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A Cliff Notes Summary of the First One Out Interviews

If you haven't had time to listen to seven hours of podcast interviews, or you didn't retain everything you heard, here are some key points. I didn't think to do this until just now, so I'll be posting it as a work in progress and updating it throughout the afternoon. That way more people will have a chance to read up before the premiere.
Karishma Patel, 37, Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, Houston, TX -First generation Indian-American Her mom was as a legal assistant, and got her a filing job at her law firm when she was 14. "I didn't have other options. I was basically told I was going to be a lawyer and I didn't disagree."She has watched every season and regularly listens to RHAP. She sits close to the TV to study the inflections on people's faces when something is said to them, so that she can think about what that means. But, her parents and husband don't share her enthusiasm for the show. Asked if it's her dark pleasure she says, "It is completely bright. It is a beautiful pleasure of mine, but it is mine and mine only. I haven't been able to find people to share it with." -Doing the show has caused her conflict. "Not only is it not expected, it's not allowed. It's kind of like being a disobedient Indian girl. You're not supposed to be doing this. What you're supposed to be doing is having babies. But I don't care. I'm a risk taker. I'm here to prove to myself that I don't need to listen to anybody else. I don't need permission from anybody else. This is my journey and I'm going to take it. I hope that people watching out there can see that an Indian woman's value does not come from doing what she's told." -She doesn't currently have children, and she says she has some decisions to make as she enters a crossroads and the next stage of her life. -Her law firm told her they'll replace her if they're able to find someone, and she can have her job back if they don't. "I didn't flinch." -Her strategy is to be non-threatening and play a social game. She doesn't look 37, and she wants to use that youthfulness to be disarming. She wants to build relationships other people believe in. She defines success by other people vouching for her loyalty when they go off and have private conversations with one another. "That means I got 'em, because it's actually the other way around." Asked if she wants to find someone she can trust, "I'm not going to be capable of it. I'm too skeptical for that. I overthink things, so I'm not going to be able to trust somebody the way I want to be trusted... If I do, that's the end of my game."
My take: Oh my God. Poor Karishma. Her story hurts my heart. She reminds me so much of myself in her isolation, her defiance and her deep feelings. I worry that her fear of trusting people could get in the way of her forming genuine bonds. But, there's nothing she can do. Society has made her the way she is. I hope she gets a lot of screen time so she can be a star of her favorite show.
Missy Byrd, 24, Military Veteran/App Developer, Tacoma, Washington -Originally from Georgia. Her family was 'decently poor.' She played basketball for the Air Force Academy because she thought it was her ticket out. -She had a brain tumor. She stopped menstruating for a year and two quarters. "I'm not dating anyone but I have breast milk. I'm a literal cow... I would look down and my shirt would be wet, and I thought, 'Dang you're clumsy. I knew you were clumsy, but you're clumsier today than you were yesterday. But it was - it was - uhh - milk." She had crying fits. She developed a stutter and couldn't look at people. Doctors told her she was just stressed. When her dad died she couldn't process emotions normally. She was about to go to the French version of the Air Force Academy, École de l'air, after graduation but because of her mental instability she was removed from school. The military shipped her to the same Air Force base as Sandra (Fort Lewis.) "I don't want to be there. Super sad. Check into the post office - fuck this. Check into the dorms - hate that." The doctor there found the tumor. She got an MRI and all weekend she believed she might have cancer. Over the next year and a half she eliminated the tumor and the symptoms using vitamins. She enlisted and worked logistics. -She made a list of the things she wanted to do now that she was going to live. "The first thing was go see Beyonce. Beyonce costs way too much money for a normal person to go see, but if you've just almost had a near death experience you go see Beyonce, bro!" She was feet away. She drove across the country. She tried weed. -She had an idea for an app, but didn't even have the computer literacy to use social media. She found a veteran's association and asked if she could intern. "They said, 'No, you should build this out yourself. We want to work for you.' I said, 'No, the fuck you don't. Okay, lemme call my grandma.'" She wrote a grant proposal and won a $1,500 office space in the center of Seattle. "Just to do whatever I want. It was like a laboratory for a child. I had Play-Dough up there. I had a white board... Just mind blowing shit when I could have been dead." -She'd seen every episode of Survivor at least three times. She started watching because her Air Force Academy basketball team was getting decimated, and she related to Foa Foa getting decimated in Survivor: Samoa. She added the show to her list. Josh suggests, "The bugs are eating you because they want some of that magic." -She isn't going to tell people her story until she's in the Final 3. "That's that Final 3 magic." She doesn't want to overly rely on strategy. She doesn't want to win individual challenges. She to build a social game and find ways to relate to everyone.
My take: She's so full of exuberance. There's not a negative bone in her body right now. She's too young and her life experience is too necessarily limited to talk around three years of her life. If she shares her story, the beauty of her perspective will cause everyone to fall in love with her and want her to do well. If she doesn't, people will sense that she's hiding a lot. I think she'll figure that out and course correct within the first day. Since she was at the same Air Force base as Sandra and she was a massive fan, does that suggest she knows her?

Ronnie Bardah, 35, Professional Poker Player, Henderson, Nevada-Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, 20 minutes south of Boston. They were the only Israeli family in town. 50% of the people in Brockton were from Cape Verde, and he considers himself an "honorary Cape Verdian." A couple of his friends were shot and killed at a young age. -He was a good kid and had a good heart, but he was always hustling. In Junior High he was flipping Oatmeal Cakes and Fudge Rounds for a profit. Slinging baseball cards. Both his parents gambled. They were always at the dog tracks or Mohegan Sun. He had his friend make him a fake ID and got stuck with the name Alaja Jones. He went by Al and started playing the casinos. Quit his job at Sears Automotive to play poker full time.-He played Atlantic City, Vegas, then internationally. He had his first big score in 2010 when he took 24th place in the main event for $320,000. Got to keep $150,000 after taxes. "Poker's a hard way to make an easy living. Lots of people try. We risk every day. You have to get to a point when you can manage your bankroll and I've never gone broke in the 16 years I've played." -In one of the most viewed poker hands of all time, he was bluffed out of a million dollar pot by a supermodel on a poker TV show filmed in Monaco. "She made a sick play. She had no idea what she was doing but all the stars were aligned."-He watched Borneo when it aired and got back into it when fellow poker player Anna Khait was on. He calls Jean-Robert, "kinda a lazy guy...He's really good at befriending multi-millionaires." "Anna Khait... is probably the least poker player out of all of us. She played for a couple years." "And then Garrett - He's a very, very smart, smart kid... Self-made millionaire. One of the very, very few." -He only drank water for 7.5 days and lost 25 pounds for his health and to get an idea of the conditions of the show. He thinks he'll thrive in the survival situation. "People like being around me. I like to fucking bust balls and joke." He thinks old school alliances are a good plan, but you have to adapt. He says that like in poker, Survivor players can have every advantage, but they have to really smell it. -He wants Vince out. "There's an Asian Zeke in there. What value does he bring besides ruining people and getting in people's heads? He's a liability in challenges. He looks like a little corn puff. We gotta get him outta here. Sorry to sound so mean but it's the truth."
My take: Ruuuuude. He has no way of knowing how other people on the cast are talking in their interviews, and may assume the trash talk is standard. If he were playing on some seasons it would be. But, in this particular season it sets him apart in an unflattering way, and it seems a part of the tough persona he's built up to escape a scary situation growing up and enter a fantasy career. We'll see whether his tribe thinks he's a straight talking character or a jerk.

