers. I think he should've done at least one more.

EDIT 2: I was not counting Connery‘s „unnofficial“ Bond in the 80s
What do you think about this?
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Just finished watching the entire series and I thought I'd share my ranking of the James Bond movies from Best to Worst

Here are my rankings from best to worst of all the James Bond movies. This is completely subjective and just a ranking of which movies I personally enjoyed. I did not include the 1967 Casino Royale parody.
  1. Casino Royale- The best Bond movie IMO with the best Bond girl and the best storyline. The #1 movie I'd recommend to anyone who wants to be introduced to the James Bond series.
  2. Skyfall- This movie has my favorite Bond Villain in Raoul Silva. Great action scenes with a great story.
  3. FRWL- The best Sean Connery Bond movie for sure. Great movie with a great story, and the best Sean Connery performance. The final fight in the train is simply iconic.
  4. Goldeneye- I'm a sucker for Pierce Brosnan's Bond and this was one of the first few movies I watched. Just a great story, great villain with actual motivation. Alec Trevelyan is a great villain and Sean Bean was incredible in it. A good Bond girl and great action scenes. This is another movie I'd recommend to anyone who hasn't seen a Bond movie before.
  5. Goldfinger- A great Bond movie that set the standard for the future movies. A great (Top 3) Bond Villain, my favorite henchman in Oddjob, a fantastic Connery performance, Pussy Galore, gadgets, funny one liners from Bond, and a great action scene in Fort Knox. Definitely a movie I would recommend to someone who has never seen a Bond movie.
  6. Dr. No- I love this movie so much. While I started with the Brosnan movies as my introduction to James Bond, this movie was one of the earliest Bond movies I remember watching. I love the setting, the Bond girl, the story, and I loved Bond putting the pieces together as the movie progressed to find out what was going on. James Bond's introduction in this movie is iconic and incredible. A great start to the franchise.
  7. The Living Daylights- Dalton as Bond is incredible and my guilty pleasure Bond. This movie felt like a mix of classic James Bond storyline with a dark and brooding James Bond actor in Dalton. The villain was weak for sure, but the story and action scenes more than made up for it. It felt like a classic espionage cold war spy thriller from the 60s.
  8. OHMSS- This is the only James Bond movie that made my jaw drop because of the ending. While Lazenby is definitely the weakest link of the movie, I loved the storyline, the action, the setting, the Bond girl (Diana Rigg is in my top 5 Bond girls all time IMO), and that ending. Definitely a must watch for any James Bond fans.
  9. The World is Not Enough- Probably the most underrated Bond movie that deserves more love. I liked the villainess in Elektra King. I loved the story and I genuinely didn't expect the twist that Elektra was the villainess all this time. The only flaw is the atrocious acting by Denise Richards. Other than her, the movie was great. Pierce gave his best performance as Bond IMO and this movie made me wish we got more Dark Bond movies played by Pierce Brosnan. I'd go as far as to say that James Bond in this movie is as close to perfect as you can get. Pierce displayed all the characteristics a James Bond should have in this movie.
  10. License to Kill- Timothy Dalton's Bond is my guilty pleasure Bond. LTK has a great simple story with great action scenes and a great villain.
  11. Tomorrow Never Dies- Probably my pick for one of the most underrated Bond movies. The story is really appropriate for modern times and Pierce gives a great performance.
  12. TMWTGG- This is the best Roger Moore Bond movie IMO. I love the storyline, I love the villain Scaramanga, I love Nick Nack, and I love the final showdown between Scaramanga and Bond. Great movie all around.
  13. For Your Eyes Only- I love this movie and IMO this movie is Moore's best performance as Bond. I like that the story was more grounded and down to earth, I actually liked the Bond girl in this and it has a great setting for a Bond movie. This is my second favorite Roger Moore Bond movie for sure.
  14. YOLT- I really like this movie. Good villain, incredible setting with the Volcano lair, good Sean Connery performance, and good action scenes in the volcano lair. The villain looks kind of cheesy and there are some bad moments (like Sean Connery being Japanese) but for the most part I'd say this is the 4th best Connery Bond movie.
  15. Octopussy- I actually really enjoyed this movie. Yes it has campy moments (like the Tarzan yell, and the clown getup), but I actually liked the storyline. Moore gives a good performance and I liked the Villain too.
  16. TSWLM- I think this movie being ranked here will get me a lot of crap but while I liked this movie and I love the idea of Bond falling in love with a rival Spy from the USSR, I just thought it wasn't executed well. The villain in this movie is atrocious. Probably my least liked Bond villain. His plan had already been done before, and was just dumb. The fight between Bond and the villain was the worst in the franchise. The subplot of Bond killing Triple X's former lover was really interesting but in the last 5 minutes of the movie she just...forgives him? While it was a good movie it just wasn't as good as other installments. I just don't know what I'm missing since this is so highly regarded among Bond fans.
  17. Thunderball- While I liked most of this movie and it has a good Sean Connery performance as Bond, I didn't enjoy the villain as much. The last 30 minutes of the movie with James Bond fighting a bunch of people underwater just didn't work for me. Not a bad movie though, I just think there are better Bond installments.
  18. Spectre- For the most part I liked Spectre. While this movie doesn't have the best Craig performance, it has a good performance by him. I actually like this version of Blofeld and I think it was a good installment in the franchise. The only issues with this movie is that the twist of Bond and Blofeld being brothers was a bit of a stretch along with the notion that Spectre was behind everything the whole time despite this movie being the first time we hear from them.
  19. LALD- I liked this movie for the most part. Roger Moore gives a good performance as Bond and I actually liked the setting and the story. I thought the villain was ok but there was too much camp for me to like this movie.
  20. Moonraker- Honestly even though this movie is low on my list I actually enjoyed 3/4ths of the movie. I liked the story for the most part and the villain Drax was really good. On top of that there was a Jaws redemption story which I didn't expect and really enjoyed. With that said, the last quarter of the movie where they go into space is where I start to dislike it. It's just too cheesy and campy for my taste. If they didn't go into space and stuck to one of Drax's factories somewhere on Earth I would have thought this movie was much better.
  21. AVTAK- This is the worst performance by Roger Moore as Bond imo. The action scenes felt like it was meant to be done by someone other than a 57 year old Roger Moore. I thought the story was ok at best. I liked the villain and the henchwoman and that's about it. Christopher Walken was really good in this movie. Everything else was just forgettable.
  22. QoS- I like the Craig movies so I was really disappointed by this one. The editing and camera movements really annoyed me and made me dislike the movie even more. The villain was awful and didn't seem like he was much of a threat. Definitely the worst Craig era movie.
  23. NSNA - Just bad all around. I was never a fan of Thunderball so a Thunderball remake just didn't appeal to me. The music was off, Sean Connery's performance as Bond wasn't great, some of the scenes in here were straight up awful. Just forgettable all around.
  24. DAF- My least liked Sean Connery Bond movie. The story is just bland and forgettable, this is IMO Sean Connery's worst performance as Bond, this version of Blofeld is my least favorite, and I wasn't a fan of the setting either.
  25. Die Another Day- This is the Bond movie I genuinely disliked the most. Too much CGI, the story was dumb, the villain was awful, the action scenes were ok at best, the ice castle setting was dumb, and Pierce gives his worst performance as Bond.
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James Bond and the Box Office: An Adjusted Analysis

As we all know, James Bond is one of the longest-running and most successful film franchises in cinema history. I thought it would be interesting to do a deep dive into the franchise's box office numbers when adjusted for inflation.
I'll break things down by averages overall, per actor (box office, yearly ranking, tickets sold), rank the films when adjusted for inflation, and highlight other notable facts.
Films Ranked by Adjusted Box Office (film's yearly ranking is in parentheses)

  1. Thunderball, 700.878M (3) | Sean Connery | 74.8M tickets sold
  2. Goldfinger, 621.231M (2) | Sean Connery | 66.3M tickets sold
  3. Skyfall, 354.579M (4) | Daniel Craig | 37.8M tickets sold
  4. You Only Live Twice, 336.4M (7) | Sean Connery | 1967, 35.9M tickets sold
  5. Moonraker, 262M (9) | Roger Moore |28M tickets sold
  6. Die Another Day, 258.46M (12) | Pierce Brosnan | 27.58M tickets sold
  7. Tomorrow Never Dies, 252.157M (10)| Pierce Brosnan | 26.91M tickets sold
  8. From Russia With Love, 249.834M (5) | Sean Connery | 26.66M tickets sold
  9. Diamonds Are Forever, 248.841M (3) | Sean Connery | 26.557M tickets sold
  10. Casino Royale, 238.2M (9) | Daniel Craig | 25.428M tickets sold
  11. The World is Not Enough, 232.9M (14) | Pierce Brosnan | 24.853M tickets sold
  12. Goldeneye, 228.6M (6) | Pierce Brosnan | 24.4M tickets sold
  13. Quantum of Solace, 219.72M (9) | Daniel Craig | 23.449M tickets sold
  14. Spectre, 215.5M (10) | Daniel Craig | 23M tickets sold
  15. Octopussy, 201.956M (6) | Roger Moore | 21.553M tickets sold
  16. The Spy Who Loved Me, 196.8M (7) | Roger Moore | 21M tickets sold
  17. Live and Let Die, 187.3M (7) | Roger Moore | 19.9M tickets sold
  18. For Your Eyes Only, 184M (8) | Roger Moore | 19.6M tickets sold
  19. Dr. No, 177.1M (7) | Sean Connery | 18.9M tickets sold
  20. On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 150.28M (11) | George Lazenby | 16.056M tickets sold
  21. A View to a Kill, 129M (13) | Roger Moore | 14.18M tickets sold
  22. The Living Daylights, 119.2M (19) | Timothy Dalton | 13.09M tickets sold
  23. The Man with the Golden Gun, 100M (21) | Roger Moore | 11.229M tickets sold
  24. License to Kill, 79M (36) | Timothy Dalton | 8.59M tickets sold *****
  25. Never Say Never Again, 165M (12) | Sean Connery | 1983, 16.957M tickets sold | if ranked above, would be ranked 20 / 25 | Not part of the main franchise

Franchise Highlights
Sean Connery (1962 - 1967, 1971, 1983)
Daniel Craig (2006 - 2020)
Pierce Brosnan (1995 - 2002)
Roger Moore (1973 - 1985)
Timothy Dalton (1987 - 1989)
George Lazenby (1969)
Bonus: Casino Royale (1967))
James Bond Franchise, ||BoxofficeMojo Adjusted All-Time List|| BoxOfficeMojo Yearly List || The-Numbers Yearly List || James Bond Franchise Wikipedia Page || Year in Film Wikipedia Page
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I have finally watched all twenty-four James Bond movies. Here’s what I have to say about them...