Tom Laidlaw, Former NHL Player, Brampton, Ontario, Canada -He was with the New York Rangers for 7 years and the LA Kings for 4. Now he has his own podcast, True Grit Life ( Does it with a friend, Kevin Allen, who writes for USA Today. Does motivational speaking. -Growing up on a dairy farm outside Toronto there was a pond to water the cows. It froze over in the winters and he'd play hockey because there wasn't much else to do. Went to Northern Michigan University - four year hockey captain, ranked #1 team in the country. Drafted as a 20 year old. "My buddy had a horse farm. We were cleaning horse shit out of the stalls. There were no cell phones back then. This is 1978. My father got a call at our farm house from the New York Rangers at the draft. Back then nobody went to the draft - it was just teams. They said I'd been drafted in the sixth round. He calls the farm house where I'm working. They bring me up. He says, 'Son, you've been drafted by the Rangers.' I said, 'Great. What do I do now?' He says, 'Finish cleaning the shit out of the stalls.'" -When he played intimidation and fighting was strategy. There were guys tougher than him, but he could fight and he could also play. Problem was, he fought a guy once, and from then on the guy wanted to fight him over and over. -Jerry Bruckheimer, big hockey fan, called the NHL and wanted to get some players on the Amazing Race. Tom had kept himself in shape, he had his passport. They ended up asking him about Survivor. He'd watched it before but not for a while. He wasn't so sure he wanted to play a game where you hurt other people, but friends helped him get his head around it. He was very impressed by Christian's toughness in the endurance challenge. To prepare for the show he studied how he reacted to different situations, how to control his heart heart, etc. He wants the mental challenge.
My take: Tom really ticked me off when he spoiled a couple of outcomes of this season. That's a betrayal of the producers, his cast and the viewers. But, if that hadn't happened I would like him. He's an easy-going, charming guy. His life experiences are a bit different than anyone else who's been on the show, which is what you want.
Vince Moua, 27, Admissions Counselor, Merced, CA -His family is Hmong. His parents lived in Vietnam in the destruction left by the war - dead bodies, guns, people who wanted to kill them. They went to refugee camps in Thailand. Then his dad became a Montana farm hand. He met Vince's mom in the US, but she came from the same place. -Vince is from small town Merced, California - the 209. Few people he knew went anywhere but the UC system and community college. He went to Stanford, one of only 7-10 Hmong. He realized the significance someone can bring to people from the same community. He tried to be pre-med but realized "no, not today." The issues of access he cared about came well before people got to the hospital. He ended up going with education. His mom was a teacher, "But when I was growing up she said, 'Yo, if you become a teacher Imma disown yo ass.' To all of us. But, that's always kinda been my jam." -He lived in South Korea for five years. He taught English in a town. Then in Seoul ahed worked with low and middle income students who wanted to study outside of Korea. -He's a Survivor superfan, who even mentions on his Tinder account that he plans to be on Survivor. His parents were worried about him doing TV because he's not out as gay to his extended family. He comes from a clan where his dad is the "top dog" and Vince is "the next top dog." In the Asian American/Pacific Islander community when you come out, it's your family who faces - in a sense - dishonor. For a long time he distanced himself from his family, hoping they'd all be less hurt if they found out and disowned him. He always tried to find friends who would be there for him should his parents not be. A year ago his mom asked him rhetorically if he was gay. "I was try'n to go around it. I was like, 'Gurl, you don't wanna know! Yo ass keeps asking!' But she kept asking, asking. So finally I told her 'Yeah, I am!' and she was crying. My dad was like, 'Oh, my son!'" But, Vince is fine with who he is and wants to show kids like him that "let's hope that it gets better." Now his parents just want him to win. -He'd like to play an old school strategy but "I'm not afraid to cut a bitch." With the tribe he's going to be Homeboy Vince from the 209, but when he talks to the camera he's going to tell people "Don't underestimate your narratives." This past year with Crazy Rich Asians, he wants people to know that there are some Crazy Hood Ass Asians.
My take: What a character. Vince has a clear point of view - Hmong, blue collar, gay - which is unique to him in Survivor lore. Even though double minorities have sometimes had trouble fitting in socially on Survivor I think somehow he's going to pull it off. As unlikely as this sounds I could even see him being a Cochran-esque winner.
Aaron Meredith, 36, Personal Trainer, Warwick, Rhode Island -He's very keyed up at Ponderosa. Rambling so fast it sounds like you're listening to 1.5x. He's read four books so far - Relentless by Tim Grover, Can't Hurt Me by Dave Goggins, Iron Cowboy by James Lawrence, Harry Potter. -He was an engineer at a building insulation plant. He was miserable, too antsy sitting at a desk. Couldn't focus. So, he drove up and down the East Coast popping kettle corn - from Maine to Florida - traveling with carnies. Bartended for a while. He'd played college football and baseball, lifted since high school, and he and his friends wanted to get "huge and jacked and ripped." The owner of the gym suggested he become a personal trainer. He ended up working mostly with middle aged women and it taught him empathy. Now he owns two women's-only fitness studios. He puts supportive women around one another and offers them the positivity to seek self-growth. -He's also a party boat emcee. Lights, DJ, bar, drinks. He's an extremely social person. -He'd first applied at 23 - 6 or 7 times over the years. He was in the mix for Cook Islands and David vs. Goliath. -He's been married 7 years and has a 5 year old son. His son is a huge fan of Survivor. Libby Vincek is his favorite player. Kara Kay was his next favorite. Aaron is already sure Molly will be his son's favorite. "He has a type. He He likes the attractive blondes. He says, 'I like them because they have a nice face.' I like mommy because she has a nice face too." The boy was very concerned about his dad going on the show. He said, "Dad, I don't want anyone to laugh at you and make fun of you." Aaron said he wanted to win. His son said, "But you might not win." When they watch the show he'll always ask, "Do they like him? Do they like her?" If Aaron is portrayed in a negative light he'll have to sit down with his son and talk. He doesn't want to play a deceitful game, but he will, because he doesn't care how he's portrayed.
My take: His story about his son is one of my favorites from all these interviews. I hope he gets to work with Molly. His adrenaline is too high. I hope he calms down a lot when the game starts. But, someone so social and sweet hearted who can win challenges and take themselves to the end has got to be a contender to win.
Chelsea Walker, 27, Digital Content Editor, Los Angeles, CA -Chelsea just took the cast photo and they put her in the third spot from the bottom, a good omen because a weird number of winners have been in that position. "Your girl's number three. I got this!" -She's a Jersey girl. She went to the University of Maryland. "I didn't do Survivor: Maryland or anything." She studied Broadcast Journalism. She knew the generic emails for NBC Universal and emailed random people until someone replied. Now she's been in LA a year. She did coverage of award shows. Now she works at IMDB, where she helps Kevin Smith with his show. She just interviewed people at SXSW. -She's been watching Survivor since she was 8. She's cried in every interview because this means so much to her. She's trying to explain that at the point she starts crying again. "It's been such a dream of mine and To be told no year after year after year - these past six years have been a total mindfuck. I've basically been called every single year. I've been to finals three times. Survivor is my one true love, but the one year they didn't call me I got really pissed off so I tried out for Big Brother. I ended up becoming the alternate and got my key being filmed and all of that crap. But I don't like that show anyway." -In September 2017 she was at a WeHo bar for her friend's birthday when, "Oh shit that's Jeff Probst." Her girlfriends all know she's obsessed, so she pulled the waiter over and asked what that guy was drinking. So, Chelsea sent another one over. "I told my friends, 'Take my credit card. Split the bill, because I can't come back after I do this. As soon as the waiter drops off the drink I'm like, 'Jeff, this one's on me. You can buy me the next one at finals.' And I just walked out of the restaurant... That was a big move!" They didn't call her again that year, but Jeff still remembered when they talked this year. -She's been working out at four different gyms - weights, pilates, yoga. Push ups. Memorized puzzles. Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, which she keeps in.a Bible sleeve so people will think she's religious. She also carries Harry Potter because she would trust someone who read HP. She wants to keep it cool. Make one on one connections. Eventually find idols - and not tell anyone she has one - and make calculated moves. "I don't want to be a Jacob. No offense."
My take: Hearing this girl cry from joy because she's so happy to be on the show makes me emotional. She's a real go getter. I wish I were that damn fearless. Truly, I wish I were more like her. I hope her pure zest for life comes across on TV and she doesn't get stuck with a purple edit just because of her age and gender. I also hope no one decides to get threatened by her as a competitive girl and vote her off premerge. I think she'll go far. Hope so.
Dean Kowalski, 28, Account Executive, New York, New York -Referring to himself in the third person, "Dean is 28 years old. As we mentioned, he lives in New York and he prides himself on being a well rounded person when it comes to interests, abilities, personalities... If I'm listening to Drake and Lil Wayne, I gotta go home and cry to This Is Us.. I can play basketball but also think about our place in the universe." He likes to tag basketball courts with a peace symbol with a ball on it which he makes using a stencil. -He structures most of his interview with Josh around an Outwit, Outplay, Outlast format, explaining why he excels at each. -He grew up in an affluent suburb. His dream was to play in the NBA. He was 5"9 3/4, so he set his eyes on college basketball as a realistic alternative. In order to get looks from colleges he went to a school 30 minutes away - top five in the country, Nike would fly them around for games and give them free Jordan sneakers. He was one of only 4 white guys in the whole school and the only one on the team. He played with Kyrie Irving, the #1 overall draft pick. "My friend said you look like the Make a Wish Kid who just wants to be on the team for a day." He played at Colombia University, where he was co-captain his senior year despite averaging two minutes a game. He became a teacher, then did sales for a tech startup in New York. He now sells ads for Google. -He's a fan, but far from a superfan. He started watching Brenda's season. (He thinks it was Nicaragua, but it was actually Carmoan.) He works with a superfan who freaked out when they had a meeting at H&R Block with Carolyn Rivera and they went out to Bourbon Street with her. He kept watching for five years and thought he could do well. He hates when people are all talk, so he sent in a tape. For the video he interviewed random strangers on the street, who had never met him or seen the show, and asked them, "Why am I going to win it?" A barber, a construction worker. He's going to tell people he's in marketing, not sales - people have sales.
My take: I'm just not that into him.
Elaine Stott, 41, Factory Worker, Rockholds, NY -When Josh asks her not to touch the table she asks him, "You seen that Bart Simpson commercial, right? Don't touch my Butterfinger? I'm already hungry thinking about it." -"I had a pretty rough way to go growing up." Her single dad raised her and her three brothers. She was the youngest. "I was raised like one of the boys. Know what I mean? Daddy didn't know how to raise no little girl." He worked 16-17 hour days. The kids raised themselves. "When little children make their own decisions, they make poor ones." She was a hellion. -She's originally from Woodbine, Kentucky, Nick Wilson's hometown. Her god sister went to school with him and she knows him through the grapevine. "We rode on different sides of the track. 20 years ago he coulda been my lawyer, because I was on the other side of the law. I'm not bad. I've just done some things." Public intoxication several times. "I come from a dry county. It's like Footloose. We cross the state line to get a beer and when you come back you're in trouble." She stole a newspaper stand once and had to do community service. "I was a little bit mean." -She went to live with her grandpa and cleaned her act up, by which she means that she started smoking a little weed and playing sports - basketball, softball, track. She played softball and judo in college. "I couldn't do nothing real technical. We had Brazilians on the team who could do flying arm bars. But if I got these claws on you and got ya on the ground I'd waller you to death." In casting she put this guy Will in an armbar. She was gonna choke him but didn't know if she should. -When she graduated, her girlfriend was a college Freshman so she went to all the same parties and ballgames for four years. Then she realized she needed a job. Now she drives a Ford truck for a factory. She's been there 15 years. She works 12 hours, 7 days a week. -Growing up her mom "was always in my life in some sense. She'd never miss a birthday. She'd be homeless, but she'd still call." Elaine and her brothers bought her cars, and places to live, and got her jobs. "In a sense I've been mourning the loss of my mom my whole life." Once Elaine was homeless herself and there was snow on the ground. It was cold, and her teacher took her in. Gave her Christmas presents. Made her go to prom. Survivor was a thing they shared, and the teacher was gonna be Elaine's loved one. But within a one year period the woman lost her daughter, her husband, her dog and then had a stroke. Now "she walks like Frankenstein" and can't go. Elaine got Probst to talk to her, and she can't wait to watch. In October Elaine's biological mom went into a coma. She was on life support, but Elaine wouldn't unplug her. Her mom came out of it and seemed to be doing a lot better only to die very suddenly of a heart attack. -Her girlfriend and her girlfriend's two sons are gonna be watching. The 18 year old doesn't know because he can't keep a secret. The 13 year old helped her lose 20 pounds doing crossfit to come out here. She wants the money, but she really wants "some of that soul searching, that life adventure, that life changing - some of that. You know what I mean? Gimme some of that soup! Lemme eat some of that up! I want this show to build me up, because I feel like it can. I sure hope to hell it don't tear me down."
My take: About 12 sobbing emojis in a row. She's my favorite. If she gets voted out premerge I'm going to go into mourning. And how can you not sort of expect that? I am going to be so upset if they just dismiss her because she's older and looks out of shape and sounds country. If that happens, I want another Second Chance season next year.
Elizabeth Biesel, 26, Olympic swimmer, South Kingstown, Rhode Island -Josh says that Elizabeth was outright identified by one of the other contestants because they'd been watching YouTube videos about how to be a better swimmer. Others guessed she was an Olympian based on her rings tattoo. -She's from the Ocean State. They lived a block away from the beach, so they wanted her to take swimming lessons. She was a rambunctious child and swimming was the only way they could calm her energy. She started breaking records when she was 7 or 8. When she was 13 she made her first national team. At 15 she went to the Olympics. She got good early. Women peak around 22-23, and she ended her career at 24. You couldn't make much money doing it. She swam one of the longer, more grueling races, and her body said "no more." She listened to her body and retired. Some athletes lose their love for swimming because they're embittered by losing by 1/100th of a second, or they leave injured. She left on a good note. Still, if she could swim competitively for the rest of her life, she would. Now she doesn't know who she is or what she's going to do with the rest of her life. Every hour of the day used to have a purpose. Now her days are wide open. She can't keep eating 5,000 calories a day. "It's sort of like I'm mourning the death of Elizabeth Biesel the swimmer." -She was a Survivor fan as a kid because Richard Hatch was from Rhode Island. In her area "Every single household that had a television set was watching Survivor." When they asked her if she'd do the show, she felt pure joy. She said absolutely right away. She's excited about the competition of Survivor. No heated Olympic pools. You're stripped down to your core. She's amazed by the scope of the production apparatus. She's not a schemer. She wants to be a challenge beast - not the best woman but the best overall. She'd love to have a Wendell and Dom relationship with another woman. But, she wants to avoid the drama as long as she can.
My take: Could Chelsea be Wendell to her Dom? She's so wholesome. She's just so "Olympics." I love her and everything she represents. I'd love to see her rocket through the swimming competitions, lapping everyone else. Go Elizabeth.
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MD Live throwing shade at Horseshoe Casino before opening tomorrow