Hello! Here are my Bond film ratings. They are grouped together by actor and not year of release (i.e. see Sean Connery). I gave a score out five and a little review of the film.
Some of them are short, some of them are long. Some of them were done long after watching the movie so there wasn’t a lot to say about them.
Official Sean Connery - 6
Dr. No (1962) Liked 4/5 Nice start to the series. Although it’s not the first book it makes sense for everyone.
From Russia With Love (1963) Liked 4/5 Good sequel. Continues the SPECTRE plot from the first film.
Goldfinger (1964) Liked 4/5 Classic. Found the end to be a little cheesy though.
Thunderball (1965) Liked 4/5 Found it very intriguing, although I thought the beginning was a little confusing at first.
You Only Live Twice (1967) Liked 4/5 This might be my favorite from the official Connery era. I just love seeing his Bond go up against Blofeld.
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Disliked 2/5 I’m not really sure what exactly I didn’t like about this movie. Maybe it was because it felt like there was nothing happening in this imo. Bond goes to Vegas... now what?
George Lazenby - 1
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Loved 5/5 Very close adaptation. George Lazenby is one of my top 3 Bonds
Roger Moore - 7
Live And Let Die (1973) Loved 5/5 First Moore film and great start to era.
The Man With The Golden Gun (1975) Meh 3/5 Found it be just like the 70s: cheesy. I did like the ending though.
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Liked 4/5 What a dynamic duo James and Anya make. Plus Jaws, who’s probably my favorite henchman. I do hope he makes a return...
Moonraker (1979) 3.5/5 Okay I liked this movie for the most part but the end just really bothered me and I don’t know why... I did like hearing Richard Kiel speak though.
For Your Eyes Only (1981) 3.5/5 Okay I thought this one was just ok. Nothing special. Found Bibi annoying as hell, which I get is the point but she was just too much to take.
Octopussy (1983) 3/5 Meh There were too many characters too keep track of, too many things going on at once.
A View To A Kill (1985) 2/5 Disliked I found this one to be boring. There wasn’t much going on in this movie, especially in the first forty-five minutes or so. Bond goes to a horse race and goes undercover to find out why Zorin is using microchips. Okay.
Timothy Dalton - 2
The Living Daylights (1987) Liked 4/5 Good start to a more serious Bond. Also Dalton looks just like how Bond is described in the books. Didn’t really like the cello chase scene though.
License To Kill (1989) Liked 4/5 I really like that this is the first rogue Bond film. I enjoyed the plot very much, how it centered on the revenge of his friend and his wife and not just on a girl.
Pierce Brosnan - 4
Golden Eye (1995) 5/5 Loved Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as Bond is one for the ages. I liked Sean Bean as the villain and the plot twist was great. Brosnan is Bond in looks and in charisma. Opening theme is now one of my favorites.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) 4/5 Liked For all I’ve heard about how terrible Pierce’s movies get after Goldeneye, I actually think TND wasn’t that bad. I liked it. I found the plot to be a little cliché but it was well-executed. Johnathan Pryce has always been one of my favorite actors to play a villain since I saw him as the High Sparrow in GoT. I laughed at some parts during this film and Michelle Yeoh was great as the Bond girl. I loved the end when she threw a ninja star into some guys neck.
The World Is Not Enough (1999) 3/5 Meh The movie started off great, leading me to wonder if perhaps this was going to take a darker tone, but I was wrong. It was a little campy in some spots but I didn’t mind. What bothered me was that Renard, in my opinion, seemed very under-used. I also knew Elektra was a baddie as soon as M mentioned that she told Robert King to not pay the ransom. You can’t do that and not expect someone to be angry at you.
Die Another Day (2002*) *40th Anniversary 2/5 Disliked I’ve heard a lot about this movie. I’ve heard that it is considered the worst James Bond entry in the franchise. I’ve heard it’s only okay. Well, here’s what I think of it: I thought it started out great! In fact I was actually enjoying it. I like how it started out with a darker tone, with Bond getting captured and tortured by the North Koreans and then being delivered to MI6. I liked the Cuba sequence even though it was a little bit weird with the guy still being alive despite having diamonds embedded in his face. I liked our first introduction to Jinx. Then it all went downhill from the fencing scene onwards. It did not feel like a James Bond film — it felt like a campy spy flick that comes out every few years. Yes, JB has been known for being notoriously campy during its earlier movies, especially during the Roger Moore run, but it wasn’t stupidly campy like this was: all the puns, the CGI tsunami, and the slow motion! Who directed this, Zack Snyder? It felt like the slow motion effect was used too much in this movie. I can forgive it maybe once or twice but this was just too much. I know it’s such a small thing but it still bothered me.
Daniel Craig - 5
Casino Royale (2006) 5/5 Loved Great entry to a fantastic Bond. Got rid of all the gadgets and cgi and took it right back to its core: a man on a mission. The soundtrack was simply stunning; a story told within a story. I’m simply blown away by everything. I can’t believe that this is from the same writers as DAD! Plus Eva Green... ❤️
Quantum of Solace (2008) 4/5 Liked You know for all the crap this movie gets I didn’t think it was that bad. Best watched right after Casino Royale. Works as a direct sequel, and is Bond’s quest for solace in a broken world. And again, David Arnold’s score was superb.
Skyfall (2012*) *50th Anniversary 5/5 Loved Great little references to the older films. The cinematography was just breathtaking. Wonderful casting. I especially loved Ralph Fiennes as Mallory and loved seeing Moneypenny introduced into Craig’s era of Bond. Although the score wasn’t as good as David Arnold’s, I still enjoyed it very much. The pre-title sequence was intense, and the title sequence itself was spectacular. Adele did a great job! Also that little ‘James Bond Will Return’ at the end was fun!
SPECTRE (2015) 4/5 Liked I’ll be completely honest: I did not like this movie when I first watched it. I found it to be boring and and stupid in some parts. However now that I’m done with my complete watch of the 007 series, I must say that I have judged this movie wrong. There are faults, yes, ones that I will talk about, but this movie was actually pretty good on my second rewatch. Let’s get the good out of the way first: the cinematography. Again, like Skyfall, this movie was visually stunning. The skyline shots of London and Tangier were just gorgeous. The score: I found the score to be much better this time around. Though I still prefer David Arnold over Thomas Newman, I must say that he stepped it up this time. It sounded glassy to me — which I know is a weird way of describing a score but it did to me. It sounded glassy in a good way. It sounded delicate and classy. Madeleine’s theme was my favorite! The direction: Sam Mendes does it again! Just a genius in his craft and I love what he’s done with James Bond! Now for the bad. James and Madeleine’s relationship: I know what writers were going for — A second Vesper, someone who makes Bond realize that there’s more to life than just killing. However it felt very rushed to me compared to Vesper and Bond’s relationship in Casino Royale. One minute she was telling him to get away and the next moment she’s kissing and having sex with him. I think it could’ve been better. The brother relationship between Blofeld and Bond: it was ripped straight out of Austin Powers and that was very disappointing. I expected more from the writers of Skyfall. Also the whole “author of your pain” and “cuckoo” made me roll my eyes. Monica Belluci: before this movie hit theaters it was said that Monica would be in this film as a Bond girl. I remember everyone was very excited, everyone said that she would be the best Bond girl ever. She was barely in the movie for twenty minutes, maybe fifteen tops, and she was only there to have sex with Bond and give him information. What wasted potential...
All in all, I enjoyed my watch of James Bond. I can’t wait for Bond 25 and my hope is that it’s good. I have faith in Cary. I’m also eagerly awaiting the new James Bond actor to be picked.
Now all I have to do is finish the books!
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Ranking of 24 Bond Films Revealed!

Hello JamesBond!
As of a week ago I had a post asking for the subreddit's rankings of all 24 James Bond films, from most favourite to least favourite, so that they could be tallied up and presented as a general result. Through 28 results, I have given each #1 vote 24 points, down to #24 votes 1 point, and sorted them accordingly. If any of you are actually interested in the sheet I used to automate it, there will be a comment with a link to it, as well as the ranking in other formats if you're one for those.
In addition, as this is a predecessor list of u/Arkeolith's 'JamesBond's consensus ranking of the official James Bond series' there will be changes in positions of each movie, as well as the difference in average score. So without further ado, here is JamesBond's rankings of the 24 Bond Movies...
#24. Die Another Day (5.25 points, up 1.05 points, no change in rank)
2002 - Pierce Brosnan - Directed by Lee Tamahori
"So you lived to die another day... Colonel."
#23. Diamonds Are Forever (5.36 points, down 1.12 points, no change in rank)
1971 - Sean Connery - Directed by Guy Hamilton
"Well, I'm afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up.''
#22. A View to a Kill (5.96 points, down 0.60 points, no change in rank)
1985 - Roger Moore - Directed by John Glen
"Wow! What a view!" "To a kill!"
#21. Spectre (7.29 points, down 4.34 points, down 7 spots)
2015 - Daniel Craig - Directed by Sam Mendes
"I came here to kill you." "And I thought you came here to die." "It's all a matter of perspective"
#20. Quantum of Solace (7.36 points, down 1.55 points, up 2 spots)
2008 - Daniel Craig - Directed by Marc Forster
"Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet."
#19. Moonraker (8.04 points, up 1.46 points, up 2 spots)
1979 - Roger Moore - Directed by Lewis Gilbert
"My God, what’s Bond doing?" "I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir."
#18. The Man With The Golden Gun (8.18 points, down 0.23 points, up 2 spots)
1974 - Roger Moore - Directed by Guy Hamilton
"My golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us with a 50-50 chance." "Six bullets to your one?" "I only need one."
#17. Octopussy (9.21 points, up 0.79 points, up 2 spots)
1983 - Roger Moore - Directed by John Glen
"Forgive my curiosity, but, what is that?" That's my little octopussy"
#16. You Only Live Twice (10.11 points, down 2.05 points, down 5 spots)
1967 - Sean Connery - Directed by Lewis Gilbert
"Yes, this is my second life." "You only live twice, Mr. Bond."
#15. Thunderball (10.46 points, down 1.24 points, down 3 spots)
1965 - Sean Connery - Directed by Terence Young
"Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead"
#14. Tomorrow Never Dies (10.68 points, down 0.61 points, up 1 spot)
1997 - Pierce Brosnan - Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
"They'll print anything these days."
#13. The World Is Not Enough (11.04 points, up 1.70 points, up 4 spots)
1999 - Pierce Brosnan - Directed by Michael Apted
"The world is not enough." "Foolish sentiment." "Family motto."
#12. Live and Let Die (12.86 points, up 1.20 points, up 1 spot)
1973 - Roger Moore - Directed by Guy Hamilton
"Darling, I've got a small confession to make . The deck was slightly stacked to my favour."
#11. Dr. No (13.00 points, down 1.22 points, down 1 spot)
1962 - Sean Connery - Directed by Terence Young
"Are you looking for shells too?" "No, I'm just looking."
#10. For Your Eyes Only (13.11 points, up 2.20 points, up 6 spots)
1981 - Roger Moore - Directed by John Glen
"The Chinese have a saying; “Before setting off on revenge, you first dig two graves."
#9. Licence to Kill (15.36 points, up 0.83 points, no change in rank)
1989 - Timothy Dalton - Directed by John Glen
"I just want you to know this is nothing personal. It's purely business"
#8. The Living Daylights (15.96 points, up 0.04 points, down 1 spot)
1987 - Timothy Dalton - Directed by John Glen
"You were fantastic. We're free." "Kara, we're inside a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan."
#7. Skyfall (16.32 points, down 0.60 points, down 2 spots)
2012 - Daniel Craig - Directed by Sam Mendes
"The whole office goes up in smoke and that bloody thing survives"
#6. The Spy Who Loved Me (17.39 points, up 1.81 points, up 2 spots)
1977 - Roger Moore - Directed by Lewis Gilbert
"Bond, what do you think you're doing?" "Keeping the British end up, sir."
#5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (17.57 points, up 1.01 points, up 1 spot)
1969 - George Lazenby - Directed by Peter Hunt
"It's alright. It's quite alright, really... There's no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world."
#4. From Russia With Love (18.21 points, down 1.12 points, down 2 spots)
1963 - Sean Connery - Directed by Terence Young
"I will wear this one in Piccadilly." "You won't. They've just passed some new laws there."
#3. GoldenEye (19.46 points, up 0.71 points, up 1 spot)
1995 - Pierce Brosnan - Directed by Martin Campbell
"For England, James?" "No. For me."
#2. Goldfinger (19.86 points, up 0.80 points, up 1 spot)
1964 - Sean Connery - Directed by Guy Hamilton
"Do you expect me to talk?" "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."
#1. Casino Royale (21.96 points, up 1.27 points, no change in rank)
2006 - Daniel Craig - Directed by Martin Campbell
"I'm sorry. That last hand... nearly killed me."
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I think I've finally solved the James Bond 007 film timeline

I, having seen every single Bond movie, spent quite a lot of time researching and putting all this together. And quite frankly, I think this actually works. But feel free to comment on what you think so we could improve this timeline and put this thing to rest once and for all.
The Definitive Bond Timeline
It’s mostly in chronological order by release because many of the films prior to their sequels proceed to confirm that there's a continuity, except the Daniel Craig films where Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are prequels, Skyfall where he plays an older Bond, and Spectre which completely messes up this whole timeline and gets its own because of it. We’ll talk about that later.
1.) Casino Royale (2006) Reason: James Bond is now a 00 agent. 2.) Quantum of Solace Reason: Direct sequel to Casino Royale (2006) 3.) Dr. No 4.) From Russia With Love Reason: Spectre wants revenge for Dr. No’s death 5.) Goldfinger 6.) Thunderball 7.) You Only Live Twice 8.) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Reason: Bond’s still on the hunt for Blofeld and Spectre 9.) Diamonds are Forever Reason: Bond wants revenge for the ruthless murder of his wife, Tracey Bond. 10.) Live and Let Die 11.) The Man with the Golden Gun Reason: The return of Sheriff J.W. Pepper (who made an appearance in Live and Let Die) 12.) The Spy Who Loved Me Reason: Tracey Bond is subtly mentioned. 13.) Moonraker Reason: The return the greatest iconic henchman in film and the 007 franchise, Jaws (who made an appearance in Live and Let Die). 14.) Never Say Never Again [it is unofficial, but it does work in the canon timeline] Reason: We have an older Sean Connery playing a James Bond one more time and Blofeld is still alive. 15.) For Your Eyes Only Reason: We see Bond next to the grave of Tracey Bond at the beginning of the film. Blofeld is killed. 16.) Octopussy 17.) A View To A Kill 18.) The Living Daylights 19.) License To Kill Reason: Tracey Bond is subtly mentioned as well, but also becomes a driving motive for Bond to go after and kill Franz Sanchez when Sanchez nearly kills Felix Leiter (Bond’s very close friend who shows up in many previous Bond films) and get s Felix’s wife murdered. 20.) Goldeneye Reason: Tracey Bond is subtly mentioned by Alec. 21.) Tomorrow Never Dies 22.) The World is Not Enough Reason: Tracey Bond is subtly mentioned once again. 23.) Die Another Day Reason: We see many gadgets from previous films and now have a new Q. 24.) Skyfall Reason: Bond is old and sick of his job, we get, and yet again, another new Q as well there references to previous gadgets.
The Spectre (Secondary) Timeline
Because of Spectre *cough* *cough* *cough*, it makes it practically impossible for it to even fit in the canon timeline and it messes it all up because while it’s a sequel to Skyfall, it’s supposedly the first time Bond meets Ernst Blofeld. HOWEVER, Daniel Craig plays an older Bond in both Skyfall and Spectre but already met Blofeld for the first time in You Only Live Twice. Not only this but Blofeld shows up face-to-face with Bond in (of course...) YOLT, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (let’s just assume that Tracy Bond was killed some other way that doesn’t involve Bond meeting Blofeld), Diamonds are Forever, and For Your Eyes Only. So with this in mind, this timeline should fix this issue by, unfortunately, leaving out all these films where Blofeld makes an appearance or is mentioned… Honestly, it’s the only way this makes sense and you should take it with a grain of salt because the only issue I want you guys to help me out with is whether other not all the movies involving Spectre prior to Spectre (the movie), which is all the Sean Connery movies on here except Goldfinger, should stay on here or not.
1.) Casino Royale (2006) 2.) Quantum of Solace 3.) Dr. No 4.) From Russia With Love 5.) Goldfinger 6.) Thunderball 7.) Live and Let Die 8.) The Man with the Golden Gun 9.) The Spy Who Loved Me 10.) Moonraker 11.) Octopussy 12.) A View To A Kill 13.) The Living Daylights 14.) License To Kill 15.) Goldeneye 16.) Tomorrow Never Dies 17.) The World is Not Enough 18.) Die Another Day 19.) Skyfall 20.) Spectre
Casino Royale (1967) [Not Official] takes place in Timeline #3
Reason: Not only is there more than one James Bond agent, which makes it the only film that confirms the James Bond codename theory, but everyone literally dies at the end of the movie after a nuclear weapon is detonated. So while you could’ve just put this as the last film in the canon timeline, it arguably doesn’t work because Skyfall debunked this codename theory.

Casino Royale (1954) [Not Official] takes place in Timeline #4
Reason: The iconic British agent is not the James Bond we come to know and love in this first on-screen adaptation movie of Ian Fleming’s novels, but rather, Jimmy Bond who works for the CIA.
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Opinion - Bond Films Ranked

"Official" Bond Films:
  1. From Russia With Love - 95; One of my all time favorite films, featuring excellent ingenuity and a memorable train sequence which helps this film stand the test of time where so many other entries begin to feel a bit dated.
  2. Casino Royale - 92; A breath of fresh air when it was released, coming 4 years after Die Another Day once again "killed" the franchise - as Licence To Kill had done back in 1989 - Campbell deftly walked the line between making Bond too "Bourne" and paying off the sense of style and sheer spectacle which defines this franchise. Beautifully made and intense, but it doesn't lose sight of its humor or humanity.
  3. Goldfinger - 90; Many would call this one the absolute definitive Bond film, featuring excellent practical effects, two of the series' memorable villains, and Sean Connery at his peak.
  4. Skyfall - 88; I'm not big on the film's 3***\**rd* Act, but this transition from the borderline banality of Quantum Of Solace back into what Bond films could be felt like the true capitalization of the ending of Casino Royale where James Bond becomes "Bond. James Bond." [Cue the theme]
  5. Dr. No - 84
  6. Thunderball - 80
  7. GoldenEye - 78
  8. Spectre - 75; If you're curious...
  9. The Spy Who Loved Me - 72
  10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 70; I am wholeheartedly comfortable in removing 30 points just based on the forgettable (at best) George Lazenby, but this is also a film that - in spite of its moments of maturity, for this franchise - has warts that just doesn't lend itself to repeat viewings after having seen not just better Bond films but just better films, outright. I can't lie and say that I particularly enjoy this one, but I respect the ambition and the balls of it. And I enjoy parts of it...
  11. You Only Live Twice - 70
  12. Quantum Of Solace - 68; It's watchable, and there are flashes of untapped potential, but it's frustrating in just how much of an epilogue to Casino Royale**, a far better Bond film, it carries itself as. It's the Bond film equivalent of "DLC", exciting in terms of getting more of Daniel Craig's surprising turn in the role, but it's not a particularly great showcase for him, and it does very little to move the proverbial chains. The villains - with the exception of Mr. White - couldn't be more generic, and the whole affair just seems like an inconsequential cash grab in response to the success of** Casino Royale**. At least** Spectre was trying to push the envelope.
  13. Diamonds Are Forever - 67
  14. Licence To Kill - 65; There are worse movies, but both Dalton films are just eye-glazingly, mind-numbingly boring. If there was
  15. The Living Daylights - 65; See above. Feel free to flip these two if you want, I don't care.
  16. For Your Eyes Only - 63
  17. Tomorrow Never Dies - 60
  18. Live And Let Die - 60
  19. The World Is Not Enough - 58
  20. Moonraker - 57
  21. The Man With The Golden Gun - 58
  22. Die Another Day - 50; The rotten cherry on top of Brosnan's run that basically encapsulates the worst qualities of his entries, from spotty performances to outlandish, shark-jumping nonsense, and would have cemented Brosnan as my least favorite Bond to date if there was no Roger Moore.
  23. Octopussy - 50
  24. A View To A Kill - 45
Consequently, I've never seen the 1967 Casino Royale spoof, but I also have no intention of doing so. I'd give Never Say Never again a 55, as I don't appreciate it as a remake and Connery was uncomfortably past his prime in the role. I don't like seeing icons like that...
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James Bond movies divided by genres:

I made a list dividing the James Bond movies by genres. In my opinion, we can divide them into three: Bond vs. "someone" (eg Bond vs. Goldfinger, Bond vs. Scaramanga, Bond vs. Zorin, etc.); Bond against a criminal organization (Spectre and Quantum); and finally spy thriller (the plot unfolds around espionage). What do you think?