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What's happening around town (Wed, Nov 20th - Tue, Nov 26th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Nov 20th

Thursday, Nov 21st

  • American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie. Put on by the Barrel…
  • 🎨 DAN & OCEAN. Live (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm DAN & OCEAN. will be performing in cities all across the country in support of their latest EP "The Coronado Kid, Pt. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" out October…
  • A Doll's House, Part 2 (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Nov 24th Nominated for eight Tony Awards, "A Doll's House, Part 2" flashes forward 15 years from Henrik Ibsen's…
  • 🎨 DUG Midcontinent Conference & Exhibition (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Offering executive-level speakers and hours of peer-to-peer networking opportunities, the DUG Midcontinent Conference & Exhibition brings the entire region together.…
  • 🎓 (Free) Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary LIVE in Midwest City! (Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center - Midwest City) Start Time: 10:00am Kevin O'Leary is coming LIVE to Midwest City, and seating is LIMITED!
  • 🎨 Gift (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd Start Time: 8:00am Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, GIFT is a richly cinematic film, interweaving character‐driven…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Nov 25th Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • 🎓 A Historic Evening with Eva Schloss (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Learning from the PAST - Living the PRESENT - Looking to the FUTURE
    An exclusive one-night presentation from Anne Frank’s stepsister and Holocaust survivor, Eva…
  • 🏃 Koda CrossFit at Together Square (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Thursdays 5:45-6:45pm September 5–November 21, 2019 $5 per person, pay upon arrival All levels Bring water Together Square is the perfect spot to discover the benefits…
  • 🎓 Koodookoo, Electric Okie Test (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Austin, TX progressive jam band Koodookoo returns to the Deli, this time teaming up with Grateful Dead tribute Electric Okie Test! Come out for a psychedelic dance…
  • 🎨 Love's Third Thursday (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Love's Third Thursdays are special, creating the perfect opportunity to mingle at the Museum with friends, experience something new, and enjoy the Museum’s latest…
  • 😂 Michael Malone (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd
  • M-PACT (University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha) Start Time: 7:30pm Get in the holiday spirit at USAO with M-PACT’S Winter Wonderland performance this November. This award-winning…
  • My Big Operatic Wedding (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd Start Time: 7:30pm The UCO Voice division presents an evening of operatic excerpts in "My Big Operatic Wedding."
  • OU Sooners vs Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) Experience the action and excitement in Norman as the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks. Since the…
  • 🎭 Oklahoma City Rep's A Doll's House, Part 2 (Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Nov 23rd Start Time: 7:30pm A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 by Lucas Hnath Nov. 8 – 24, 2019 CitySpace Theatre NOMINATED FOR 8 TONY AWARDS A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 flashes forward 15 years from Henrik…
  • 🎨 Teen Anime Night (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm We will choose between three anime and partake in snackage. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Real Talk Around…
  • Tejon Street Corner Thieves/Yes Ma'am Live in OKC! (Blue Note - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Tejon Street Corner Thieves and Yes Ma'am Live in Oklahoma City! The Tejon Street Corner Thieves hail from the Colorado Rockies. The outlaw blues and trash-grass…
  • University Sing 2019 (Reynolds Performing Arts Center - Norman) Day 1 of 2
  • 🍴 Vegan | Vegetarian Lunch (Opolis Prod - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Vegan | Vegetarian Lunch Returns to OPOLIS 11/21 11am-2pm
  • Walk the Lights (Midwest City) Start Time: 6:00pm Get a special preview of Midwest City's Holiday Lights Spectacular on foot! This event gives you the chance to enjoy the amazing holiday light show in Joe B. Barnes…
  • 🍴 Whiskey Cake hosts November pairing dinner with Garrison Brothers (Whiskey Cake - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Whiskey Cake Oklahoma City is hosting a pairing dinner on Thursday, November 21 from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Whiskey Cake has partnered up with the first and oldest legal…
  • 🍴 Wine For The People: Holiday Wines (Vast - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm It’s the most wonderful time of year on #cloudwine. Come get into the holiday spirit at Wine For The People, November 21. Grab a friend and fill your hearts with love…
  • 🎨 Woodcarving Show (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 10:00am The wood carving group has planned another great exhibition. Stop by and meet the carvers and let them visit with you about woodcarving. They are a great group of people…

Friday, Nov 22nd

  • 2019 Environmental Excellence Celebration (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm The 29th Annual Environmental Excellence Celebration will take place at the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 22, 2019.…
  • American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) 1 day left The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie. Put on by the Barrel…
  • Blake Pettigrove/Paxton Pennington/Bronte (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Join Blake Pettigrove, Paxton Pennington and Bronte as the three Oklahoma-born musicians join for a full night of music at The Deli! Doors: 10PM Cover: $5 21+ Stream…
  • 🎨 Oklahoma City Blue vs. Memphis Hustle (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 10:00 AM
  • 🎨 Chad Daniels - New Hip Tour - Live in OKC (Film Row - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎨 DAN & OCEAN. Live (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm DAN & OCEAN. will be performing in cities all across the country in support of their latest EP "The Coronado Kid, Pt. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" out October…
  • Delbert McClinton in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Legendary rock, soul and blues singer with his fantastic band. His first appearance in Oklahoma City in ages and one you won't want to miss. Tickets on sale now:…
  • A Doll's House, Part 2 (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Nov 24th Nominated for eight Tony Awards, "A Doll's House, Part 2" flashes forward 15 years from Henrik Ibsen's…
  • 🎓 Free Zumba (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm Dress to sweat! Free Latin inspired dance fitness class. Space is Limited. RSVP. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Guthrie, Oklahoma ChooseGuthrie Guthrie…
  • Friends of the Purcell Library Book Sale (Norman Public Library - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Come find your next favorite book - to keep - at our Friends of the Library Book Sale! We'll have items for all ages. All proceeds go to support library staff and…
  • 🍴 Friendsgiving (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm Eat, drink and give thanks for good friends! Start a new Friendsgiving tradition with us! Let the Melting Pot be your host this Friendsgiving as you relax with your…
  • 🎨 Gift (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 8:00am Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, GIFT is a richly cinematic film, interweaving character‐driven…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Nov 25th Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Wed, Dec 25th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling winter…
  • 🎨 Holiday Lights Spectacular (Midwest City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Jason Eady in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Join Jason Eady at the Blue Door in OKC for an evening of blues-infused country music. Working closely with fellow…
  • Lisa Prank (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Lisa Prank (FatheDaughter Records) This show is all ages. Tickets are $10 in advance at, charge by phone 18669661777, purchase hard copy tickets at any…
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Jason Eady's inspired new album Daylight and Dark embraces multiple styles of die-hard country music to weave together 11 songs about the deep, messy details of love and…
  • 😂 Michael Malone (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • My Big Operatic Wedding (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) 1 day left Start Time: 7:30pm The UCO Voice division presents an evening of operatic excerpts in "My Big Operatic Wedding."
  • 🎨 Painting Pots and Planting Herbs (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Families will learn about the indoor herbs to grow during the chilly months to use in tasty holiday meals. Each child will paint an 8” terra cotta pot and plant an…
  • The Polar Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on The Polar Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • 🎭 Oklahoma City Rep's A Doll's House, Part 2 (Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:30pm A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 by Lucas Hnath Nov. 8 – 24, 2019 CitySpace Theatre NOMINATED FOR 8 TONY AWARDS A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 flashes forward 15 years from Henrik…
  • Shane Smith & The Saints in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Shane Smith & The Saints are taking over the historic Tower Theatre for a night of new music. This Austin band is…
  • University Sing 2019 (Reynolds Performing Arts Center - Norman) Day 2 of 2