Bond vs. "someone":
Goldfinger (1964);
Live And Let Die (1973);
The Man With A Golden Gun (1974);
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977);
Moonraker (1979);
Octopussy (1983);
A View To A Kill (1985);
Licence To Kill (1989);
GoldenEye (1995);
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997);
The World Is Not Enough (1999);
Die Another Day (2002);
Casino Royale (2006);
Skyfall (2012).

Bond against a criminal organization:
Dr. No (1962);
Thunderball (1965);
You Only Live Twice (1967);
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969);
Diamonds Are Forever (1971);
Quantum Of Solace (2008);
Spectre (2015).

Spy thriller:
From Russia With Love (1963);
For Your Eyes Only (1981);
The Living Daylights (1987).


EDIT: Many of you thought there should be a fourth category (Bond goes rogue). So, I decided to create a sub-genre: Revenge themed movies

Revenge themed movies:
Diamons Are Forever (1971);
Licence To Kill (1989);
Die Another Day (2002);
Quantum Of Solace (2008).
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I watched 25 Bond movies in 13 days. Here are some of my thoughts.

I recently decided to start watching every single Bond movie leading up to SPECTRE - which I just saw today. During the last 13 days I have watched all 24 official Bond movies and Sean Connery's Never Say Never Again. I couldn't seem to find any way to view the version of Casino Royale from 1967, but perhaps that's for the best as I have only heard negative things about it. Here are my thoughts on the new movie (very short and NO spoilers) and some thoughts about the franchise in general:
SPECTRE is a very different Bond film and seems to be a sort of mix between the serious Bond from the latest movies and a more witty and superhero-like Bond. All in all i really liked SPECTRE, but I might in the minority, and I really think it will divide audiences as it does some pretty unconventional things with the Bond character and other beloved characters.
In general it has been very interesting to see the evolution of Bond - or lack there off - when viewing every single movie in succession. It is very clear that the two first movies haven't really established how Bond movies are supposed to be, what works, and what doesn't. However, after Goldfinger the recipe for a successful James Bond movie had been created, and the next 10 movies or so seem to follow the same standard formula: After an intense opening action sequence Bond gets called in and is briefed by M. Bond then goes to one exotic location after the other where he meets the Bond-babe and then ends up in the villain's lair, where the talking villain explains himself. Then a great battle breaks out in the lair and Bond somehow manages to stop the villain. The victorious Bond then gets the girl - The end.
The formula becomes very tiring during the Roger Moore era. It's not that it doesn't work - it just doesn't work 20 times in a row. And when Timothy Dalton finally replaced Roger Moore, it was a breath of fresh air. He was a more dark and vulnerable Bond and that really seemed to work (I think so at least), but The Living Daylights was still very formulaic. It wasn't until Licence to Kill that we seemed to get a Bond-portrayal where Bond actually seemed to be a human instead of a superhero. Then Pierce Brosnan came along and we got Goldeneye which was a brilliant Bond. But the three movies with Bronan that followed it weren't very good in my opinion. This was no fault of Pierce Brosnan but more a problem with increasingly absurd plots.
Casino Royale really revived Bond and made him a mortal again and we have now gotten a string of good Bonds (there are some things I don't really like in Quantum of Solace, but it's not a bad movie). All in all it seems to me as if there are two types of James Bond movies; There are the silly and gadget-heavy ones and then there are the more dark and serious ones.
Finally, I want to point out that I love James Bond. I was brought up with James Bond and they are some of the first movies I remember watching as a child. I do have a preference for the darker Bond movies, but I will say that I do not dislike the last few Sean Connery movies or the Roger Moore movies. They are just an entirely different take on the character, and the formula became very tiring - especially when watching them back to back.
I have been rambling on for too long now. What are your thoughts on Bond as a whole?
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The James Bond Franchise Wrap Up

Greetings all! Many thanks to the countless people who contributed to 10 months of fantastic discussions about one of the most iconic (and one of my favorite) film franchises of all time. This is just a little recap/debrief/wrap up article where I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on the series as a whole. Additionally, I've done some more ranking and list making because it's fun and, let's be honest, there just aren't enough lists in the world! So let's open the discussion up and air out any final thoughts on the ongoing adventures of 007 & Co. Fair warning, I will use spoiler tags throughout my article for those of you who might not yet have seen Spectre, however be mindful of the comments.

Ranking the Movies

First thing's first. Here are all of my reviews and their assigned objective rankings.

Film Score
Casino Royale 94
GoldenEye 86
Skyfall 86
Goldfinger 85
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 82
The Spy Who Loved Me 80
The World is Not Enough 79
From Russia With Love 76
The Living Daylights 75
You Only Live Twice 73
Spectre (spoilers) 73
License to Kill 72
Dr. No 70
The Man with the Golden Gun 68
Quantum of Solace 68
Tomorrow Never Dies 68
Live and Let Die 66
Thunderball 61
A View to a Kill 59
Moonraker 59
For Your Eyes Only 55
Octopussy 48
Diamonds Are Forever 37
Die Another Day 30

For a fun little experiment, I wanted to see how I ranked them in comparison to other "Rank the Bond Film" lists. My sources included Rotten Tomatoes (based on their freshness rankings), IMDb (based on their user scores), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), Forbes, Timeout New York, E! Online, Moviefone, AMC Filmsite, BuzzFeed, an /JamesBond thread, and MRQE. Here are the results.

First, I've organized them by release date and shown what their scores are on the various websites.

Second, I figured out the average score for each film with the highest and lowest score for each film thrown out to eliminate outliers (my scores are not included in this calculation) as well as determine the standard deviation for each film (i.e., how consistently each film was ranked).

Finally, here is a visualization of how each site ranked the films.

Some observations:

• No real surprises in the rankings. Casino Royale, Goldfinger, From Russia, and Skyfall all nabbed top spots. The World is Not Enough, Moonraker, and A View to a Kill took the dubious honor of bottom feeders.

• Skyfall was the most consistently ranked film (averaging spot #4 on most lists). License to Kill was the most inconsistently ranked film. No surprise either. Dalton's films split opinions upon release and have aged just well enough to be considered decent but still stand out in such a way as to turn some viewers off entirely. Without it's highest (3) and lowest (22) scores, LTK still ranked as high as 8 and as low as 22. So it was either a top-10 film or the second-worst.

• I still just don't get the hate for The World is Not Enough. Truth be told, this was the one film that actually inspired me to do all of this. I saw one or two lists that had it ranked so low. I had to see if there was anyone that agreed with me that it is actually a top 10 Bond film. Turns out there isn't. In fact, the closet I got was Moviefone who ranked it as #13.

• I don't know what Forbes is smoking. There is no way that For Your Eyes Only is the second greatest Bond film of all time. Lunacy. Similarly, I am shocked at Peter Travers' ranking for GoldenEye at 18 -- especially considering he then put Die Another Day at 10!!

• And speaking of DAD, I was legitimately surprised that it was generally considered to be a more middling film, rather than a universally hated one.

• This only confirms my belief that the Bond movies are some of the most divisive films of all time. This must surely be due to a variety of factors, not least of which is that a film series that spans 50+ years and that varies so greatly in tone from film to film will allow for people to have wildly diverse opinions of each era of film. It can all depend on which films they saw first or which ones they grew up with. I mean that sounds obvious, but just look at how much deviation there is from list to list. I mean no film came even close to receiving unanimous rankings across any of these platforms -- even Skyfall varied from 1 to 6.

Ranking the Songs

I also decided to take a look at one of the most fun aspects of the 007 franchise: the theme songs. I will be very up front about the fact that I am not a musician, I know nothing about musical theory, etc. I am just a layman, listening to these songs a few times over and making my general observations. Oh and it's worth noting that I did not include Dr. No on this list. The opening titles begin with the standard Bond Theme song, which since it was adopted into every other film I didn't feel like that really counted, and then transitions into a rendition of Three Blind Mice, which also doesn't count.