Saturday, Nov 23rd

  • American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • Backwoods Country Music Show (The Centre Theatre - El Reno) Come to the historic Centre Theatre in downtown El Reno to experience the Backwoods Country Music Show. Featuring…
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Last Day The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie. Put on by the Barrel…
  • Big Daddy Weave (Discovery Church - Yukon) Start Time: 7:00pm Big Daddy Weave is one of the top artists in Christian music: they are one of the genre’s biggest headlining artists, the second most played artist at Christian…
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Cameron (Edmond) Start Time: 1:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Cameron
  • Chelsea Handler (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Los Angeles comedian and New York Times bestselling author Chelsea Handler is bringing her "Life Will be the Death…
  • 🏃 Chill Your Cheeks 5K & Jingle Walk (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) A 5k run that winds through the streets of Yukon and ends amid the light displays at Yukon's Christmas in the Park. The Jingle Walk will start at the North Pavilion in…
  • Christmas in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Yukon's Christmas in the Park offers a beautiful lighted drive through three interconnecting parks. Yukon's Chisholm…
  • 🏃 Christmas in the Park 2019 (Yukon City Park - Yukon) Start Time: 6:00pm It’s time for Yukon’s breathtaking Christmas in the Park, a magical wonderland of visual entertainment offered starting The Saturday before Thanksgiving, then…
  • A Doll's House, Part 2 (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Nominated for eight Tony Awards, "A Doll's House, Part 2" flashes forward 15 years from Henrik Ibsen's…
  • 😂 Dustin Sims & Rocky Dale Davis Live In OKC. (The Paramount OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Dustin Sims has over 20 million views on facebook and his hilarious video series "Talking To Myself". Rocky Dale Davis is a nationally touring comedian and has been seen…
  • Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll (Mitch Park - Edmond) Thru Sun, Jan 5th Experience the joy of the holidays during Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll. This new walk-through…
  • Ellis Paul in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Described by Nora Guthrie as "wise, tender, brilliant and biting," singer-songwriter Ellis Paul is bringing…
  • 🎓 Family Workshop: Insect Hotels (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Join us as we learn how to attract beneficial insects, such as bees, lacewings, and ladybugs to our gardens by providing shelter for them. Participants will go on a…
  • Chickasha Festival of Light (Shannon Springs Park - Chickasha) Thru Tue, Dec 31st The Chickasha Festival of Light has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light shows in the nation…
  • Friends of the Purcell Library Book Sale (Norman Public Library - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Come find your next favorite book - to keep - at our Friends of the Library Book Sale! We'll have items for all ages. All proceeds go to support library staff and…
  • 🍴 Friendsgiving (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm Eat, drink and give thanks for good friends! Start a new Friendsgiving tradition with us! Let the Melting Pot be your host this Friendsgiving as you relax with your…
  • 🎨 Gift (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 8:00am Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, GIFT is a richly cinematic film, interweaving character‐driven…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Nov 25th Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Wed, Dec 25th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling winter…
  • 🎨 Holiday Lights Spectacular (Midwest City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Holiday Workshop: Living Wreaths (Succulents) (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:00pm Design a fantastic, modern succulent wreath in this seasonal, hands-on workshop. Specialized instruction will lead you to create a beautiful 18-22” wreath fit to adorn…
  • 🏆 Learn to Curl at Devon Ice Rink at Myriad Gardens (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Bring your family and friends and join Oklahoma Curling Club members as they walk through the etiquette and rules of curling. Dress warm, wear rubber soled shoes, and…
  • Light the City (Charles J. Johnson Central Park - Midwest City) Start Time: 6:00pm In this NEW holiday season opener you will see Midwest City come together like never before to Light the City! Along with our 40 foot mega tree in Charles J. Johnson…
  • Luminance: Merry Market Place (Mitch Park - Edmond) Start Time: 2:00pm Held in conjunction with Edmond's Luminance holiday event, the Merry Market Place kicks off the Christmas season with…
  • 😂 Michael Malone (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • My Big Operatic Wedding (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) Last Day Start Time: 7:30pm The UCO Voice division presents an evening of operatic excerpts in "My Big Operatic Wedding."
  • Oceano in Concert (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Members have rotated in and out of death metal band Oceano over the years, contributing to an ever-evolving…
  • Oklahoma Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The Oklahoma Gun Show in the Modern Living building of Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City is sure to have the…
  • 🍴 OU / Baylor 630pm Bar-Gate Time! (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm BOOMER!! SOONER!! OU / Baylor 630pm It is BAR-GATE TIME, WOOHOO!! Game on 7 TV's Inside and Outside :) Ice Cold Beer, Tasty Drinks, Jello Shots and FOOD!! **(please…
  • OU Sooners vs TCU Horned Frogs (Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium - Norman) Get ready for some edge-of-your-seat action as the Oklahoma Sooners take on the TCU Horned Frogs at Norman's Gaylord…
  • The Pioneer Woman (Full Circle Bookstore - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm Welcome to Ree's new frontier! So much has happened on Drummond Ranch over the last couple of years: The kids are growing up, another left for college, Ree's schedule is…
  • The Polar Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on The Polar Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • A Powerful Utterance (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Enjoy the work of cellist Wolfgang Emaniel Schmidt as part of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic's Classic Concert Series.…
  • 🎭 Oklahoma City Rep's A Doll's House, Part 2 (Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:30pm A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 by Lucas Hnath Nov. 8 – 24, 2019 CitySpace Theatre NOMINATED FOR 8 TONY AWARDS A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 flashes forward 15 years from Henrik…
  • Santa’s Wonderland returns to Bass Pro Shops featuring FREE photos with Santa (The Shop - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Santa’s Wonderland is the ultimate free family Christmas event. The magic returns to Bass Pro Shops and Oklahoma City-area families are invited to enjoy this…

Sunday, Nov 24th

  • Christmas in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Yukon's Christmas in the Park offers a beautiful lighted drive through three interconnecting parks. Yukon's Chisholm…
  • Concert Choir and Chamber Ensemble Advent Concert (University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha) Featuring seasonal music for voice, piano, organ and flute, the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Concert…
  • A Doll's House, Part 2 (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Last Day Nominated for eight Tony Awards, "A Doll's House, Part 2" flashes forward 15 years from Henrik Ibsen's…
  • Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll (Mitch Park - Edmond) Thru Sun, Jan 5th Experience the joy of the holidays during Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll. This new walk-through…
  • Chickasha Festival of Light (Shannon Springs Park - Chickasha) Thru Tue, Dec 31st The Chickasha Festival of Light has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light shows in the nation…
  • 🏃 The Great Amazing Race OKC adventure run/walk for adults & kids (Mitch Park - Edmond) Do you like "THE AMAZING RACE" TV show? This is your chance to test your skills! Pair up with a friend, family member or co-worker ~ kids teams and adult teams are…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Wed, Dec 25th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling winter…
  • Oklahoma Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 The Oklahoma Gun Show in the Modern Living building of Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City is sure to have the…
  • The Polar Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on The Polar Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…

Monday, Nov 25th

  • Christmas in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Yukon's Christmas in the Park offers a beautiful lighted drive through three interconnecting parks. Yukon's Chisholm…
  • Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll (Mitch Park - Edmond) Thru Sun, Jan 5th Experience the joy of the holidays during Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll. This new walk-through…
  • Chickasha Festival of Light (Shannon Springs Park - Chickasha) Thru Tue, Dec 31st The Chickasha Festival of Light has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light shows in the nation…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Last Day Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Wed, Dec 25th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling winter…
  • The Polar Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on The Polar Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…

Tuesday, Nov 26th

  • Christmas in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Yukon's Christmas in the Park offers a beautiful lighted drive through three interconnecting parks. Yukon's Chisholm…
  • Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll (Mitch Park - Edmond) Thru Sun, Jan 5th Experience the joy of the holidays during Edmond Electric's Luminance - An Enchanted Stroll. This new walk-through…
  • Chickasha Festival of Light (Shannon Springs Park - Chickasha) Thru Tue, Dec 31st The Chickasha Festival of Light has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light shows in the nation…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Wed, Dec 25th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling winter…
  • OU Sooners vs ACU Wildcats (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) Head to Norman to watch as the Oklahoma Sooners Women's Basketball take on the ACU Wildcats. Since the team's…
  • Pigface in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Get ready for an evening of high-energy, experimental music when industrial rock group Pigface takes over Tower Theatre in…
  • The Polar Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Tue, Dec 31st Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on The Polar Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…

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Run My City: Las Vegas

General running information:
We normally run on sidewalks and sometimes on the shoulder of the road. On the Strip, run only on the sidewalk. You take your life into your own hands if you run on the road. Downtown (Fremont Street), stick to the sidewalk. There are some bike lanes, but they’re not used often and therefore not always respected by drivers. It's also technically illegal to run in a bike lane.
This guide is written for tourists by a local who lives on the west side of town and focuses exclusively on road running. It's not complete by any means, but a good start.
Las Vegas is in a desert. There is limited shade, few clouds, and the sun is brutal. Always apply sunscreen and lip balm, wear a visor or sunglasses, and hydrate more often than at home.
Summers are hot, obviously, so you’ll want to run early, before 8 AM, or after dark. Due to the extreme heat, running in just a sports bra is fine, as is running shirtless for guys.
Winters bring large temperature swings. Daytime temps can be quite pleasant, and nights get downright cold. There is a monsoon season around springtime, but 99% of the time, you won’t have to worry about precipitation.
More important than the temperature is the humidity. There is none. You will sweat more and therefore need more water and more electrolytes than running at home. Bring water with you when you run, no matter where or how far you’re going.
Also note that Las Vegas is at approximately 2000 ft/600 m elevation. If you’re coming from a coastal area, you may see slightly slower times. If you’re coming from a mountainous area, enjoy the extra oxygen!
Las Vegas is a city of tourists. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. The tourist areas are pretty well policed, but personal responsibility will reduce your likelihood of being a target. Avoid the northern end of Las Vegas Blvd, north of Neon Museum, and the area east of Atomic Liquors. Also, hydrate well after a night of drinking.
Running Groups:
Las Vegas Runners
Red Rock Running Company
Performance Footwear
Weather forecast here
Strava Heatmap
Major Races
The Strip
Most folks stay on the Strip, so you can access this route from your doorstep. The route is simple: exit your hotel onto Las Vegas Blvd. Run either north or south on Las Vegas Blvd. The south end of the Strip is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, just south of Mandalay Bay. Be extremely careful if you cross to the sign, as you’ll be going across four lanes of highly annoyed traffic. The north end is a toss-up between the Wynn and the Stratosphere hotels. The distance between the Las Vegas sign and the Stratosphere is approximately 7 miles, and you can turn around at any point.
If you get a late start or want to avoid the overpasses, head to Flamingo, then turn east. Run 1 mile east to the Howard Hughes Corporate Center. The area is low traffic, wide streets, grass and palm trees. Run north on Howard Hughes Parkway to Sands, then turn and run back to Flamingo, unless you’re done, then turn west on Sands to the Strip.
Continue east on Flamingo to Maryland Parkway. Head south on Maryland Parkway to run past the University of Nevada - Las Vegas campus. Feel free to veer off and run through the campus. There are plenty of winding paths. The athletic facilities, including a track, are on the west side of campus. I’m not sure about access to the track. Continue south to Tropicana or Russell and turn west to return to the Strip. If you went as far south as Russell, you’ll have to follow Paradise north, then Tropicana west to the Strip.
  • Start your run around 5 or 6 AM. By 10 AM, there won’t be room for you to run.
  • Run only on sidewalks, and please use the overpasses.
  • There’s plenty of busses, taxis and ubers to get you back to your hotel.
  • Fun fact: The Strip is not within the Las Vegas city limits.
Downtown encompasses the Fremont Street entertainment district, the home of classic casinos and the world’s largest video screen; Fremont East, an area of recent renovation and hipster bars; the Arts District, an area with starving artists, secondhand stores, and a fun retro vibe; and Symphony Park, home to the Smith Center and the Frank Gehry-designed Lou Ruvo Brain Institute.
I haven’t personally run in this area, but here’s a potential 5-mile loop that takes you through the highlights. If you want to add mileage, extend south from Charleston on Casino Center into the heart of the Arts District. Turn onto Wyoming or Oakey and head back up Main Street to Charleston to resume the route. This extension isn’t the prettiest side of town but does pass by two fantastic ice cream shops.
  • If you want to run under the Vivavision (video screen), you’re probably fine to start any time before 3 PM. This area doesn’t really get crowded until dark and is pedestrians only.
  • Bike lanes are available downtown, painted green. Since they are only downtown, not all drivers are aware of them or respect them, so run cautiously.
  • There are quite a few homeless folks in the area. Usually harmless, but don’t be surprised at seeing them.
  • Fun fact: The Golden Gate is the oldest casino in Las Vegas.
City and County Parks
Sunset Park is just 5 miles east of Mandalay Bay. Run south on the Strip to Sunset Rd, then run east to Sunset Park itself. The park has miles of paved trails, both in a manicured park with playgrounds, basketball courts, etc., and in a more natural desert setting. Plenty of bathrooms (which may not have doors) and water fountains here.
Craig Ranch Regional Park/craig_ranch_regional_park.php) is in North Las Vegas and would require transportation from either of the tourist hubs. There's a farmer's market on the weekends, and a 5k would take about 1.5-2 laps around the park exterior.
Clark County Wetlands Park on the east side of town is a fantastic getaway from desert landscapes. 14 miles of paved trails pass through ponds and reeds, providing plenty of bird-watching opportunities.
Red Rock Canyon & Western Beltway
Red Rock Canyon is a dramatic sandstone respite away from the bright lights of the Strip. The 13-mile paved loop is perfect training for marathons and includes 1500 feet of elevation gain in the first 5 miles. There’s a second tough uphill around mile 6.5 as well, and then the trail flattens out, with mild rises. You’ll pass by sandstone cliffs and Joshua Trees. Be careful of the traffic, as you share the road with both cars and cyclists. The loop is one-way, so be careful, especially on the tighter turns.
If 13 miles isn’t enough – or if it’s too much – there’s a great multi-use trail that parallels the 215 beltway. The paved trail starts in the south at Peace Way and runs about 12 miles total. There’s one intersection at Flamingo, and then underpasses for the rest of the trip, at least until Sahara. Charleston Blvd, the road to Red Rock, is directly in the center. You’ll continue west for another 6 miles or so to the loop entrance.
  • No water once you leave the visitors center, so come prepared. Bring more water than you think you’ll need. If you’re not sure, err on the side of too much. I recommend 2L for a half-day hike, so adjust according to your distance and pace. Water is available at Red Rock Visitor Center & the Albertson’s on Charleston shortly before the park.
  • Bathrooms available at Albertson’s on Charleston, the Visitor’s Center, and some of the pullouts in Red Rock.
  • Admission to Red Rock is $7 for a car, $3 for a cyclist or pedestrian. Cash or cards accepted. These rates are currently under discussion to double.
  • I highly recommend having your own transportation for these runs. While uber & lyft have great coverage in the western suburbs, phone reception out at Red Rock itself is spotty.
  • Fun fact: Red Rock is home to Mojave Max, a desert tortoise used to predict the start of spring.
It’s too damn hot and I can’t stand the treadmill. Help?
Run in air conditioned bliss at the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (LVAC) gyms’ indoor tracks. They are for locals and therefore require a traditional monthly gym membership, but they do have a one-day pass to try them out.
Oh, and I'll be here for a week.
UNLV’s Student Recreational Center is open to “the Community” and has an indoor track. Nevada residents can get a monthly pass, not sure about out of state folks. More info:
Further from the Strip, the indoor track at the Henderson Multigenerational Center is available to non-residents.
If you’re military, the gym at Nellis Air Force Base has an indoor track as well.
ETA city & county parks 8/28/17 ETA major races 9/28/17
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D.C. Weekend Event Guide 10/17 - 10/19

UPDATED 10/17 AT 8:00 A.M.
If you know of an event that isn't yet listed, please post a comment and I will add it to the list. Events listed in bold are weekend highlights!
Magnificant Intentions Music Festival | Friday - Sunday | Magnificent Intentions Music Festival is the brainchild of DC-area musician Ryan Walker (of the bands The Beanstalk Library and The Cowards Choir). The idea for the festival was sparked when Ryan was watching the Grammys and realized he had a plethora of friends in the area who make music as good as (if not better than) what was on display at the awards show. Taking place at IOTA Club and Café in Arlington, VA from October 17th through the 19th, the festival takes its name from a quote by Charles Dickens, calling DC the “city of magnificent intentions.” Curated and produced by Ryan, along with band mates, friends and other key members of the DC-area music scene, the festival will be a three-day showcase and celebration of a wide variety of high quality acts from the DC area. Recommended by EPiC212.
Adams Morgan PorchFest | Saturday, 3:00 p.m. | It may never be easier to get up close and personal with the musical talent of Washington than at the second annual Adams Morgan PorchFest when the front porches of homes and a few local businesses are transformed into intimate performance spaces to be enjoyed by anyone who happens to stroll by. Inspired by similar PorchFest events across the country aimed at creating a family friendly, neighborhood-based alternative to the nightclub music scene, Adams Morgan’s version will span an eclectic range of styles from Brazilian, Irish and jazz, to indie rock, children’s music and even Egyptian Nubian folkloric. Adams Morgan PorchFest is free to the public and presented by Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District in partnership with Cultural Tourism DC.
DC Author Festival | Saturday, 9:30 a.m. | Enjoy readings, workshops, and over 70 local author and publisher vendor booths. Presented by DC Public Libraries.
DC United v. Chicago Fire | Saturday, 7:00 p.m. | Come cheer on DC United during their last regular season home game. DC can clinch 1st place in the East going into the playoffs and qualify for next season's Champions League if they get a tie or win. Recommended by doriangray512 and stonewallnilgoals. spanish_bread shared "a heads up to people who might want to buy tickets at the stadium. The game will most likely sellout so try and get your tickets before then!"
Let's Get Lucky Casino Night! | Saturday, 7:00 p.m. | For three special hours, guests will test their luck at craps, roulette, blackjack, poker, and the money wheel. At the end of the night, winnings can be used to purchase raffle tickets for exciting prizes! The $95 ticket price includes 1,000 Lucky Dog Dollars to start the fun. All proceeds from the event will benefit Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, a volunteer-run 501c3 working to save dogs and cats from certain euthanasia. Recommended by L2Forest.
Lit Up Ball at Artisphere: Bond, James Bond Theme | Saturday, 8:00 p.m. | Attendees are encouraged to don their best 1950s-60s attire for an evening of intrigue and glamour, by way of Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond. Highlights include a jazz orchestra performing 1950s-60s and Bond-inspired music, dance instructors showing era-appropriate dances, raffles for wide variety of prizes and prize packages, desserts, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase by credit/debit cards. Prizes for best 1950s-60 style attire!
MeccaFest | Saturday, 12:00 p.m. | For 72 hours every October, Washington transforms into the epicenter of American hip-hop during Howard University’s annual homecoming weekend. Enter MeccaFest, a day-long concert being thrown in Southeast Washington by a group of bootstrapping Howard alums. The festival’s bigger names include robotic rap balladeer Future; R&B lothario Jeremih; teenage hit-makers Rae Sremmurd; go-go legends Backyard Band; Black Cobain, a local rapper who still has the best stage name on Earth; and Elle Varner. Event highlighted by The Washington Post.
Mimosa March | Saturday | Enjoy six special editions of the champagne classic -- all INCLUDED in your ticket -- as you explore six of Dupont Circle's best bars during this all day mimosa adventure. You also get specials on food pairings, liquor pairings and additional beers. A portion of ALL proceeds will go to Stand Up For Kids charity.
Bethesda Row Arts Festival | Saturday - Sunday | The Bethesda Row Arts Festival transforms four blocks downtown Bethesda into an outdoor art gallery featuring fine arts and crafts for sale from 190 museum quality artists in the Bethesda Row area of Bethesda, Maryland. Here is a link to the Festival map showing artist booth locations, parking, dining, shopping and more.
Claude Moore Colonial Farm AUTUMN MARKET FAIR | Saturday - Sunday | Warm yourself by the fire and enjoy the splendor of autumn with crisp local apples and hearty breads. Stop by the Shady Pig and Turkey Tavern for a cup of mulled wine before you begin your holiday shopping at the many tradesmen's and merchant's stalls. Period food, beverages, and wares available for purchase. Recommended by hysilvinia.
Fredericksburg Fall Home Show | Saturday - Sunday | The Fall Home Show is a great place for homeowners to knock out their to-do lists! Over 100 vendors will be on hand to give advice on any projects or repairs your home needs. Plus you can get your holiday shopping started early with high-quality crafts, including home decor, specialty foods, knick-knacks, clothing, photography, pottery and more! Recommended by alicelily.
Noir City DC: The 2014 Film Noir Festival | * October 18 - 30* | Following on the 12th edition of Noir City in San Francisco, this year’s edition goes international, exploding the long-held belief that noir stories and style are a specifically American phenomenon. Focusing on the years immediately following World War II, this year's festival features classic noir films from France, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Norway and Britain, as well as a complementary sampling of homegrown Hollywood product. Familiar American stars such as Robert Mitchum, Ava Gardner, Orson Welles, Dan Duryea and Lizabeth Scott share the screen with international superstars Jean Gabin, Olga Zubarry, Toshirô Mifune, Ninón Sevilla and Yves Montand. The 21 films in this series should leave little doubt that the cinematic movement known as "noir" spanned the globe, and its style, sexiness and cynicism crossed all international borders.
Oyster Festival | Saturday - Sunday | Its that time of year once again. When, for oyster lovers, the St. Marys County fairgrounds near Leonardtown transform to nirvana. Oysters served up raw, scalded, grilled on the barbie, on bread, on the half shell, stewed, nude, cooked in savory sauces, in salads, even in desserts, just about every way imaginable and then some. Theyre here for the eating and enjoying at the Annual St. Marys County Oyster Festival. This year's festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 18th and 19th at the Fairgrounds on Route 5 just south of Leonardtown. Recommended by fuji96.
Tysons Fall Harvest | Saturday - Sunday | Bring The Kids For the 1st Annual Tysons Fall Harvest Festival! Stroll through the arts and crafts booths and taste some of the fun flavors of Fall. It is all here for the reaping… bring your family and friends and carve out some special memories!
World of Montgomery Festival | Sunday, 12:00 p.m. | The World of Montgomery Festival at Westfield Wheaton on Sunday October 19th will celebrate the diverse cultural heritages which play an active role in the lives of Montgomery County residents and communities. The festival showcases this rich diversity through food, music, dance, traditional arts and hands-on projects for children and families.
National Building Museum Haunted Historic Ghost Tour | Friday, 8:00 p.m. | Explore the haunted past of the National Building Museum. See a different side of the Museum on this lantern-light tour. Mysteries and surprises await as you explore the dark side of our historic building. Recommended by alicelily.
Wicked Women Burlesque Show | Friday, 9:00 p.m. | As Halloween approaches, evil invades your town with a new name: The Love Show! This event is 21+.
Raven's Night | Saturday | Raven’s Night, Metro DC’s most unique, hedonistic and artistic Halloween event, ushers in the season on October 18, 2014 at The Birchmere. Now in its fourth year, this sensational modern take on the traditional masquerade ball celebrates every devilish trick and sexy treat of Halloween. The theme for 2014 is Sci-Fi Phantasm…so fire up your retro rockets, check your fuel intake, and prepare to blast off into another universe!As with past years, Raven’s Night: Sci-Fi Phantasm 2014 includes three distinct events woven into one: mesmerizing world-class dance performances at The Cabaret Macabre; a dinner concert featuring live music; and a pre-show event combining an alternative World’s Fair-styled exposition and sideshow, including Tarot card readings, magic and belly-dancing. Recommended by t-readyroc.
DC DEAD | Saturday - Sunday | Explore the hidden hallways of Fort Fringe in NW Washington, DC. Salvage supplies and maybe save humanity...but watch out, the undead are lurking just around the corner. DC DEAD is an immersive game - you will be chasing Zombies and Zombies will be chasing you! Please come prepared to stand, climb stairs, scavenge for supplies and dodge that fatal swipe from the infected Undead! Recommended by bonnieirisheyes. Half price tickets available here.
Pumpkin Harvest Days at Butler's Orchard | October 4 - 26 | Bring your friends and your sense of adventure and come out to the farm to enjoy a crisp autumn afternoon full of fall fun. From learning about the pumpkin life-cycle to picking their own pumpkin, children will learn about how food is grown and harvested while engaging in enjoyable, educational learning stations. Recommended by alicelilly.
Zola Jesus at the Hirshhorn After Hours | Friday, 8:00 p.m. | We invite you to join us on October 17 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Hirshhorn Museum, view our new exhibitions Days of Endless Time and At the Hub of Things: New Views of the Collection, and to be part of the dynamic future of the Hirshhorn and the Smithsonian. The evening includes late-night gallery hours, curator-led tours, film screenings, and a live performance by Zola Jesus. Recommended by doriangray512.
AAFSW Art & Book Fair | Saturday - Sunday | Thousands of used books, paintings, art objects, jewelry, textiles and treasures from around the world plus CDs, DVDs, maps, ephemera, stamps, coins, paper money and much more will be available to the public at Art & BookFair 2014.
White House Fall Garden Tours | Saturday - Sunday | This fall, the White House will be opening its gardens and grounds to visitors on Saturday, October 18 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM EDT, and Sunday, October 19 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM EDT. During this event, visitors can see the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden and South Lawn of the White House. Additionally, the White House Kitchen Garden – the first vegetable garden at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden – will be accessible to guests. This event is free and open to the public; however, a ticket is required for all attendees (including small children). The National Park Service will distribute free, timed tickets at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion located at 15th and E Streets Northwest on each tour day beginning at 9:00 AM. Tickets will be distributed -- one ticket per person -- on a first-come, first-served basis.
Friends of SW DC Public Library Book Sale | Saturday - Sunday | Hundreds of new books: bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, vampires, cookbooks, job search, and more!
National Christmas Tree Lighting Ticket Lottery | Opens Friday, 10:00 a.m. | On December 4, 2014 the National Park Foundation and National Park Service will present the 92nd annual National Christmas Tree Lighting. Nationally known entertainers and a United States military band add to the celebratory evening in which the President of the United States is invited to light the National Christmas Tree and bring a message of peace to the nation and world. The application period for the 2014 lottery begins at 10 a.m. (ET) on Friday, October 17 and ends at 10 a.m. (ET) on Monday, October 20. To register, visit and sign up for an account. Return to the home page and click the National Christmas tree link. Click the "Apply Now" button that will appear when in the upper right hand corner you're logged in at
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Hitler Hunt for 6/29/2018