Ranking Song Artist Comments
23 For Your Eyes Only Sheena Easton Overly synth-y. Just another sappy love ballad. I just don't understand how this kind of songs was thought to be a spectacular start to a Bond film. Ugh.
22 All Time High Rita Coolidge Awful, schmaltzy saxophone intro. Same garbage as the previous three films (Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only).
21 Nobody Does it Better Carly Simon Sounds like something you'd hear at 3am in a piano bar. Not sure what it's doing in a Bond film. Can't stand the vocals. At least this song has a decent band swell that picks it up a bit. The gentle cymbal tapping just reinforces the late night smooth jazz vibe.
20 Moonraker Shirley Bassey Starts small, stays small, never builds. Bassey's vocals are totally wasted here. She has the ability to be fierce and biting. Here, she's lackadaisical and boring.
19 Die Another Day Madonna Starts strong with tense strings and immediately dive bombs the second Madonna's disgustingly auto-tuned vocals kick in. Terrible lyrics ("Sigmund Freud" wtf?). A pandering piece of overproduced bubblegum crap.
18 Writing's on the Wall Sam Smith So disappointing. Following such a strong entry in Skyfall, the producers completely dropped the ball with Smith's "Writing." His vocals don't remotely fit with the tone of a proper Bond song. Cannot stand his breathy, whiny chorus. Ugh.
17 A View to a Kill Duran Duran If you can't tell, I'm not a huge fan of '80s music, so the heavy presence of synths in this song are tough for me to swallow, but at least this song has some life! Especially following the era of the lousy love ballads, AVTAK was a breath of fresh air. As a song by itself, not bad. As a Bond song, not the greatest.
16 The Living Daylights A-ha Another entry just dripping in '80s production. Still, it's got lots of energy. It's got some great builds and uses some awesome big band/brass elements that are reminiscent of the classic Bond songs.
15 License to Kill Gladys Knight Love Knight's vocals. She's got a great classic Bond feel. Love the intro. It feels sleuth-y, epic. Could definitely do without those breathy backup singers.
14 Live and Let Die Paul McCartney Great song. Terrible Bond song. McCartney is second to none, don't get me wrong. This song just isn't a great fit for the series. The reason it's not lower is that is has lots of promise until the 1:22 mark. And that damn fishing reel SFX is just so damn weird… Picks back up again, however it falters again at the 1:51 mark. The good aspects of this song are great. The bad are real bad.
13 You Only Live Twice Nancy Sinatra Exotic with great vocals. It's a bit sappy but it's got a nice use of strings to keep the song from getting too schmaltzy.
12 From Russia With Love Matt Monroe I'm rather conflicted about this one. It has a great exotic feel, it's got a good crooner, and the lyrics match the globetrotting feel. I just feel that there are stronger entries that offer a bit more energy.
11 You Know My Name Chris Cornell Hard to judge this one. Great piece of rock but again, I don't know if it really feels like a true "Bond song". At least it never devolves into a weird place like Live and Let Die. This one gets major props for incorporating the Bond theme heavily throughout and having a decent set of lyrics.
10 The Man with the Golden Gun Lulu I know I'm probably going to get some hate for this one, but hear me out. Great use of electric guitar and big brass band. The lyrics are rightfully criticized for being way too literal and silly (and the chorus is very weak) but Lulu's vocals are wonderfully dry, yet full of character. I especially love the swell at 1:38.
9 Another Way to Die Alicia Keys and Jack White Another entry that might get some criticism for being this high, but I truly feel that with one minor tweak, this song could have been considered one of the best. I love the piano and crunchy guitar intro. What I don't like is the duet. If this had been a Keys solo (with White handling the instrumentals), this could have been even stronger. I also really love the lyrics' discussion of paranoia and mistrust.
8 The World is Not Enough Garbage Another very strong entry. Shirley Manson's vocals are incredibly sultry. I positively love how striking the twanging guitar chords cut right through this hazy song.
7 Thunderball Tom Jones Take note Matt Monroe, this is how to croon during a Bond song. The song kicks in with a great use of the Bond theme at 0:35. The lyrics are total nonsense, however it all comes together and sounds so excellent. Jones' killer note at the end of the song is spectacular.
6 Tomorrow Never Dies Sheryl Crow This was a huge surprise for me. As I went through these songs, I never would have thought of putting TND this high, but listening to it, I can't get enough. Throws everything in from the thundering opening, to the big drums, the bell, the jangling guitar, and the piano. Crows vocals are positively electric. Her performance is every bit sultry, sexy, and scorned. Excellent!
5 Diamonds Are Forever Shirley Bassey Forget the movie, I could just listen to this song for 2 hours instead. The opening notes are mysterious, the big band is perfect (with plenty of classic Bond brass). The drop at the 1:21 mark is fantastic. And of course, Bassey's vocals are as iconic as they get.
4 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Theme John Barry (composer) Okay so this one isn't really a theme song in the sense that these other songs were but how could I pass on it? This is perhaps one of the single greatest musical compositions of the series outside of the Bond Theme. The buzzing guitar and deep, thumping bass are totally badass.
3 GoldenEye Tina Turner Almost perfect. Sexy, mysterious, lurking, with excellent vocals and brilliant lyrics. Little moments like the Bond theme slinking in at 1:40 are just perfect.
2 Skyfall Adele I absolutely, positively adore the chilling piano intro. Adele's vocals are exquisite. I love the slow, warbling guitar (1:00), the somber strings, the huge builds, and the use of the brassy Bond theme at 1:51. The whole thing gives me chills, especially as it starts and ends on that beautiful brass note.
1 Goldfinger Shirley Bassey Surprise, surprise. It just simply does not get better than Goldfinger. This is the quintessential Bond song, the standard to which all other songs are held. The big brass band, the strings, and the vocals are all just a bit silly, just a bit sexy, totally iconic, and catchy as all hell.

Ranking the Villains

I came up with a little system for ranking the Bond villains. I determined that a good villain should have a proper plan, should be generally villainous (cruel, mad, etc.), intimidating, competent, and charismatic (or at least have a decent, definable personality). Regarding one of the series’ few recurring villains, I elected to rank Blofeld several times, one for each appearance in a different film. With that in mind, here are the Bottom 5 and Top 5 Bond villains. The full list including the scores for each category can be found here (Spectre spoilers in slot #21).

Worst Bond Villains

Rank Villain Film Plot Comments
27 Gustav Graves / Col. Moon Die Another Day Destroy S. Korea via space laser Written as if a 12 year old came up with a Bond villain. Terrible plan, never truly intimidating, and the whole DNA replacement and "I modeled him after you" bit is completely stupid.
26 Aristotle Kristatos For Your Eyes Only Retrieve the ATAC device in order to control Soviet missiles, trick 007 into assassinating Colombo Bland, boring, forgettable.
25 Brad Whitaker The Living Daylights Sell opium as a means to finance his arms trading I applaud the realism of his plot, however the character is just so damned annoying. Baker plays the American General as a complete buffoon. And the whole wargame angle is weird.
24 General Orlov Octopussy Destroy NATO relations by detonating a bomb in a foreign Air Force base Another fairly forgettable character. Berkoff portrays the General as an almost Dr. Strangelove-esque wacko.
23 Ernst Stavro Blofeld Diamonds Are Forever Destroy nations' nuclear missiles with a space laser if they refuse to give in to his ransom demands The weakest of all of Blofeld’s various plots. Mostly, this iteration is ranked so low on account of Charles Grey’s portrayal. He’s insufferable, lacks any real intimidation, and the whole army of clones and voice changing devices are all just too campy for my taste.

Best Bond Villains

Rank Villain Film Plot Comments
5 Ernst Stavro Blofeld On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Brainwash women (Angels of Death) and use them as pawns in bacterialogical warfare Okay so the plan is a little bizarre and Savalas’ portrayal might not be as iconic as the one in YOLT, however this is Blofeld at his peak. He is menacing, sinister, and intimidating. The whole lineage angle is unique and gives a little bit of humanity to what has been an otherwise flat character.
4 Alex Trevelyan (Agent 006) GoldenEye Exact revenge on England by robbing the national bank just before destroying digital records (via electromagnetic pulse from satellite) Sean Bean performs beautifully as the MI6-agent-gone-rogue. His revenge mission plot is a wonderful balance of maniacal, villainous, and realistic.
3 Auric Goldfinger Goldfinger Devalue US gold stock by detonating a bomb inside Fort Knox gold reserve Bond himself remarks how brilliant Goldfinger’s plan is upon hearing it. I’m going to refrain from making any “gold standard” jokes, but Goldfinger is seriously one of the best. Cunning, proud, coy, greedy, and downright evil.
2 Le Chiffre Casino Royale Make money by shorting airline stocks through planned terrorist attacks Le Chiffre is one of the most fascinating villains in that he is a man driven by desperation and fear more than a god complex or a desire to destroy humanity.
1 Francisco Scaramanga The Man with the Golden Gun Steal solex agitator, assassinate 007 Christopher Lee’s Scaramanga is the perfect blend of flamboyant charisma, fierce intellect, and pure skill. The dinner scene between Scaramanga and Bond remains one of my all time favorites.

Honorable mentions go to Skyfall’s freakishly relentless Raoul Silva, Spy Who Loved Me’s megalomaniac Karl Stromberg, World is Not Enough’s coldly calculating Elektra King, Dr. No’s Dr. No for setting the template, and Moonraker’s surprisingly enjoyable Hugo Drax.

Ranking the Bond Girls

I came up with a similar method of ranking one of the other pillars of any good 007 film: the Bond Girls. For this category, I rated each Bond Girl by their intellect (general intelligence), competence (how skillful they were at their profession or tasks), initiative (do they just sit around and wait for Bond to tell them what to do or not), utility (do they have a direct impact on the story or are they just sort of there for show), and (yes I am aware of the hypocrisy here) beauty. This was a somewhat difficult list to assess, as the concept of a Bond Girl is rather loose. For example, in Skyfall, Bond seduces Severine, however she is in the film for such a brief period of time and her impact on the story is so minimal, that it didn’t even seem right to try and rank her based on these categories. Then of course there are any number of throwaway characters that Bond simply sleeps with or converses with briefly that are occasionally viewed as “Bond Girls”. Think of the iconic gilded Jill Masterson from Goldfinger. You might be aghast that she isn’t on the list, but she is such a small portion of that film (especially compared to her sister, Tilly), that it didn’t even seem worth it to place her on here, despite her image being plastered on every piece of promotional material for Goldfinger. So this is my best attempt at determining who is a Bond Girl and how they rank. The full list including category rankings can be found here.

Worst Bond Girls

Rank Girl Film Comments
33 Rosie Carver Live and Let Die Perhaps the most miserable character in the series. I couldn’t help but give her the only 0 of this entire exercise for Competence. She whines and cries to a man she just met because she isn't a good CIA agent. She’s not useful, not talented, and utterly annoying. And the one time she finally acts proactively, she is condescendingly mocked for misreading Quarrel Jr.’s allegiance.
32 Mary Goodnight The Man with the Golden Gun Vapid, irritating, pathetic, almost entirely useless. She’s easily captured and even chastised for her one contribution: killing a guard. And of course there’s the infamous scene in which any dignity she might’ve had evaporates as she’s shoved in a closet while Bond and Andrea Anders have sex.
31 Tiffany Case Diamonds Are Forever Another worthless character who adds little to the plot. She is given a rare instance of initiative at the end of the film and it turns out that in doing so, she completely screws up Bond’s plan. Oh also, her dialogue is completely insufferable.
30 “Dr.” Christmas Jones The World is Not Enough Another character written to be skilled and intelligent, but portrayed by a woman who cannot convincingly pull off either. Her role in the film becomes little more than a tagalong with weak excuses being provided for why she’s still around. She also turns into the second instance of Bond’s magical ability to turn lesbians straight.
29 Stacey Sutton A View to a Kill Same deal as Jones, the character is written to be intelligent, but the actress doesn't sell it one bit. She tends to fail at everything she attempts, and Bond completely disregards her and forces her to become a damsel in distress throughout their time together. She becomes a complete tagalong after a while.