I found 127 Hitlers in Politics today.

Maryland shooting: NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said journalists 'need to be curb-stomped', in resurfaced footage
The suspicious business relationship between Trump and Justice Kennedy’s son
Poll: Nearly 70 Percent of Voters Don’t Want Roe v. Wade Overturned
CNN reporter shouts at Trump: 'Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people?
Prank caller patched through to Trump on Air Force One
Rachel Maddow is right. There was no plan for reuniting families split at border
Obama: I told Trump to just rename Obamacare and take credit for it
Obama offers Democrats tough love ahead of midterms: 'Enough moping'
Maryland shooting: Trump ducks questions over Capital Gazette killings, as president's attacks on journalists come into focus
In 'Stunning Indictment', ICE Officers Call for Own Agency to Be Dissolved Amid Growing Outrage Over Immigration Policy
Mexico asks United Nations to intervene on family separation by U.S.
Russian TV boasts about electing Trump ahead of summit with Putin
Kirsten Gillibrand Becomes First Sitting Senator to Call to Abolish ICE
After Warning Congresswoman 'Be Careful,' Trump Has Yet to Denounce Lynching Threats Made Against Maxine Waters
The plan to overturn Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court is already in motion
Young political star Ocasio-Cortez: In a moral, wealthy society, 'no person in America should be too poor to live’
The America We Thought We Knew Is Gone
Did Anthony Kennedy’s son loan Donald Trump $1 billion?
Trump isn’t telling the truth about illegal immigrants and crime. The public knows it.
The White House Is Becoming A Ghost Town. Trump Loyalists Worry It's Going To Get Worse.
Maryland shooting: NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said journalists 'need to be curb-stomped', in resurfaced footage
Democrats are acting like a bunch of cowering dandies. They need to grow a spine and throw some punches.
Republicans Ready to Deploy Plan to Repeal Roe v. Wade
“We’re seeing a creeping rise of autocracy”: Rob Reiner sounds the warning on Trump and truth
Susan Sarandon Arrested at Protest Against Trump’s Immigration Policy: 'Keep Fighting'
Ted Cruz says to vote Democrat in Illinois race
Melania Trump Asks Kids If They’ve ‘Made Friends’ in Immigration Facility
Obama to Dems: ‘You are right to be concerned’ about Trump
Bill Deagle: Liberal Protesters Who Harass Conservatives Are 'Going To Get Death
White Supremacists’ Use of Campus Propaganda Is Soaring, Report Finds
Ted Cruz: ‘Vote for the Democrat’ over the GOP Nazi
It Is Happening Here, Trump Is Already Early-Stage Mussolini
Quit the EU for better trade deal, Trump reportedly told Macron
US Still Hasn't Received Soldiers' Remains from North Korea, Says Pompeo
Cops Arrested a Black Man. He Called Them Nazis, So He Was Charged With a Hate Crime.
We are organizers from the #OccupyICEPDX movement. Ask Us Anything!
People are slamming Fox News for reporting that the Maryland newspaper just targeted in a shooting doesn't have an ideological bent
It sure looks like China’s preparing for a trade war with the US
If You Think This Week Was Bad, Just Wait Till Next Week
Jarrod W. Ramos: Capital Gazette shooting suspect had long-running feud with Maryland newspaper
Trump to Macron: Why Don't You Leave the European Union?
Trump promises historic economic growth...
Friday Fun Thread!
Donald Trump's Federal Judge Selections Have Been the Most Mainstream Thing He's Done, Experts Say
'People Need to Calm Down': Co-Chair of Women for Trump Receives Death Threats After CNN Appearance
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 14583 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 81 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 50052 comments. In total, I have read 7515025 comments.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 134: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 309.7 Calling the Navy Yard? - YouTube
    • Oops well the excitement always just keeps getting more exciting here beautiful Silver Spring Maryland
    • We just just report the news you just go move up and down the highway and tell the story of the people
    • So anyway this just happened while I was walking out the door
    • So I'm not really gonna spend much time on it but that's a good dog right there can I see your dog Sasha 8? beautiful. nice okay
    • So anyway here in Silver Spring you didn't be surprised at a 36 year old man living here guy named Shawn Lucas
    • << beep >>
    • We surprised how few footprints you would generate right 36 year old man would be going out to these bars living here good friends at the DNC partying a lot
    • Facebook--have a lot of Facebook, living in Silver Spring,
    • You think hey man I have facebook 36 I mean I'm 56 36 year olds gonna be on Facebook a lot
    • Gonna be a probably a fan of the Washington Capitals
    • Probably a fan of the Nationals baseball team--I don't know maybe the Baltimore Orioles maybe he's more of a fan of the Baltimore Orioles
    • But usually guys that age they go out with their buddies, have drinks there's a lot of lot of stuff going on
    • So that's kind of interesting that's the first thing
    • So this is just collecting some metadata for for our time here at Silver Spring
    • So and then Sligo we're gonna be looking at a place called Sligo, where he had a had an address
    • I got up go early this morning to be honest with you that I had to have a nap and I had to think about all the information I've received today and I've received quite a bit of information
    • And I wanted to be able to say exactly where I thought the the router the--point of presence--was at the Navy Yard for for Imran but I couldn't do it
    • I had so much information in my head I was like I know it's here somewhere
    • It's kind of like that Pony thing it's like I know there's a pony in here somewhere I just got to keep digging
    • So anyway I think I know now
    • I'm gonna be looking at a guy named JASON BRAGG--B R A G G
    • Now Jason Bragg is the helpdesk manager at the "THE MIS DEPARTMENT"
    • Now this may be just for the hack of the DNC in the DCCC there could be another whole connection for the ongoing State Department and the way that the information's getting to the Navy Yard
    • But like I said before that I believe the server--this just me--the server is at the Navy Yard, I believe and I believe the point of presence got to have a way to route to it, right?
    • I believe the point of presence is going to be at TELEPORT DC
    • So teleport DC is where I think a lot of times if you have a secure location you have sort of a firewall you'll notice that the stuff that it was at Imran's house had a firewall they call it TUNNELING
    • So that your - your communication stream is beyond the strength of HTTPS--you want to actually create a secure tunnel much like if we tunneled under here and had super secure tunnel, you want a protocol between these two encryption devices that creates a secure tunnel, that way if anybody ever intercepted it it wouldn't convict all the co-conspirators okay
    • So now this is just for the DNC and DCCC hack
    • I have not found the location of that big kahuna backup server I don't believe
    • But this is just just for the DCCC and DNC I believe it's Jason Bragg
    • The reason why I say Jason Bragg is he's the owner he looks like he's the only management or Mis department employee (give you a little more metadata)
    • It looks like these the only Mis Department employee in Washington DC
    • Again I think if you remember the Chopras--they were living in an apartment they had these two apartments
    • Normally a couple of--almost a thousand people or whatever--you wouldn't have an Mis department--especially since his national security--you wouldn't have an Mis department in somebody's house in Chicago--this is in Washington DC down that way about ten miles or whatever: it doesn't make any sense!
    • Conversely--or by the same token I should say it was one of my dad's favorite phrases--[it] wouldn't make sense to have one guy in DC at the Mis department not at the DNC not at the DCCC he's in an apartment!
    • Now it could be that he just commuted out of that apartment and that's just the way the MIS department did things
    • He telecommuting, but he did live right next to teleport DC, which I believe is the point of presence for the tunnel going into the Navy Yard--a real physical underground tunnel going into the Navy Yard
    • {{ 911bs: Just to explain, I believe G is saying that he lived in DC, worked for DCCC and DNC IN DC, but his internet traffic was going from Navy Yard to CHICAGO! tunnelled to a laughably generic-sounding company called "THE MIS DEPARTMENT", which is in some rando apartment }}
    • The address is going to be 1 1 0 0 southeast 1st Street, I think it's just between L and M Street, just in front of the Navy Yard
    • And the reason why I believe it's at Teleport DC is: a lot of stuff is going to be coming in to Teleport DC, and you need something on the other side of the firewall when you when you set these things up you have what they call a DMZ or demilitarized zone
    • You have a dirty side of the firewall, where all kinds of unclean traffic or an unknown traffic on public side of the firewall
    • And then you have your clean side of the firewall, which is going to be your secure side or your secure side your unsecured side
    • And then there's a DMZ where sometimes you have servers that are taking intermediate data before it gets moved on to the
    • That space in between -- remember that song that Dave Matthews had space between? The DMZ is that space between
    • So I'm not saying for absolute certain that Jason Bragg at the help desk at the MIS department was Hillary's Navy spy
    • And I'm not saying she recruits a whole bunch of Navy kids as her spies that then go and infiltrate other organizations after they leave the Navy or Marines
    • I'm not saying that I'm just saying that I believe Jason's apartment is
    • And the fact that the MIS Department is not at the DNC is suspect
    • It's very close to teleport DC
    • and it's in a perfect position to be a front or a front end for the unsecure side of a firewall going into the secure side at the Navy Yard
    • So I'll just leave it there
    • But again I'm in Silver Spring and I didn't figure that out until I got up here
    • With the help of brainy blonde thank you very much
    • So that's all that I'm going no no no no you don't understand day two This is Day two folks
    • Day two
    • I did have a non-alcoholic beer lat - two non-alcoholic st. pauli beers last night
    • So I'm doing very well day to clean itself whistle
    • And I'll let everybody go at that
    • Jason BRAGG you can look him up
    • Now there's another Jason brag that look works for a very large hedge fund in Chicago
    • So I'm seeing if that is there's any connection there at all
    • Pakistani guy he works for I think I'm going by memory Parek I need pie rack or something like that
    • But I'll get that later I'll develop that out later but yeah Jason Bragg the interesting guy just seems to be
    • I've tried to contact him many times just doesn't it
    • I don't know if they shut down after the DNC which would make sense the MIS department would shut down
    • But what if the Chopra's discovered Jason Bragg was a Navy kid--one of Hillary's Navy kids and that they were being spied on
    • What would they do?
    • Well I'll leave everyone to
    • I'll look at the comments that's just the thoughts for this evening
    • Just found it interesting that this very small company Mis Department
    • First of all was the MIS Department for the DNC
    • Second of all it was two apartments in Chicago
    • Third of all they have a third apartment in Washington DC, down by the Navy Yard, but not at the DNC on the toward downtown
    • Just odd and Jason Bragg just seems to be like one of those Navy kids
    • So that's it for tonight
  • Day 310.1 Motion For Change of Venue in Awan Case - YouTube
    • Okay. good morning This is Day 310
    • Here in Silver Spring I wish I was down at three three three Constitution right
    • Now walking around the Prettyman courtroom
    • So that it would be more dramatic in the sense of the motion to for removal that I'm gonna file tomorrow
    • The motion for change of venue and basically the argument is very simple
    • I put the tweet out there you can read the read the document
    • The motion for removal of the case my argument is very simple--that this is not a simple case--this is not a simple bank fraud and conspiracy case
    • This is the House of Representatives and the people of the United States case
    • You cannot separate a fraud on the representatives and the members of the house of the United States and the business of the people of the United States by definition by definition the representatives of the house of of Congress represent us
    • we have standing
    • The people of the United States have standing in this case, by using only a small piece of Imran's transgressions, almost amounts to a deliberate act
    • That is not the argument I made--a deliberate act for suppressing the case
    • The argument I made is this we the people have a right to intervene in this case, because our interests are not being attended to
    • You can read the motion I wrote this morning
    • Basically two simple to simple grounds
    • 1) first is the prosecution is unavoidably unavoidably has a conflict of interest here, with the US attorney being Steve Wasserman, and then the prosecution is further clouded the case by making Mirando--the attorney Mirando involved with the cloudy relationship with Joanna Wasserman--this is a employer Debbie Wasserman is the employer of the defendant!
    • That is a clear conflict of interest
    • 2) second piece is prosecution has not reasonably pursued the evidence in the case.
    • A great deal of evidence exists in the case the prosecution has decided for whatever reason to suppress from the judge
    • There is a Congressional report which describes the defendants burglary of 20 members of Congress
    • For some reason the prosecution has denied that to the court that's fundamental
    • For some reason the prosecution has denied the letters of Congress Louie Gohmer's comments to the Congress about the one spy ring, and also letter a Senator Grassley's letter of his concern
    • They denied or suppressed the FBI's letter Mike McMahon's letter about vetting.
    • They've suppressed all the news and articles that have been written about the once they've suppress the process of Justice
    • They've suppressed the people's ability by not being able to see a mug shot--to see what other victims there may be in the case through Imran Awan's use of a false name that's why you produce mug shots
    • So that if criminal is using a false name other other individuals can come forward who have been wronged
    • None of the homes have been mentioned by the prosecution the multiple homes
    • The multiple mortgages that Imran Awan took out of the Hawkshead home have not been mentioned
    • The purchase of 120 or 150 different iPhones for an office of six people through CDW through personal delivery to his house was not mentioned
    • That report has been suppressed
    • So I mentioned all those things you can go out and read it
    • I'm not going to add a whole bunch of litany a laundry list it's a short document--three pages
    • Really makes the point of two things unavoidable unavoidable conflict-of-interest, and gross negligence--gross negligence not making available reports that exist the Congressional report, the 20 burglaries which exists, and also the news articles which exist, reports to Congress that have been written by members of Congress that exists, reports of people that had FBI that exist that have been suppressed
    • None of these things have been mentioned as well as paper document records of illegal activity
    • And finally I added my personal visit and personal testimony of Andre Taggart, who testified that there was equipment--after you once were barred from the Congressional Network, at the home of Imran Awan, when he was not the renter of that facility that home
    • The fact that he did call the FBI the fact that NCIS was called in and there was a report available
    • Why would that report be suppressed in this from this judge?
    • So in all very simply gross negligence and an unavoidable unavoidable conflict-of-interest
    • So you can go out and read it I'm going to the ex home of Mr. Shawn Lucas right now
    • Sligo Boulevard
    • And I'll let what I come up with
  • Day 310.2 At Apartment of Shawn Lucas - YouTube
    • Okay. hey everybody I am at the home or the apartment of Shawn Lucas
    • Now everybody says well why are you going to Shawn Lucas's apartment clearly he died down on DuPont Center 19th Street down on Dupont Circle down on CIA row
    • Clearly you don't understand that his girlfriend's name was Savannah
    • You don't understand that he moved from 614 Sligo here
    • (good morning)
    • You don't seem to understand he committed suicide with four different types of fentanyl and all this other stuff in his system
    • You seem to be purporting a conspiracy theory
    • Well let's break that down for a second okay
    • So as I do that I'm going to just say that there's no supervisor here there's the summit management services but there's no supervisor listed
    • So and I I dialed a couple of numbers but didn't get through let's break this down let's walk around a little bit and get collect some metadata as well
    • With Smith-Mundt Modernization it's called modernization as the DoD I can do whatever I want right
    • Now we've already determined that mike mullen admiral mike mullen right is in conversation in WikiLeaks with akane from Pakistan right they're going back and forth back and forth HH 2 MM hours hours to minutes minutes you could just search for h h and mm in WikiLeaks to see this discussion
    • Now later on it turns out that some intermediary with the same exact initials h h it wasn't really Haqqani but it was a pack of standing intermediary was in those discussions and they weren't talking about trade rights to Washington Navy Yard and how they were going to ship drugs all over the world
    • I'm sure that's not what they were talking about
    • But we know the Department of Defense we know the Department of Defense has run operations before called narco-terrorism
    • We need to sell narcotics theater in order to support terrorists worldwide
    • That was Iran-Contra--we need to do that we started that in Afghanistan as a matter of fact we started in Pakistan with the Pashtun in Pakistan
    • So it's not like there isn't a precedent in the exact country we're talking about the exact country we're talking about!
    • We have Graham Fuller's work in central asia to look back on we have all the legacy of DOD with Gladio in Europe and Gladio B in Central Asia
    • So this isn't speculation we're not speculating here this is matter of public record you can read devil's chessboard or read it any of the other tomes that have been written about the CIA
    • Peter Dale Scott
    • In the hand of their own directors of the CIA the CD is the directors of Central Intelligence okay
    • So this isn't speculation I'll do collects a little bit more it really isn't a lot there is looks like a convenience store down there then I'm gonna visit
    • I'm figured a guy 36 is gonna want some beer every once in a while want to watch the football every once in a while
    • There's another convenience store if you look this way right over here okay
    • So I'm gonna get on public property now but now I'm gonna stand this high purchase till somebody throws me off
    • So we're not talking about something that the DoD has never done before as a matter of fact let's just call them the wrong Contras because that's what they are these narco terrorist deals
    • We've seen this over and over again in Syria with Isis we've seen this with that seventh emirates where the brother of the emirate who's now running the country says this has become a cesspool of arms and drugs trade this RAK this RAC
    • I almost went into this blessed aisle this plot this england but this RAK would have a different speech I think
    • This Emerald Isle it might have been this uranium Isle this this mess it plot not this blessed plot this this RAK
    • This RAK of iniquity this RAK of iniquity
    • But anyway we've proven that the in the own testimony of the brother the brother who runs the RAK that has become a cesspool
    • We've seen Dilyana now with dark weapons trade get fired just recently from her news organization for reporting the truth, with documentary evidence, documentary evidence
    • But these black weapons trades are happening now to support narco-terrorism that we're there to the brother the brother is saying we are directly supplying arms to terrorists and using narcotics to pay for it
    • This is not something I'm speculating 25 years ago
    • This is the brother as of the days before he was murdered okay
    • So this isn't speculation we now have all these documents from Dilyana's Silk Way Airlines
    • We now have all these documents about purple shovel in Virginia with the dark uranium trade the depleted European uranium trade we have the white phosphorus trade in Florida right
    • So this isn't speculation this is profuse profuse documentation
    • Bills of lading bills of lading from here to there. This port to that port port of Jeddah etc
    • So we don't need to belabor that point anymore but all I want to say is okay
    • So we're we've clearly established that there are Iran-Contras as a matter-of-fact it's just not one Iran-Contra
    • It's from Iran Contra I'll just call them "Contras" from now on, because that's our idea of providing a countervailing force against the current administrations of regimes we don't like
    • Matter-of-fact sometimes we support both the regimes we like or don't like
    • And the Contras so the DoD says contra one contra two contra 3 contra however many 140--I don't know how many the DoD's got going... that allows us to deal drugs all over the world
    • Right through national security--national security national security
    • And anyone who gets in the way of that is a target anyone who gets in a way is a target okay
    • So we need to put in place in our Congress in the Senate and the House of Representatives the people who will vote the way we want to we want people to vote
    • For the NDAA 97 to 1
    • If somebody like Tulsi Gabbard comes out and says we shouldn't support terrorism we shouldn't give weapons to terrorism we need to crush that person!
    • Because that's exactly what we do in 140 different countries--we need to crush that person
    • What do they vote against there 97 to 3? 97 to 1?
    • All right do it because they voted for it
    • Now anybody who living here normal guy normal guy, right here working as a process server
    • Just the last guy the last mile in in a process to ensure that the American people have one shred or scintilla of say, in their government, and who represents them at the DNC, that they can elect the Berniecrat that they want, or they can elect a presidential candidate that they want...
    • If he walks in and says I'm here as the last guy I'm just the last guy I'm just a delivery guy here and I'm presenting you with a lawsuit
    • That says that the people's interest in their ability to elect their leaders shall be protected
    • That's what the lawsuit is all about
    • Jared Beck hired that process server, just just dismissed just dismissed out of hand
    • We found and the ruling of the court?
    • W e found fraud but we can't test for it
    • It's like it's like an exterminator saying hey I found a whole bunch of rats down here in your basement but I don't know how to test for it
    • Well how the hell did you find the rats in the first place?
    • The argument was totally specious
    • Jared should immediately appeal this ruling it's crazy! nuts appeal!