Best Bond Girls

Rank Girl Film Comments
5 Elektra King The World is Not Enough Cunning, fierce, intelligent (though blinded by rage), she is absolutely integral to the plot, her actions are her own and she even acts as the puppetmaster for a wide range of people.
4 Camille Montes Quantum of Solace Not necessarily particularly intelligent per se, but highly skilled and motivated by her well formed backstory. QoS actually provides a rare instance of Bond screwing up her plans, though she bounds back quickly. Extra points for killing one of the film’s villains.
3 Pussy Galore Goldfinger The biggest downfall for Galore is her lack of integrity during the scene in which Bond apparently rapes her straight. Aside from that terrible scene, she is a fantastic character. She gets the drop on Bond multiple times, verbally spars with the best of them, and orchestrates a hugely important aspect of the film’s ending.
2 Teresa di Vicenzo On Her Majesty’s Secret Service It pains me not to be able to give her a perfect score, however she does have her downfalls. She really ultimately is just sort of going along with her father’s plans and when she’s captured, she reverts into a fairly standard damsel in distress. Aside from that though, her beauty and intelligence are almost without parallel.
1 Vesper Lynd Casino Royale The only character in this whole exercise to receive a perfect score. The single most well-rounded character of the entire series. Highly intelligent, witty, sharp, sly, plays her own game, acts of her own accord with her own motivations, integral to the plot — oh and stunningly gorgeous.

Honorable mentions go to Spy Who Loves Me’s crafty and skilled Anya Amasova, Die Another Day’s coldly independent Miranda Frost, You Only Twice’s Aki who saves Bond’s butt on more than one occasion, Tomorrow Never Die’s devil may care Wai Lin, and License to Kill’s rough and rowdy Pam Bouvier.

Ranking the Bonds

And of course there’s the ranking of the Bond actors. Everyone has an opinion that varies greatly from the last. Heck, I’ve already changes my mind three times as I’ve sat here writing this. Each actor is so wildly different and they all come from such unique times that it’s almost impossible to try and fairly compare them. And then of course there’s the struggle of trying to give each actor a fair shake when their films have varied so greatly in quality and number. But I will try to do my best.

Rank Actor Films Years Active Comments
6 Roger Moore 7 1973 - 1985 Easily the worst in my opinion. I never bought him as an assassin. I never bought him as a seductive gentleman. His humor was mostly lost on me. When they tried to get him to be rough and tumble in TMWTGG when he’s interrogating Anders, he just seems abusive. He also had the worst string of films to deal with and was kept on as Bond for far too long. Too few upsides.
5 George Lazenby 1 1969 This ranking is really misleading, as I actually LOVED Lazenby as Bond. I felt that he completely captured the crass attitude and unbridled swagger. I would frankly consider putting him as high as #3, however Lazenby’s biggest downfall is his lack of clout. He just wasn’t Bond long enough to get a decent gauge of how he really fit into Bond’s shoes.
4 Sean Connery 6 1962 - 1967, 1971 Blasphemy! Just because he was first doesn’t mean he was the best. He laid the groundwork and managed the suave nature and action better than some, however his characters never really felt like they had any depth to them. Mostly he is severely handicapped by his lackluster performances in YOLT and DAF.
3 Timothy Dalton 2 1987 - 1989 Ah Dalton, the Bond we needed but didn’t deserve. Dalton’s career was similarly too short. I considered giving him the #4 spot under Connery for this purpose alone, but I really feel like he did enough in his two films to establish what kind of Bond he was and would have continued to be. The dark, brooding exterior occasionally gave in to flashes of real charm and even caring. The humor could have used some work, but the action and especially the suave, high-class nature fit him perfectly.
2 Daniel Craig 4 2006 - present Craig’s performance in Casino alone would have been enough to push him into first place, however he’s had kind of a bizarre run of films since then. The stories have set him up to just be continually cantankerous and sullen. I have him in the #2 spot temporarily, depending on how the rest of his run as Bond goes. If he is able to do more films and is able to continue to regain his wit from Casino and to continue his arc from brutish thug to refined gentleman assassin, I feel the #2 or even #1 spot could be his.
1 Pierce Brosnan 4 1995 - 2002 It was equally difficult to call Brosnan the unequivocal best. His run is sadly marred by a series of mediocre and downright bad films. That said, his performance in GoldenEye is probably one of the best in the series. Brosnan is able to pull off every aspect of what makes Bond Bond with ease. He nails the humor, he looks like he belongs in a tux, and he appears entirely at ease when in the midst of a tense shootout or car chase. He even totally sells a few small moments throughout the series that required him to appear frightened, surprised, and vulnerable.

Naturally there is so much more I could discuss (favorite gadgets, favorite moments, favorite henchmen), but I suppose I should save something for the lead up to Bond 25, eh? A sincere thanks once more to everyone who joined me for the discussions over the past several months. Cheers!
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Presenting r/JamesBond's consensus ranking of the official James Bond series, as voted on by you!

About a week back I implored the good folk of JamesBond to post their list ranking all 24 Bond films favorite to least favorite ( so that I could assign 24 points to all #1 rankings, 23 to all #2 rankings, etc., down to 1 point for #24 rankings and assemble a master consensus list.
I was delighted to receive 64 complete lists, including my own. I was perhaps less delighted to spend all the time tallying up those points, but I loved the diverse set of opinions we got, and the story that every entry list told about its maker’s James Bond tastes and experiences.
So here is JamesBond’s master consensus list, presented in suspense-building countdown to #1 format along with a quote from each film (feel free to skip down to the comments if you don’t want the suspense, where I will post it in straightforward #1-24 format along with some other fun bonus lists and observations):
24. Die Another Day (269 points, highest rank #5 on 1 list)
2002 - Pierce Brosnan - Dir. Lee Tamahori
“Been busy, have we Mr. Bond?” “Just surviving, Mr. Chang. Just surviving.”
23. Diamonds Are Forever (415 points, highest rank #6 on 1 list)
1971 - Sean Connery - Dir. Guy Hamilton
“If God had wanted man to fly…” “He would have given him wings, Mr. Kidd.”
22. A View to a Kill (420 points, #1 on 1 list)
1985 - Roger Moore - Dir. John Glen
“The bubbles tickle my… Tchaikovsky!”
21. Moonraker (421 points, highest rank #6 on 1 list)
1979 - Roger Moore - Dir. Lewis Gilbert
“My God, what’s Bond doing?!” “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”
20. The Man With the Golden Gun (538 points, highest rank #7 on 2 lists)
1974 - Roger Moore - Dir. Guy Hamilton
“A duel between titans… my golden gun against your Walther PPK.”
19. Octopussy (539 points, highest rank #3 on 2 lists)
1983 - Roger Moore - Dir. John Glen
“Double sixes. Fancy that.”
18. Quantum of Solace (570 points, highest rank #3 on 1 list)
2008 - Daniel Craig - Dir. Marc Forster
“The first thing you should know about us is… we have people everywhere.”
17. The World Is Not Enough (598 points, #1 on 1 list)
1999 - Pierce Brosnan - Dir. Michael Apted
“I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”
16. For Your Eyes Only (698 points, #1 on 1 list)
1981 - Roger Moore - Dir. John Glen
“You left this with Ferrara, I believe.”
15. Tomorrow Never Dies (723 points, highest rank #2 on 1 list)
1997 - Pierce Brosnan - Dir. Roger Spottiswoode
“There’s no news… like bad news.”
14. Spectre (744 points, highest rank #3 on 2 lists)
2015 - Daniel Craig - Dir. Sam Mendes
“You’re a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.”
13. Live and Let Die (746 points, highest rank #2 on 2 lists)
1973 - Roger Moore - Dir. Guy Hamilton
“Names is for tombstones, baby!”
12. Thunderball (749 points, #1 on 1 list)
1965 - Sean Connery - Dir. Terence Young
“Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.”
11. You Only Live Twice (778 points, #1 on 1 list)
1967 - Sean Connery - Dir. Lewis Gilbert
“The things I do for England.”
10. Dr. No (910 points, #1 on 1 list)
1962 - Sean Connery - Dir. Terence Young
“That’s a Smith and Wesson. And you’ve had your six.”
9. Licence to Kill (930 points, #1 on 3 lists)
1989 - Timothy Dalton - Dir. John Glen
“I just want you to know this is nothing personal. It’s purely business.”
8. The Spy Who Loved Me (997 points, #1 on 1 list)
1977 - Roger Moore - Dir. Lewis Gilbert
“Bond, what do you think you’re doing?!” “Keeping the British end up, sir.”
7. The Living Daylights (1,019 points, #1 on 3 lists)
1987 - Timothy Dalton - Dir. John Glen
“Go ahead. Tell M what you want. If he fires me I’ll thank him for it.”
6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1,060 points, #1 on 7 lists)
1969 - George Lazenby - Dir. Peter Hunt
“There’s no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world.”
5. Skyfall (1,083 points, #1 on 4 lists)
2012 - Daniel Craig - Dir. Sam Mendes
“But now they don’t eat coconut anymore. Now they only eat rat.”
4. GoldenEye (1,200 points, #1 on 7 lists)
1995 - Pierce Brosnan - Dir. Martin Campbell
“For England, James?” “No. For me.”
3. Goldfinger (1,220 points, #1 on 11 lists)
1964 - Sean Connery - Dir. Guy Hamilton
“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”
2. From Russia With Love (1,237 points, #1 on 10 lists)
1963 - Sean Connery - Dir. Terence Young
“And then, like SPECTRE… he strikes.”
1. Casino Royale (1,324 points, #1 on 12 lists)
2006 - Daniel Craig - Dir. Martin Campbell
“The name’s Bond. James Bond.”
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I watched all the Bond films.

I knew this would be long but boy. My apologies.
Recently Foxtel had a pop-up channel showing every one of the Bond films (except SPECTRE for some reason but they have that playing fairly regularly including today when I caught the second half). So I recorded every movie including the "unofficial" Never Say Never Again but not Die Another Day which I'll touch on later. That's 23 films that I've watched over the last 2-3 weeks.
As I watched I also listened along with the James Bonding podcast with Matt Mira and Matt Gourley. Now the way they worked their way through the movies, because of the nature of the franchise and to not get bored with a certain era, they started from either end chronologically. So they began with (naturally) Dr No (1962) then Skyfall (2012) then From Russia With Love (1963) then Quantum of Solace (2008) and so on towards the middle ending with For Your Eyes Only (1981).
I had attempted this a couple of years ago but because the movies weren't readily available I kind of fell off it somewhere around Goldeneye.
Now being that this sub is about old movies and the vast majority of these would be considered old I will preface this by saying that I generally have no interest in most movies you'd call "old". The pacing, the acting, the sound, the ADR, the effects, the style, the humour, the film-making in general etc and that's not even touching on the misogyny, racism, homophobia and such. Being 24 there's no nostalgia to colour it for me so for the most part I really can't say which of Goldfinger or Goldeneye is the better movie per se because they're so different. But I know what I find more watchable and doesn't have me wishing they'd hurry the fuck up with the scene.
In saying all that it's not like I hated everything prior to The Living Daylights or something, there's plenty of genuinely good stuff. It's just that with how things were done, the limitations at the time and the fact that a lot of things that were once original in these movies have been done a million times since means getting through some parts were chore like.
So anyway here are my truncated thoughts on each movie.
Dr No (1962) - Like I said, old movies aren't my wheelhouse so watching a 55 year old one is a trip. Unfamiliar with Fleming's books so don't know how much of the formula is set with those or with this movie. A lot of iconic stuff. Can't really reference it to other stuff of the time but I get the idea why it was such a big deal.
From Russia With Love (1963) - A good one. Maybe Connery's best. Red Grant's a great villain/henchman. I kinda like how low the stakes are. Surprisingly good fight scene on the train which is referenced in at least 3 of the others. Dunno how they got it right here but forgot how to do them for the best part of 25 years.
Goldfinger (1964) - Gold painted woman, "I expect you to die!". Good stuff. I like Goldfinger's plan even though it's expositioned straight from him to Bond and us, a trope I guess these movies started. The misogyny is strong with this one and the borderline rape scene with Pussy Galore is pretty rough. Remember what I said about fight scenes? The one between Bond and Oddjob basically consists of Connery getting thrown onto a marble floor 17 times.
Thunderball (1964) - Ridiculous cold open. Some more rapey Connery. Real boring this one. They were obviously very excited about shooting underwater and thus some incredibly slow scenes.
You Only Live Twice (1965) - Bond in Japan. Why stop there? Bond is Japanese now. Pretty insane. For some reason he gets married so he can train to be a ninja for 20 minutes which he puts to zero use. We see Blofeld for the first time; a volcano lair.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1967) - So Connery (rightfully) felt he wasn't getting a fair cut and he's out. There's this Australian (yew) model who looks just the part but can he play the part? Eh, he can pull off the fights but fairly stiff overall, doesn't hide the accent too well so it's not even his voice for a large chunk of the movie. Despite hypnotised sleepercell women with allergies and a quite racist scene they're involved in the plot of this isn't as nuts as others. Bond gets married and what an ending.
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - Lazenby is convinced this franchise is done so he grows a beard and he's out. So the last one didn't do so great, let's give Sean $1m and crank the crazy back up. Convoluted plot. Tiffany Case starts as a seemingly capable diamond smuggler and by the end she's almost a drooling idiot. Mr Wint and Mr Kidd and the last scene are worth the price of admission.
Live and Let Die (1973) - Moore's first. Bond in a blaxploitation movie. The attitudes towards black people overall seem a bit questionable. Yaphet Kotto was a good villain. A very long boat chase sequence featuring the introduction of Sheriff JW Pepper "A SECRET AGGEEENT?!?! ON WHOOO'S SIiIiIiiiIIDE?!?!". Kananga balloon!
The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) - Christopher Lee as Scaramanga is good. You wanted him, you got him, everybody's favourite racist, tobacco munching, redneck, squealing pig JW Pepper joins James for a corkscrew car jump accompanied by a slide whistle. And who can forget Knick Knack.
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - Quite forgettable. Forgettable plot, forgettable villain, fairly forgettable girl. But the cold open ski jump really is excellent. Also Jaws.
Moonraker (1979) - Obviously trying to jump on the Star Wars hype. Otherwise it rehashes so many things from the movie right before it and really goes off the rails sense wise. Did not care for Drax as a villain. Features a scene that was jarringly dark for not only the movie that also has a pigeon double-take but for the franchise as a whole.
For Your Eyes Only (1981) - One of the better Moores I reckon. Maybe has the most concentrated amount of convoluted attempts to kill 007. Feels like promotional material for adventure sports at times with the longest sequences of skiing and rock climbing ever committed to film. Not as silly as the others except for the Thatcheparrot bit at the end.
Octopussy (1983) - Thought the first half or so was good but then it delves back into the madness. A plot that I just gave up on trying to understand. Ends with Bond disarming a nuclear bomb dressed as a clown in the middle of a circus tent.
Never Say Never Again (1983) - The unofficial McClory version of Thunderball. Better than Thunderball. Connery's back as a bit of a fuck you to the Brocolli's. Obviously missing a lot of what we recognise as a 007 movie but not bad. Brandauer is a much more interesting Largo. Features an absolutely bonkers scene with VR type videogame thing.
A View To A Kill (1985) - Heard a lot about this one. Moore's last at 57 years old and boy if he doesn't look perhaps even older. A good hour of the film revolves around horses for no real reason. Christopher Walken surprisingly wasn't as nuts as I expected. Silly as fuck.
The Living Daylights (1987) - Not sure how much you put the tonal change down to Dalton or to a conscious decision by Eon. I like Dalton, a much more serious take, clearly very talented based on the two other things I've seen him in: Hot Fuzz and Penny Dreadful. Again, too many moving parts in the plot and the end drags on needlessly.
Licence To Kill (1989) - The franchise again tries to do what other movies were doing at the time. Doesn't feel quite like a Bond film, very much an 80s action movie. End sequence with the tankers is pretty cool. Features a young Benicio Del Toro "we gave her a nice honeymoooooon".
Goldeneye (1995) - 6 year gap due to legal stuff with McClory I think. So Brosnan finally gets his shot and it's a really good Bond movie I reckon. Good performances from the cast, great set pieces. Natalia's a great Bond girl, actually capable and affects the plot, also real hot. Horrid music throughout though.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - Pretty interesting villainous plan but also ridiculous. Jonathan Pryce is having a lot of fun. The bike/helicopter set piece is good. Maybe the worst reverse engineered gadget in the entire franchise with the BMW hood badge rope saw thing.
The World Is Not Enough (1999) - Sophie Marceau is probably the best thing about this, she's a great girl/villain. Carlyle's not bad either. Then you have Denise Richards playing Christmas Jones which ultimately leads to what is the best worst Bond line ever to end it.
Die Another Day (2002) - As I mentioned I didn't record this one because I think I figured it's so bad I won't bother. But I should have because it's so bad it's worth watching. It's utterly insane and manages to include the worst Bond things in almost every category.
Casino Royale (2006) - Gotta be my favourite movie. Funny how the worst Bond movie and the best are right next to each other. Haven't seen it in a couple years but holy shit it's so good. Craig's brutish, cold take. The Madagascar sequence. The set pieces in general. The tension filled plot. The cinematography. Le Chiffre. The relationship between James and Vesper. Eva Green...
Quantum of Solace (2008) - What's this? A sequel? This really isn't as bad as some suggest. I did watch it as recommended, right after Casino Royale which might make all the difference but I doubt it. There's plenty of good stuff here. A perfectly good Bond film.
Skyfall (2012) - Didn't actually watch this one because I've seen it a number of times since it came out. Plus it's not old enough for this sub anyway. We've all seen it. Great movie. Great song too.
So I would perhaps touch on each actor or some other things but this is already long af.
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Here's to Sir Roger Moore. My Bond picks. What are yours?

Best Bond: Sean Connery (Although it is very very close with Roger Moore)
Worst Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Best Bond Villain: Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger, 1964)
Worst Bond Villain: Kamal Khan (Octopussy, 1983)
Best Bond Girl: Barbara Bach (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)
Worst Bond Girl: Christmas Jones (The World Is Not Enough, 1999)
Best Bond Song Not Called "Live and Let Die": "Nobody Does It Better" - Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)
Best Chase Scene: Alpine Escape/Skis vs Motorcycles (For Your Eyes Only, 1981)
Worst Chase Scene: Firetruck? Really? (A View to a Kill, 1985)
Best Overall Battle: Under the Sea (Thunderball, 1965)
Best Villain Lair: Scaramanga's Island (The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974)
Best Device Out of "Q" Branch: Lotus Esprit Submarine (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)
Best Bond Car: Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger, Thunderball, Skyfall)
Most Offensive Henchman: Knick Knack (The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974)
Most Ridiculous Character: Sheriff J.W. Pepper (Live and Let Die, 1973 & The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974)
Most Overlooked Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969
Best Bond Line: "This never happened to the other fellow." George Lazenby, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969
Best End Scene: "For your eyes only darling," followed by Margaret Thatcher talking to a parrot. (For Your Eyes Only, 1981)
Best Bond Trivia Fact: Louis Armstrong's last recording session, "We Have All the Time in the World," (On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969)
Most Offensive Plot Device: Turning Japanese (You Only Live Twice, 1967)
Most True to the Original Text: Casino Royale (2006)
Most Ridiculous Enemy Weapon: Electric Saw Yo-Yo (Octopussy, 1983) - beats out Jaws and Oddjob
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Alternative James Bond films timeline

For my first post on this subreddit, I wanna share with you my alternative timeline of James Bond movies:
1962 — Dr. No (same movie as in the original timeline [OTL for short])
1963 — From Russia With Love (same as in the OTL)
1964 — Goldfinger
1965 — Thunderball
1967 — On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Sean Connery)
1969 — You Only Live Twice (Sean Connery's last EON movie; Bond seeks revenge after Tracy's assassination)
1971 — Diamons Are Forever (Roger Moore first movie; no SPECTRE or Blofeld on the plot)
1973 — Live And Let Die
1975 — The Man With The Golden Gun (the movie is postponed 1 year, because why not; and unlike the OTL movie, Roger Moore's Bond is lighthearted and campy, not Sean Connery's Bond wannabe (like the scene when Bond slaps Maud Adams' character).
1977 — The Spy Who Loved Me
1979 — Moonraker
1981 — For Your Eyes Only
1983 — Octopussy (Sean Connery does Never Say Never Again as in the OTL; Roger Moore retires after this movie)
1985 — A View To A Kill (First Timothy Dalton movie with a totally different plot; however, Christopher Walken still plays the main villain and it's a Spy thrilleCold War themed movie)
1987 — The Living Daylights
1989 — Licence To Kill
1995 — Goldeneye
1997 — Tomorrow Never Dies
1999 — The World Is Not Enough
2002 — Die Another Day (minus the ice palace, the invisible car and Gustav Graves subplot)
2006 — Casino Royale
2008 — Quantum Of Solace (minus the Bourne-esque movie editing)
2012 — Skyfall
2015 — Spectre
What do you think?
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I watch all the Bond films for the first time, from Dr. No to Spectre, and give some thoughts on each.