    • And we should go back to re-examining any time this happens any time there's a suspicious death on Dupont Circle 19th in CIA fun house, we should have a reporter go back at least one at least one go back and retrace his steps and find out about him a little bit
    • Ask him about over here did he ever come over here to have beer?
    • Did you ever go down there and get beer?
    • Which is exactly what I'm gonna do?
    • Did he ever go down that cleaners? Apparently had to wear a nice shirt right the day he went into the DNC
    • Because I don't trust anything the DoD says
    • Why would you?
    • Look at their history! Look at the history--with Seth Rich, Berkmans: fake scenery
    • Baughman: fake scenery
    • And Seth Rich I don't know looks like fake scenery to me
    • Doesn't have any supporting metadata why would you believe any of that what basis do you have to believe any of that none there's nothing there's no metadata whatsoever that's been produced ok
    • So right now I'm gonna go over show this guy John's picture
    • I'm gonna show that guy the shot guys Shawn Shawn's picture there has to be at least one person out there that asks these questions
    • With Smith-Mundt modernization because Smith Mont modernization means I can go to get a guy like Donnie O'Sullivan a stooge for the DoD
    • And I can go put a plant I can do as the FBI I can electronically hunt you down I can electronically hunt you down right we saw that I can create false probable cause
    • I can arrest you for no reason, falsely imprison you, right, but then then the Tapper is I can get the New York Times and CNN to destroy your reputation with no recourse!
    • With Smith-Mundt Modernization--you voted for it!
    • Well what here's to lost causes
    • Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for
    • I still have my free speech I'm gonna go over and exercise it, and I'm gonna exercise it here and following the last steps of Shawn Lucas
    • Because I think if somebody doesn't we're gonna fall prey to Smith-Mundt over and over and over again
    • And I think we already are I think we already are when the little street flooding turns into well nevermind
    • Sugar Land Sugar Land flood
    • This is the Sugar Land flood wiped those streets cleanse of the Sugar Land evidence
    • Talk to you soon everybody
    • Oh yeah and another one thing about the fake case that Wasserman's
    • Our Steve Wasserman has put together US attorneys put together through Mirando Mirando the lead US attorney is
    • They've taken a large case a large case and they deliberately what created what I call a corner case
    • They've taken a very small corner of the case, which is the fraud, against the bank fraud against the Congressional Credit Union where you where most people don't have standing
    • They take in this corner case and they think ok we're gonna end up dismissing this on a Labor Day weekend, we're gonna slide it through on a Labor Day weekend the Friday afternoon everybody's going on Labor Day weekend
    • So there won't be any press there
    • We're gonna take a corner case where nobody has standing
    • NO your honor no your honor--this is a deliberate attempt--this is a conspiratorial attempt to take a deliberately small piece of the case, and dismiss it on technical grounds
    • Where on the grounds of standing: no
    • This is a case for the American people American people have a right to say how their representatives are elected and they have a right to protect that the representatives are by definition carrying out the business of the people United States
    • Every person every person in this place, every person in that place every person in that place every person there, has a right in how the business of the Congress is conducted
    • Because they are the representatives of the people of the United States of America
    • So we're gonna present that corner case I
    • I also left out dill Jana and the whole threats for kidnapping I left that out of the original complaint
    • So I'm gonna add that
    • We're gonna add exhibits obviously as we go
    • I'm gonna add links to the articles
    • So the document if you want to add links to the back of the document please don't edit the text of the document
    • In case there's a Smith Mundt operation out there we've already safeguarded this document in several different places
    • So if any attempts to destroy the document will be perceived as a Smith-Mundt activity and go ahead and put links at the back of the document and at least the links for for the CDW link, where he was taking 150 phone order for office of six people
    • Imran was that's awfully nice
    • Each person gets what out of that 21 phones something like that
    • Anyway those key documents for those key places where the judge should not be blinded
    • Somebody said the Earl of Glouster was blinded and King Lear was blinded
    • And I don't remember that I thought it was a metaphorical blinding I thought the Earl of Gloucester and the King Lear had kids that were some bad and some good
    • And they were metaphorically blinded between being able to differentiate between the good and the bad
    • Well I'm not metaphorically blinded
    • I know Shawn Lucas was a good person
    • And I know the deal that Mike Mullen was cooking up with Haqqani wasn't a good person
    • And I still have that power of discernment okay
    • So I get to use King Lear as my Shakespeare reference this morning
    • Don't be metaphorically blinded to Smith-Mundt
  • Day 310.3. Editing With Legal Eagles - YouTube
    • Hey everybody day 310
    • What a day
    • This morning I spent writing a brief on change of venue, and I don't had it done by about 8:30 or 9:00, and then by 10 o'clock had it posted
    • (hey everybody)
    • And by 12 o'clock it had been totally well by 10:00 I had had 30 or 40 different people editing it in a positive way
    • And then by 12:30 it was completely destroyed
    • So all the changes even with everything done completely completely destroyed
    • {{ 911bs: wiki, with no ability to delete versions }}
    • So but still a good thing because it was seen by a lot of people the document was seen by a lot of people the and the rationale was the most important thing for the people of the United States to understand that they have a have a dog in this fight
    • They have standing in any national and any question of national security every Human being every person has a has a dog in the fight has standing you have a right to protect your country and the secrets it has economic from economic espionage as well as obviously military espionage
    • So those are the two key principles that I think we're established fairly clearly it turns out that when you when you go to change venue when you go to move venue it becomes difficult here in Washington DC to find a friendly course we looked all up and down the west coast looked into the Midwest looked in all of these different places and really you have to go to Ohio from here which I love the fact of going for Ohio but I just can't when M Ron and company were all in Virginia there's just not much point of not much rationale for changing the venue to Ohio
    • So we dropped the change of venue
    • And then it became a question of Okay. well do we want to file an amicus brief--a friendly filing of the court--or do we want to do something a little bit more intervening where we feel like there was a dereliction of duty on the part of the prosecutors
    • There was a conflict of interest thing I mentioned this morning, but with the kind of it's Steve Wasserman being one of a number of attorneys in the DC district court, there's kind of a tenuous
    • Even though he kind of poisoned the well a little bit by saying how innocent she was, and kind of poisoned the court as far as poison the DOJ there's a staff of 350 lawyers
    • So there is a case to be made that I don't think he got to every lawyer
    • And Mirandos are the the lead attorney wife being Wasserman and no one was able to establish a firm connection to the defendants' employer, defendant's employer is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz obviously
    • So that probably has gone away but what has gotten stronger is this case of espionage and especially economic espionage
    • And I can't go into a lot of the details of things that have come forward
    • But I think you saw Jason Chaffetz with Maria Bartiromo talking about monitoring that occurred between this country and Pakistan
    • I think there was obviously a interception of Hina Alvi when she went to Pakistan briefly, during her March trip
    • I think it was clear that the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi were cleaning out the bank accounts
    • They were cleaning out selling all the homes
    • They were cleaning out the bank accounts
    • They're selling the cars
    • They were cleaning out all the thumb drives and all the computers with the information
    • (and you're from France Okay. okay let's I'm sorry I'm Okay. well I don't want to torture everybody with my poor French accent mom mom phone CSU it it's by MoBay but I'll try and speak a little French every once in a while until some tells me please stop---du ne pas parler français)
    • (So hey oh by the way day three and I met again with my sponsor today so that's good that's going very well lemonade is taste great I love the taste eliminate of limonade)
    • So anyway this whole afternoon every ever since 12:30 I finally took a break and said guys I can't do this anymore I was with a legal journalist and a well-known lawyer here in DC
    • So the attention is turning now toward these people that are on these Congressional staffs that are just now coming into the picture maybe they're freshmen or sophomore Congressman that are taking over these previous twenty blackberry 20s and now are just realizing that oh my goodness the this thing is this could be my career
    • I could be getting left holding the bag here on this thing and so that's that's really what changed today
    • I think people when when you're playing this game of it's sort of like "ker-plop"--I guess where each person involved in the BlackBerry 20 now has a little straw and they're pulling it out, saying well, this will show me that (yeah there's a cutie dogs.. hard for me not to you saw him go this way)
    • They don't want to be looked at as traitors by the Android Weiner's of the world or Morton whatever is real name is
    • The but then they also they want to give enough to the FBI that says they're participating
    • So you have to give something more than a lunch menu
    • And something people are giving something less than the full the full deal
    • This isn't too exciting this Police District Columbia police station here Harbor Patrol
    • I don't know if you see the Washington Monument way in the distance up by the Navy Yard that way just for obviously west sunset here
    • But that's going down to Fort Washington and our bridge our famous bridge at oxen Hill the casino, and our Virginia over there
    • Maryland over here
    • And our famous McDuff down there
    • And every time I come down here I feel I feel that presence of McDuff inspiring this investigation
    • McDuff: if you don't remember him he was the FBI guy who Kennedy hired, to clean up (thank you) to clean up the FBI
    • Clean up the CIA and he was kind of charged with investigating and doing the background checking on the first paperclip guys--the paperclip Nazis
    • Which reminds me so much of Mike McMahan doing the OPM and spilling the beans on the OPM hack
    • And that whole situation I've had so many people I just did one quick piece on that I've had so many people come forward and say oh my gosh I got affected by the OPM hack everything ever since the OPM hack boom boom boom boom boom all these things have happened
    • And I had no idea that the just that one show on the OPM hack would have that kind of impact
    • So I really appreciate it and I like I saw somebody said I like the drunk George better
    • Joey's Cleaning Lady I think
    • >>>CONT
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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