Full Disclosure: The title is slightly clickbait because I've seen Casino Royale through Skyfall once before, but since that's only 3 of 25 I think you guys will forgive me.
Spectre should be out on Blu-Ray before I get to it.
Never Say Never Again will be included in release order (after Octopussy).
The first six films are already done as I've been doing this topic elsewhere; I thought you guys might be interested as well.
I'll paste my thoughts on Dr. No - On Her Majesty's Secret Service into the OP and the rest will be in this topic's comments when I get to them. Look for the longest comments.
Dr. No (1962)
It's pretty durn good.
I like how it doesn't suffer from first-movie-itis. It doesn't feel like there's much more introduction to Bond here than in any other movie. The mission briefing was especially well done to establish Bond as a spy without having M say anything that Bond should already know about his own job; none of it seems written only to get the audience up to speed.
I liked seeing a sex object that could actually kind of act. That was nice. As was Dr. No's 'gimmick', the cool black fake hands, even if his death was kind of anticlimactic. The radiation facility set really dates the movie more than any of the more obvious stuff like clothing since it looks like the G1 Tardis, but I can look past that.
I think I'll refer to the big bads' various deformities and body add-ons as 'gimmicks' from now on.
It's definitely got its' cheesy parts, even for the 1960s, but I was entertained throughout and that's really all I ask from movies, especially ones that came out 50 years ago.
Also, it's really impressive how good Dr. No looked. The fact that there's so much visual fidelity hidden in 60s film reels boggles my mind. And the upscale was done by all of 8 people, too. It's also amazing that they can run all the cleanup programs but still have the film grain, which I'd imagine a computer recognizes as an impurity. The Predator Blu-Ray has all the grain removed and skin looks like plastic, even if the jungle colours really pop. Different cameras and lower-quality film would have contributed to the problem, but if a '62 film can look this good an 80s movie should be able to do all right.
From Russia With Love (1963)
It was okay. It was more haphazard and slapdash than Dr. No, which I assume will continue for the first few films since they originally pumped Sean Connery ones out every year, but it was certainly still entertaining.
It does suffer from a bit of sequelitis, and Bond's new suitcase seems like it's going to be the start of some seriously silly feature-creep gadgets.
Other than that, Sean Connery has serious screen presence. There's some much more cheesy stuff in here than in Dr. No, but he pulls it all off with trademark style.
I'm interested to see what #1 from Spectre gets up to in the next few films because everyone knows the stereotype but I've never actually seen the original cat-stroking big bad before.
But I'm struggling for things to say about the main plot because it does essentially come down to getting a box back to England. It's a little more grounded, a little less cartoony or comicbook-y, and a little more caught up in the espionage aspect as a result. Which, to be fair, is at least an attempt at trying something different for the second film. The whole complex plot does seem a little unnecessary in hindsight when the ol' maid outfit plan nearly succeeds in the last five minutes, but, again, it kept me engaged enough.
Also that Bond girl is fucking hot.
Goldfinger (1964)
Definitely the best one so far, but only by so much.
Pussy Galore is weird. I assume her name wasn't quite as ridiculous in the 60s for whatever reason (maybe they used 'pussy' as a slang term less/not at all?), but what really stood out to me was that Bond is so confident that she'll melt in his arms that he pretty much goes for the rape. Again, you can't really judge the gender roles in these movies by current standards, but it was pretty jarring to see Bond do that with present-day implications.
But enough politics. The plot was good, the gadgets were great, the climax ramped up the tension, and the last five minutes far surpass whatever the last movie was trying to do.
I do wonder if these movies, formulaic as they are, should be becoming shorter, not longer, but Goldfinger is basically all the good points of the last two films plus a cast and crew that have really found their stride now.
Also I had no idea that the lazer-to-the-balls-device cliche and the "I expect you to die" cliche both originated in the same scene. Few movies can claim such influence.
Thunderball (1965)
This one was not good at all. It was a mess.
Extremely poorly paced (the setup was the better part of the first hour) and poorly written in places. I'm not normally one to reflect on the construction of shots too much, but it was also pretty poorly edited. Irrelevant or oddly-sequenced shots were everywhere, and this had absolutely no reason to be 2:10 and the longest Bond yet.
I have to assume that there had been some breakthrough in underwater filming at the time and this was really impressive in 1965, because today all that stuff is really bloody boring. I was hoping that at least the climax would be good, but then I realized that slow, uninteresting underwater battle was the climax.
I guess the bones of an interesting plot are there, so we'll have to see how well Kershner did it in Never Say Never Again (which at this point is still 10 movies away O_O)
The one thing I'll give it is that it was successfully funnier. It could be getting campier but instead it's getting funnier without becoming a parody.
You Only Live Twice (1967)
This one was all over the place.
For every cool scene there was something that suggested the writer or director had no idea what they were doing. Roald Dahl wrote this one, for what it's worth.
It was definitely the funniest so far, but it's becoming more camp and silly. The volcano base and finally seeing #1 was cool, but the entire first half in Japan seemed like it was entirely to get some different scenery, and added or changed basically nothing. The opening was a really good idea what with a secret agent who tells everyone he meets his full name, but I can't believe that a writer, director, actor and film crew all went ahead with the idea to asian-ify Connery's face.
Some of the highest highs mixed with some disappointing lows. I'd only put it above Thunderball.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
I'm torn on this one.
On the one hand, Blofeld what the fuck. On the other, the ending. Sadly, I actually knew the ending before watching this one - I spoiled it for myself years ago and for some reason I've remembered. That said, it's successfully emotional and I'm sure it made a lot of critics at the time walk out of the theater having forgotten their complaints. I really liked that Moneypenny got pretty upset at the wedding too.
But, again, the first half was slow and boring and the second half was dominated by the silly setpieces that I'm told only get more common as the films go on. I'm sure there'll be a point where that becomes the whole appeal (Roger Moore?), but this one is still trying to be an espionage film at the same time and it's faltering big time.
And Blofeld. Oh, Blofeld. He's got no scar and doesn't recognize Bond. Who okayed this shit? Obviously Bond is played by a different actor, but it's pretty clearly a direct sequel to You Only Live Twice. This movie should be less of a sequel because of the change, not more. And can you imagine Blofeld from You Only Live Twice skiing down a mountain?
At this point the series is an even split in quality, and I'm surprised the last three films didn't kill the whole franchise off.
People seem to lump the film's problems on George Lazenby, but I thought he was serviceable enough given the material he was working with. He didn't have much screen presence but his actual acting was fine.
Also the editing of the action scenes was really 'modern' (i.e. it sucked because nothing is given any focus because it's not choreographed well and the cameraman is having a seizure).
It must be said I'm quite surprised to find how many of these I'm not enjoying so far. I knew there were a few stinkers peppered throughout but I had thought Bond was pretty synonymous with quality.
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Casino Royale by Ian Fleming - YouTube Casino Royale - YouTube Bathroom fighting scene - Casino royale - YouTube Casino Royale (1967) Ending - YouTube Custom Gunbarrel - Sean Connery in Casino Royale - YouTube Peter Sellers and Casino Royale director, James Bond Casino Royale (1967) - To the Laird! Scene (1/10 ... Casino Royale (1967) - Miss Goodthighs Scene (4/10 ...

Casino Royale ist ein Komödie aus dem Jahr 1967 von Val Guest und Ken Hughes mit David Niven, Peter Sellers und Woody Allen. In der Bond-Parodie Casino Royale müssen David Niven als der echte ... I regret bad-mouthing Sean Connery’s Bond. I talked up the 1967 version of Casino Royale so much. I was so darn happy to be away from the official James Bond’s casual misogyny that the idea of ... Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Casino Royale (1967)" von John Huston, Ken Hughes: Was tut man, wenn man die Filmrechte für ein Buch aus der erfolgreichsten Filmserie der Welt zufällig für ... Even the worst Eon-backed Bond movie has the distinction of being better than Charles K. Feldman's "Casino Royale," the first of two unofficial 007 pics (the other being "Never Say Never Again ... Daniel Craig, who has played Bond since 2006's "Casino Royale" said in a statement, "It is with such sadness that I heard of the passing of one of the true greats of cinema.Sir Sean Connery will ... Casino Royale (1967) George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) Sean Connery, first comeback. Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Roger Moore. Live and Let Die (1973) The Man With the Golden ... The 1967 version of Casino Royale features one of the most star-packed casts in film history. This includes a number of actors it isn’t too hard to picture in a traditional Bond film, notably Welles, Huston, William Holden, Peter O’Toole, David Niven, and Ursula Andress who had played Honey Ryder in Dr. Casino Royale - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung Casino Royale Svensk titel: Casino Royale James Bond 007!. År: 1967. Regi: Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish, Val Guest, Richard Talmadge. Manus: Wolf Mankowitz, John Law, Michael Sayers….samt, förmodligen, ”bidrag” av ett flertal andra personer, däribland Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Mickey Rose, Joseph McGrath och alla andra som kom i närheten med en penna. Casino Royale (1967) ... No“ engagieren. Nachdem sich Sean Connery 1967 von der Rolle des Spions zurückzog, war Moore erneut als Bond-Darsteller im Gespräch, doch wegen Zeitmangels ging die ...

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Casino Royale by Ian Fleming - YouTube

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Casino Royale: Miss Goodthighs: Evelyn (Peter Sellers) meets Miss Goodthighs (Jacqueline Bisset) and as they start to become intimate, they both slip a drug ... Casino Royale: To the Laird!: Sir James (David Niven) avoids the drugged drinks at a wild Scottish party that ends with a room full of passed out women and b... Here Joe McGrath, one of the directors of the 1967 spoof James Bond OO7 film Casino Royale, talks about working with Sellers. (May 2020) Due to the age of the recording there may be some quality ... The Ending starting with the brawl in the casino itself. Title: Casino Royale Author: Ian Fleming Audiobook with subtitle Casino Royale is the first novel by the British author Ian Fleming. Published in 1953, it is... Retired after years of international espionage, Agent 007 is lured back into action to battle the evil spy organization SMERSH in this parody of the James Bo... bathroom fighting scene casino royale.